First Lesbian To Take Office In West Broward


Newly-elected Margate City Commissioner Le Peerman is part of a revolution.

When Peerman gets sworn in January 19, she will become the first out-of-the-closet lesbian on a West Broward city commission.  It is one more sign that Broward politics is maturing and that it is truly becoming a melting pot of people from different backgrounds.

The Margate News calls her the second openly lesbian pol elected in Broward.  Julie Carson of Wilton Manors is the first.

I’m not outing Peerman.  She sent me an article about her sexual orientation herself.

Peerman’s election she made no secret of her orientation while running   was never an issue in the campaign.  That’s another sign of maturity.

I’ve been around long enough to remember a successful openly anti-gay campaign run against a male city commission candidate only 16 years ago  in Fort Lauderdale.

The race was between Cary Keno and Ken Wolf, the city’s first openly gay candidate.   An infamous flyer was mailed into certain Republican precincts saying  Wolf  “substantial financial support (over $80,000) from gay-lesbian PACs from outside the state….this support comes from these groups because they have an agenda they wish to promote.”

Keno won.  Wolf’s folks told me that a “homophobic campaign” beat them.

So it is refreshing to see being gay has apparently become a non-issue in this corner of Broward.  After all, the real issues when running for commission are delivering services, balancing the budget and integrity.

Although she is a lesbian, it was really her persistence that contributed to her victory.  Peerman ran for office three times since 2004 and the Sun-Sentinel called her “a well known activist.

She is a 52-year-old security monitor for the Broward public schools and has lived in Margate 15 years.

She will finish the term of Commissioner Art Bross, who died in October from cancer.  The term ends in November, 2012.

Among her goals is to get the budget under control and lower the tax rate.

8 Responses to “First Lesbian To Take Office In West Broward”

  1. Fast Eddie says:

    Margate is more progressive than it looks driving through the city.

  2. Pines Employee says:

    Being a lesbian gives her a unique prospective on issues because she is a minority and probably had to hide it for years. Does it make her more sensitive to the plight of other minorities or workers in the city threatened with the loss of their jobs? Time will tell.

  3. out on a tree limb says:

    Oh for the day when this is not a headline…when one doesn’t have to use “first” or “lesbian” or “gay”…but rather one needs only to be acknowledged by one’s name…

  4. Lpeerman33063 says:

    I am very proud that Margate did not make it an issue, although some candidates tried to, they were usually met with “who cares”.
    I had my share of bruises when I was younger due to who I was so yes a unique perspective is a good way to say it.
    I will try to do my best and make Margate proud.

  5. not gay and didnt burn my bra says:

    If it is such a “non-issue” then why are you making a bigger point of it than just congradulating her. I mean, why not say 50 years ago a “woman” would never be on the commission either. or a black, or a possibly a jew? what the hell is the matter with you, run out of good stories to write about?
    “Peerman’s election – she made no secret of her orientation while running – was never an issue in the campaign. That’s another sign of maturity.” YOU talk about maturity? why dont YOU display some and get over the fact she prefers women to men. WHO CARES is this news or just gossip?

  6. Patti Lynn says:

    Le Peerman has worked very hard, as a Margate resident, to improve conditions for other Margate residents. She’s been doing this for years out of her belief in helping others while improving the lot of many. Thank you Margate voters for supporting someone who has your best interests at heart. Oh, that other voters in other cities, would follow your example. How much more honest and ethical might Broward County be?

  7. Lpeerman33063 says:

    Not gay and didn’t bun my bra
    I sent the story to Buddy because while it was a non issue during the campaign it is was truly history being made. The fact that Margate did not care shows that honesty, integrity and hard work is what voters want.

  8. Lpeerman33063 says:

    Thank you Patti Lynn