Fl Wildlife Comm Allows Hunting for Wusses





The Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) has voted to allow silencers for hunting?!

“Oooh, the noise from the guns hurts my ears.”

Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett are turning over in their graves.

Whatever challenge hunting once provided, technology has turned it into little more than a computer game that ends up with dead animals shot under controlled conditions. Think of modern hunting as a live version of Grand Theft Auto…with less skill required.

Remember when Dick Cheney shot his friend?  It was at the Armstrong Ranch in south Texas where you pay to have the animal of your choice released in front of you.  With that kind of a system, Helen Keller could’ve taken a ten point buck…even if Cheney couldn’t.

But no place more personifies a bunch of “wusses” pretending to be macho hunters than the King Ranch in Texas. Once it was a place where “real” men raised Longhorns for 500-mile cattle drives, broke horses and lived under the stars.

Today, it’s the place where top Florida Republicans go on a luxury vacation paid for by U.S. Sugar while they pretend to be hunters.  Their idea of roughing it was a suite with only six HBO channels.

Along with being hunters of Bambi, they were really hunting for campaign contributions from Big Sugar, which wants to stick it to the Florida taxpayer to cleanup the Everglades. You can be sure the pols bagged the limit.

Alas, I digress.

The simple fact is that a declining interest in hunting has lead proponents to make it easy and comfortable. Hence, silencers. That’s not what hunting is about.

Places like the King Ranch are a denial of the “The Fair Chase Rule” propounded by President Teddy Roosevelt and his Boone and Crockett Club.

Check out the King Ranch’s killing “menu”.   They charge by how big the antilers are on the buck they lineup for you to shoot.

Think of it as a “mincing” version of Ernest Hemingway.

[It reminds me of the old The Saturday Night Live “Mel’s Char Palace” routine.  “You stun it, you bag it, and you slice it.”


The King Ranch, hunting with silencers, it all reminds me of those guys who get arrested for fishing with dynamite.  Not a whole lot of sport.

Hunting with silencers? What’s the matter…wimps at the FWC can’t get it up?

What’s next…Uzis?

4 Responses to “Fl Wildlife Comm Allows Hunting for Wusses”

  1. Sam The Sham says:

    First of all, they are not “Silencers”, they are suppressors. Most hunting ammunition is supersonic and you can’t “silence” that. It does make it a bit less noisy though. Instead of a BANG! it is more like a POP! or just a little bang.

    Many home defense experts recommend suppressors on home defense weapons. It can be extremely disorienting to a home defender when discharging a firearm without ear protection inside a closed room. Of course, some experts think that the louder the better to scare away the bad guy in case you missed him.

    Suppressors are regulated by the Feds just like machine guns so not everyone will want to bother with the hassle, expense and red tape. A good suppressor costs more than most guns.

  2. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Sham,
    1. I use the term silencer because that is the common parlance.

    2. This piece had nothing to do with self-defense. It was about pussies who go on phony-baloney hunting trips that are rigged to make a bunch of rich fat old men think they are Jeremiah Johnson.

    3. They are such wimps they asked the government—Fish and Game—to let them alter weapons because the noise hurts their tender ears. Boo, hoo. For $2 you can get a box of ear plugs.

    4. As far a home defense is concerned, I believe noise is good. The first noise the intruder should hear is me jacking my 12 gauge (20” barrel). The second noise is him running through the front door leaving cartoon body outline like Homer Simpson

  3. Sam The Sham says:

    Sam Fields

    1. Does that mean you are ignorant of the correct term or you are trying to dumb it down? I am sure the legislation does not say “silencer”.

    2. Yup, you are right. I inserted the self defense aspect of it. That is because it is a real concern and there is nothing wussified about wanting a suppressor. Would you call the BSO team wussies? They use suppressors. Would you call our special forces people wussies? They use suppressors. Are you a wimp because you have mufflers on your car?

    3. Yeah, earplugs are cheap. What is your point? Doesn’t noise hurt your ears? Have you ever fired a hunting rifle or been next to someone who fired it? Is it wrong to protect your hearing?

    4. The first noise the intruder would hear is you racking your trusty 12 gauge. The second noise you would not hear because the intruder heard you rack it, zeroed in on you and shot you. Seriously, ask any home defense expert. They will tell you to have that first round in the chamber already.


    Actually, the legislation specifically says “silencer:”

    68A-12.002 General Methods of Taking Game; Prohibitions.
    (1) through (2) No change
    (3) Game birds, crows or game mammals may be taken with any of the following:
    (a) Shotgun – Shotguns used for taking migratory birds shall be not larger than 10 gauge and incapable of
    holding more than three shells in magazine and chamber combined. (b) Rifle or pistol.
    1. No silencer-equipped orfully automatic firearm may be used. 2. through 6. No change
    (c) through (f) No change (4) through (9) No change

  4. Sam The Sham says: