Five Local Demos, Two Groups Honored



Broward’s Young Democrats will honor five local Democrats and two liberal organizations at the group’s Election Year awards ceremony on Sunday.

Being honored are:

  • Robin Bartleman—The School Board member running for re-election will be named Young Democrat of the Year
  • Mike Moskowitz—The Broward Democratic state committeeman will be give the President’s Award.
  • Stacy Ritter—The county commissioner running for re-eleciton will be named Lifetime Young Democrat.
  • Mike Ryan—Sunrise’s mayor will be named Trailblazer of the Year.
  • Roy Gold—Coral Spring’s mayor will be named Environmentalist of the Year.
  • Planned Parenthood will be named Humanitarian of the Year.
  • Unite Here, which represents hotel, restaurant, casino, airport and textile workers,  will be named Union of the Year.

For more information, see here. 

7 Responses to “Five Local Demos, Two Groups Honored”

  1. christine says:

    Planned Parenthood, the organization that aborts millions of babies every year, named the
    “Humanitarian of the Year”?????
    Tell me that isn’t ironic.

  2. Commander Rick says:

    It is not ironic. I told you. Your use of five question marks made me incredulous, too. So I went one microstep further and actually checked the facts. Fewer than 600,000 pregnancies terminated by PP. 80% of clients over the age of 20. Terminations comprise only 3% of the services so even if those services were turned off, there would still be more than million HIV tests, more than 700, 000 each of breast and PAP exams, more than 1 million minors educated on how to PREVENT unintended pregnancies, the latter which makes up fully three-quarters of their services. I personally am against abortion and still think PP clearly acts in a pro-social, humanitarian way. Politicians are required to fact check. Shouldn’t people spouting off in public do the same? It’s been credited to Mark Twain and others that “’tis better to be ignorant and stay silent than…”

  3. Commander Rick says:

    PS I don’t work for PP either. The facts are in the public domain.

  4. christine says:

    @ Commander Rick,
    Thanks for the fact check. I sincerely appreciate it. It was just a visceral reaction on my part. I guess since they only kill 600,000 and not millions that makes them “humanitarians” huh? Unfortunately their education, testing, and exams cannot compensate for the deaths of 600,000 in my book. But in the culture of “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” I guess “humanitarian” can mean anything that is politically expedient.

  5. Commander Rick says:

    Well if political expediency is preventing literally and factually MILLIONS of cases of reproductive cancers and unplanned pregnancies, then yes, it is politically expedient to call them humanitarian. My comment was meant to balance out the histrionic polemics and offer perspective on how much worse off the problem would be without the work which makes up the majority of their effort. It’s not an issue of compensating for anything; it’s an issue of really keeping the rate of occurrence much lower than it would be otherwise, in which case, the terminations would still be performed somewhere else, or out back in the cider house. I didn’t even bring up the fact that, according to the highest court in our great nation, and with deference to State’s rights, as well as more than 100 countries, the termination of a pregnancy is not defined legally as murder, only by those with a hidebound agenda who are clearly unlikely to change their positions, or to participate in any Young Democrats event. I do not agree with Santorum that rape and incest victims should deal with the hand that “god dealt them.” And I’m from a family with four adoptions. PP does a lot of good work, full stop. Have a great weekend, Christine! 🙂

  6. christine says:

    @ Commander Rick,
    Please understand I am not an anti-abortion fanatic. I do not picket abortion offices, and as a matter of fact, in my youth I was actually pro-choice. But then I grew up. Just because different countries and courts do not call the termination of pregnancies “murder” doesn’t mean they are not. I am sorry if it is not politically correct. And I anguish about victims of rapes and incest. I am sorry, the “good work” of PP does not diminish for me, their weapons of mass destruction. There are alternatives; birth control, abstinence, other forms of sexual activity, and adoption.

  7. Saying much .....?. says:

    ” I don’t do this job for attention ” Oh my look another story with my name in it .Quick pat me on my back .