First Candidate Seeks To Replace Gallagher


Patricia “Patti” Good of Pembroke Pines hopes the third time is the charm.

Good is the first candidate to open a campaign for the seat of former School Board member Bev Gallagher, who is heading to prision for bribery.

Good, a Democrat, lost a 2004 School Board race to Gallagher. She was passed over by Gov. Charlie Crist for the temporary appointment to the Gallagher seat  last year.

The appointment went to Kevin Tynan, the former chairman of the Broward Republican Party who has not begun a campaign.

Good is a Cuban-American who was born in Havana and moved to Florida in 1968.  An Miami-Dade County School administrator, she served on the county’s Charter Review Board and the Pembroke Pines Charter Schools advisory board.   

Good did not return a call for comment, which seems strange. If she can’t answer questions from me, how is she going to handle being on the School Board?

She has already snared some endorsements: Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank Ortis; Miramar Mayor Lori Mosley;  Miramar Commissioner Yvonne Garth; Pembroke Pines Commissioners Angelo Castillo, Carl Shechter and Jack McCluskey and Century Village condominium leader Adele Berger.

Henry Rose, a Pembroke Pines community leader who lost a race to Gallagher in 2008, is Good’s treasurer.

The southwest Broward district is overwhelmingly Democratic.

30 Responses to “First Candidate Seeks To Replace Gallagher”

  1. Will she be "Good" for schools? says:

    Well I guess that answers the question of whether Henry Rose will run. Not sure we need another former administrator on the school board, and her ties to charter schools are not a positive. On the other hand, Tynan’s kids are in private schools, but he’s doing a good job so far. Isn’t there any “new blood” out there?

  2. the Truth is says:

    Wow, quite a depth of support. She obviously has worked hard and earned the respect of the city’s’ leaders. and Adele Berger works as hard as anyone in the County.

    Kevin Tynan is a nice guy but a real zero at the School Board. It is the most fucked up body of electeds and administrators out there and all he does is say “Yes, Mr. Notter, everything is fine” and/or “Yes, Mr. Marko, whatever you say”. The School Board needs someone to shake up the establishment and scream Bloody murder and Mr. Tynan is just a “YesMan” and thinks the status quo is just wonderful.

    Good Luck, Ms. Good! Go get ’em! and raise some hell, serious hell!

  3. the Real Truth says:

    Looks like same old same old if you ask me. That is the reason they continue to be as messed up as they are. Just “helping their buddies”. An ethics lawyer like Tynan is just what they need to keep them on the straight and narrow. Do you think Ortis et al can even spell ethics?

  4. Prayin' for a miracle today says:

    Finally, maybe, the good lord willin’, we can get some good, able, strong leadership on the School Board. I know Patti Good. She is smart, strong and independent.

    Notter has to go, as do many others down town!

    Hold hands and pray the voters finally put someone capable in. Neither they nor the Governor has in the past.

  5. Mike says:

    I wouldn’t bring to much attention to the fact she is being supported by Ortis, Castillo, Shechter or McCluskey if I was her. This is the same group that strapped the city with City Place and Union contracts that will bankrupt the city.

    I don’t know how many school board meetings Truth has attended since Kevin Tynan replaced Gallagher and frankly it does not matter but his or her comment just shows their ignorance.

    Kevin Tynan was put on the board because of his integrity, hard work and his record. Before going into private practice he worked for the Florida bar, putting bad attorneys in jail. While he served on the board of South Broward Hospital District helped lower taxes and improve services. He knows how to bring all parties together and find solutions.

    I am sure Ms. Good is a nice person too, but as it was pointed out she was an administrator in Miami-Dade and Broward County does not need another administrator. It needs a leader that can cut through the B.S. That person is Kevin Tynan.

  6. WestBrowardTaxpayer says:

    The Broward School Board needs an independent thinker who is not already part of the school system or its political machine as is Ms. Good. Kevin Tynan is our best bet to watch our tax dollars and prevent more of the same-old, same-old corruption, that has plagued the School Board for many years. I’ve seen him in action at the School Board and he is no “yes” man as The Truth states. We need a sharp lawyer like him to balance out the rest of the Board which is full of narrow minded thinkers who turned down the chance to get education dollars from Washington.

  7. The Truth is says:

    to “Mike”:

    I don’t know what meetings you are watching, but there are rumors that Mr. Tynan is not a real human being but a wooden PUPPET! He has no original thoughts and goes along with the other Board Members on everything and keeps facilitating the statua quo aka the STATUS AWFUL.

    He is a do nothing, thoroughly overmatched and honestly, your could prop up a mannequin in his seat and would get the same amount of original thought.

    To “WestBrowardTaxpayer”: I need to get to know your dealer for the dream world you live in sounds like a fantasy land similar to Alice in Wonderland. WOW??!! Are you kidding??!! A sharp lawyer, not from what I see. but you obviously like the status quo, the wasted tax dollars, the overpayments to contractors, the fact that teachers have to pay for supplies out of their own pockets, the lack of safety in the schools, the fact that the former construction dept. director resigned and the superintendent didn’t even realize it, ingress egress issues of biblical proportion at the schools out west, an I.L.A. that can’t get out of its own way, the fact that we blew 34 million dollars because of a school board that doesn’t want the money….i can keep going for another 5000 words, but my wrists hurt as does my head as does my intellect from the worst bunch of electeds in the history of broward county, including the port commission….tynan watching taxpayer dollars, yeah, he will watch them fly out the window in a wasted way, as he is currently doing…THROW THEM ALL OUT ON THEIR ASSES!!!!! NOW!!! INCLUDING NOTTER, DENNIS HERMAN, …..IF YOU KNOW KEVIN, WHY DON’T YOU ASK HIM TO GET ON THE INSURANCE COMMITTEE SO MAYBE WE CAN DOUBLE THE INSURANCE RATES AGAIN….can kevin help out and pay Ash Britt some more money, tooo…what a disaster…oh, wait, i feel a Hurricane coming, its, its, its HURRICANE KC WRIGHT…..WOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!! THERE GOES THE TAXPAYER DOLLARS (so long, never to come back…)

  8. JD says:

    Boy I hope Truth did not graduate from a Broward county school. If so things are even worse that I thought in our schools.

    It is time we got rid of dead weight on the school board. Nothing against Good but she has been involved and has been part of the system that is broken. Kevin Tynan is an outsider and that is a good thing. He is sitting on the board now because Crist thought it important to put somebody on the board that can bring honesty and thought back to the table. He is not a “Yes” man and he will not cater to special interests.

    He is doing this job because he wants to do what’s right for the kids. Just ask the teachers, they don’t want anymore administrators.

    P.S. Mike you are right on the money about the endorsements. I would not tell anyone. We have to get these guys out of office before they completely break the bank. The City of Pembroke Pines is starting to look like GM and we all know how that ended.

  9. mike says:

    Hey Truth

    Maybe you should take a job at US magazine since you see to take so much stock in rumors. I’m curious; exactly how many board meetings or workshops have you been to or watched? You are 100% right about blown tax dollars on the land purchase in Weston. The only problem is Kevin Tynan was not on the board when it happened. Oh yea, I guess you also missed it at the board meeting you did not attend, he voted in favor of the funding program. Last point, unless you are an attorney and have had dealings with Kevin Tynan I would not talk about how sharp he is.

  10. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    But then again, Kevin Tynan once represented Steve Gonot.

    I hear Tynan is a good guy, but that move? Kinda takes away the new car smell.

  11. The Truth is says:

    to Chaz:

    Please elaborate on what you said. How and why did he get involved with Steve Gonot? Thanks in advance for elaborating and clarifying.

  12. The Truth is says:

    Hey JD:

    In case you didn’t realize it, all of the elected officials who endorsed Ms. Good, did NOT endorse or support Bev Gallagher last time around, they supported her opponent.

    As far as this guy coming in and piping up to make real change, tell me what he has done. He has absolutely cozied up to the administration and his peer board members. I would have supported him if he had come in and called for Notter’s head. Guess what, he LIKES Jim Notter ( and by the way, this is from his lips). Having the balls for major changes were necessary for him coming in, ESPCIALLY in as that he replaced HER. He is not doing that. He had a real chance to distinguish himself as someone different, He hasn’t.

    and by the way, the same goes for Anne Murray who beat the Neil Sterling/Barbara Miller backed Rick Saltrick. She wailed and screamed it is all a back room deal, Saltrick is and would be more of the same, she was for change, oversight, culpability….HAAAH, BULLSHIT. She is just like Kevin, and they both should be ashamed of themselves.

  13. The Truth is says:

    HEY JD:

    As far as knowing Kevin, yeah, sure do, I raised major dollars for Iris Siple when she beat Kevin like a drum 6 years ago in his run for Pines City Commission. and she is doing a great job in her city, trying to fight the establishment there. She is constantly trying to bring real change to her city and is always trying to open the city up to new ideas and ways of doing things. She fought against the ill advised City Center project. And when the City Manager tries to ram things through and do it the same old way just because (which has hurt the city immensely, from an operational and fiscal standing), she calls him out.

    Kevin would have been a disaster and just a do-boy for Charlie Dodge if he had gotten elected to Pines. Thank God he did not and anybody who wants accountability and innovative thinking and leadership at the School Board, should be doing everything and anything to stop him from being elected because if he is elected, you might as well take a match and burn up the taxpayer dollars he is currently and will continue to waste.

    Come out of your dream world, man. Demand good government and don’t settle, for at best, mediocrity. Toodles!

  14. The Truth is says:

    To JD:

    as far as that crack about my graduating from Broward County Schools, uuuh, well, let me sift through this box here, with my diplomas….hmm, B.S. Degree 4 years…okay, oh my Masters Degree from Nova, okay and here are my transcripts, wow, I forgot I got a 4.0 in my masters program, oh yeah, while working a full time job with 2 young kids.

  15. the Real Truth says:

    Wow, how far we have strayed from the topic. Bring us back to the “real truth” Tynan backed a completely re-worked policy for employee and teacher discipline, the other board members wanted a band-aid (or sissy strip as I call em). Tynan was the board member that argued that the board members should NOT be involved in the selection process of contractors for construction projects. He has also insisted that board members not take campaign donations from contractors while they are soliciting business from the district. These are signs of integrity. These are the actions of someone that believes in reform. Someone that has not been on the inside as part of the problem but is taking the outsider’s fresh approach to this governmental body that has lost touch with those they govern.

  16. The Truth is says:

    to “the Real-Truth”

    Tynan-Notter-Marko, Tynan-Notter-Marko”



  17. the Real Truth says:

    You think these horrors are different under Notter than they were under Till or Petruzielo?
    The superintendent works for the Board members. The Board is corrupt for the most part, which is why they need someone with an ethics background to shape em up.
    Nuff said

  18. Ricky Martin, Jr. says:

    to the Real Truth:

    I hope you are not implying Notter is competent or ethical? You will have lost any semblance of credibility if you dare imply this!!!!

  19. Real Democrat says:

    Tynan supported Jeb Bush, right, the governor who attempted to destroy education in the state of Florida?

    Yes or No?

  20. Lipton Tea says:

    Tynan is a conservate Republican. Does he support the Tea Party Activists? This would be interesting to find out (bet you he does)

  21. Mother Earth says:

    Has Kevin Tynan been attending any Allan West events? There was one in Davie recently, with a whole bunch of Republicans. Was he there?

    Does he support Allan West?

  22. Henry Lippe says:

    I have known Kevin Tynan for over 15 years and he is the eithical person I have ever met. Pembroke Pines and Broward County would make a terrible mistake if they don’t elect him to the school board. He may be involved in Politics, but he is not a “Politician”. He is a more concerned with doing what is right, not what is politically expediant. With all the crying about elected officials not being honest, here is an opportunity to change that. – Henry

  23. Who cares! says:

    to Henry Lippe:

    Geez, that’s nice, SBM Tynan is ethical. I know a ton of ethical people and it doesn’t mean they should be public office holders or leaders. He is unimpressive and has brought no initiatives forward. He should be the School Board Attorney is he is ethical and knows govt. law (because the current doofus attorney sure doesn’t know law, and isn’t ethical). Tynan for school board attorney, NOT A SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER.

  24. The Problem With Kevin says:

    The problem with Kevin is he doesn’t do anything. Is he a nice guy? Yes. Would you trust him to watch your kids? Yes.

    But he has no get up and go, no charisma, no spirit. He has no passion, certainly none for education, and he doesn’t stand for anything. Worse, he’s gotten nothing done in the time he has been there and it was his job to impress us early. He has not done that. He is a guy in a chair, that’s it.

    Kevin Tynan does not what it takes to be an elected official. That is his problem. He offers no reason to vote for him.

    Being ethical is important and he is that. But nobody wants to vote for an ethical do-nothing?

    We want an ethical change agent at the school board. Someone that’s going to take names and ask questions later. That plus being a Democrat in that district is why Patty Good will win. Gallagher is a crook but she could make things happen. True, much of that involved the wrong things but nobody thought of her as a do-nothing.

    Give me reasons why Kevin should be elected? What has he done for his district to justify them crossing party lines to elect him? I can’t think of a reason.

  25. Katie Leach says:

    The Problem with Kevin -Maybe you haven’t noticed but being ethical should mean everything in Broward because apparently it is a trait that politicians rarely possess. Kevin may not spend his school board meetings rambling on to only further his personal agenda but his input is valuable. Walk calmly and carry a big stick. When Kevin speaks his fellow board members listen.

  26. CuriousO says:

    to Katie:

    geez, i think i am going to go and talk to my neighbors because they are all nice people and ethical. Then I am going to get them to run for water district seats, commission city seats, county commission seats, state rep. seats…..why, they are ethical and nice. they will all lead us to great things. anyone nice and ethical should be an elected, right, right!!!!


    and geez, the other school board members listen to kevin, the other INCOMPETENT 8 MEMBERS WHO PUT US IN THIS MESS, LISTEN TO KEVIN,….GEEZ, THAT’S NICE….



    Whatever you are on and whatever world you live in (the road to Shangra La, maybe) do i go there, because it seems like a nice dreamy fantasy world….wow!!

  27. Ball Busting X says:

    We need in this seat, a hurricane to get elected, someone who will rip through the crap that we call the School Board Body Elect and Bureacratic Morass. Take no prisoners and accept nothing handed to them by Captain Notter and his ship of fools staff.

    Change (more than Obama promised (that’s another story better not discussed here)!!! Tynan ain’t no hurricane, he’s not even a drizzle and he sure as hell ain’t got no fizzle.

  28. Katie Leach says:

    CuriousO – Don’t remember calling him nice….
    Someone who does not list ethics as the number one priority of the person spending my tax dollars will never be invited over to my home so no worries on where I live. What our school board needs are strong members who don’t go on just talk because they like the sound of their own voices but instead have something to say. We have tough decisions to make on where we prioritize the few dollars we have to spend on education and cannot afford to have dollars diverted on the whim of someone on the take AGAIN.
    As the former Broward GOP chair I am sure that Kevin has been provided the navigational map of the nonpartisan bureaucracy that runs our schools. Hopefully the people of district 2 will make an ethical choice this time around.

  29. CuriousO says:

    well, “Katie Leach”:

    You seem to think politics is a discussion on a dias. It is a debilitating,ground it out, ball busting process that entails leadership, vision, strategizing, day to day, week to week for you are consistently dealing with forces, i.e. Tallahassee, your own staff/bureaucracy mired in their own muck they can’t get away from, zealot party ideologies on both sides consistently tugging at you….you need to be a true warrior and really give a shit, you need to be tough and saavy.

    Sitting up on a dias and having intelligent discussion is not going to hack it, ESPECIALLY AT THE SCREWED UP TO THE MAX SCHOOL BOARD. Being a nice guy doesn’t measure up.

  30. The Real Truth says:

    to all those who say Tynan is “do nothing” what do you call the code of ethics he introduced? Certainly you didn’t fail to notice that not another board member had the nerve to comment. It’s a tough code he presented and I doubt most other board members are up to the intestinal fortitude that it would require to adopt and follow it. Score 1 for ethics…