First Ad Released For Judicial Candidate




Voters who don’t know Broward Circuit Court candidate John Contini can take a peak at him on the Internet.

Contini released a 34-second ad on YouTube here.

A friend of mine who has vast experience in political television ads looked at it.  Here are his criticism:

  1. He looked like his head was a bobble-head, bouncing all around
  2. Background didn’t make sense and was unremarkable. It didn’t connect him him to Broward County or the legal profession.
  3. The casual shirt is okay.  Think Lawton Chiles.  But this ad was much too casual for a judicial race. Invest in a pair of glasses that don’t glare into the camera.
  4. Starting off with the expression “I’m blessed” is a mistake. It smacks of religiosity, which turn-off many voters, especially Jewish voters.  Contini is running for judge and needs to watch his words because they will be closely interpreted.
  5. The phrase  “no substitute for experience” is wrong.  Contini is leading with his chin. His opponent, Circuit Judge Steve Feren, is a judge, former legislator, former mayor of Sunrise and a former private attorney.  Contini was only a trial lawyer. So who has the experience?

That said, Contini is well-spoken and should be able to frame an argument in forums.  He appears more energetic than Feren, who frankly comes across in person as worn and tired.

If Contini can raise money, it should be an interesting race.


John Contini


12 Responses to “First Ad Released For Judicial Candidate”

  1. Interesting choice of words says:

    He says he would be “blessed” to have our vote?

    I thought that was an odd choice of word there as I haven’t heard many candidates use that other than a Michelle Bachmann or Rick Santorum.

    And then I checked out Contini and his history.

    He was an “obscenity prosecutor”, going after books, records and videos? I’m glad that all real crime had been stopped in our community so he had time to go after books and records with bad words in them.

    Is this guy just another right wing religious nut?

    Circuit judges hear some serious cases in Florida on some big issues. I don’t know if I trust him.

    Perhaps the reflective glasses are to prevent you from really looking him in the eye.

  2. Ha Ha Ha says:

    I do know John Contini. He’s a Republican who spent years trying to put video rental stores out of business just for having adult videos available in the back of the store.

    John Contini doesn’t believe in freedom of thought or freedom of speech. Mr. Contini is the very opposite of what a good judge should be.

    Under our system of Constitutional government, the only way anyone has any Constitutional rights as a practical matter is if a judge is willing to enforce them. A major part of a judge’s job is zealously enforcing the Constitutional rights of individuals.

    Contini is a person who is notorious for shredding people’s Constitutional rights. He is completely unqualified to be a judge anywhere, let alone Broward County (home of Chaz Stevens & recent host of the Exxxotica convention)!

    My recommendation for Mr. Contini is that he should relocate to North Korea, a place where his kind of thinking is commonplace. Contini doesn’t belong in any place where the Bill of Rights, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, etc. is a fundamental cornerstone of society. Unlike Dennis Rodman, though, Mr Contini will only need a one-way ticket.

  3. Jurassic park says:

    Just you wait Adkins and brown are charging up the Betamax camcorder as we speak.They are going out to sunrise lakes phase 12 and Hawaiian gardens to do a shoot with fern.


    Ha ha ha

  4. They Are Clueless says:

    So, this race will be between,a lazy arrogant, self serving, incumbent Judge and a right wing fundamentalist opus dei nut job?


    Mr. Nevins,
    Before you attack an experienced and great lawyer like John Contini, you should learn about “Judge” Steven Feren:
    — Could’t handle juvenile court. Got kicked out and moved to family court.
    — Tried for an underhanded increase in his SUNRISE CITY pension of $150 more a month. When caught was turned down by commissioners.
    — The only one to receive a refund of deposit from Tao developers after writing to them on mayor’s stationary.
    — One of the worse attendance records in the Circuit Court. Constantly delays hearings so he can take days off.

    Feren is a career politician who knows nothing about the law. He has used public office because he can’t get a job. He does not belong a judge.

    Vote Against Steve Feren!!!!!!!!

  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Would have loved to see Mila Schwartzreich or Roshawn Banks run for this Circuit Court position. These are two highly qualified women who would bring great talent to the judiciary.

    Instead, we now have two white male candidates, one of them incompetent and the other one grossly unqualified. Now Broward voters have to choose between what amounts to Beavis and Butthead. For a Circuit Court seat!!!

    Best way to handle this is to hold your nose and keep Feren where he is (dump Contini first, he’s certainly and by far the worst of the two), and then fervently hope Feren will do something to get himself removed from the bench.

    Is there some way that after the election, we can get Feren to take a retirement deal, and then give Schwartzreich or Banks the appointment to fill his seat?!?

  7. Oh libby says:

    Feren Is a judge, has been for 6 years, not one issue you raise came up after he was on the bench with the exceptiin of the juvi court incidnet. If your entire campaign is talking about the doings in sunrise a decade ago feren wins. Then again contini will have the $75,000 coloring book so who knows.

  8. agreed says:

    @HAHAHA I am with you on comment on free speech comment 2

    limiting constitutional rights no matter how disdainful by some is not what USA is about

    Ferren can stay – maybe he will be picked for a higher judgeship

  9. West Davie Resident says:

    @2, I thought you were starting to write about Our Dear Leader at 1600 Pennsylvania and at the DOJ! Between them and their fascist PC police in the blogosphere and media, we are quickly losing our ability to express opinions counter to those being pushed by the Democratic Party regime leaders. As for Contini, his only sin is wanting to stick up for traditional family values which scares all progressives.

  10. Hope contini reads this says:


    You know certain people are involved with your campaign because feren made a ruling based on the law that went against them.

    You are a nice guy, good with people with a strong resume as a trial lawyer. Those people mentioned above only know negative campaigning. Ask randy goodis and the 75k he wasted on them how it worked out.

    Look at all the judges who lost in 10′. The whole theme was vote them out. The voters rebelled because those running were mostly hacks who were no better or worse than the incumbent.

    John, to have a chance to win, sell why you should replace feren, not just feren is bad he should go. Sadly, you will spend 75k or more on a useless coloring book and find out those certain supporters are not as influential as they sold you they were.

    I thnk Feren as a judge sucks. But people in the know understand you were pushed into running against him because feren made the correct ruling under the law against your supporter.

    People don’t want to see Judges get challenged because they made the right ruling and pissed off someone.

  11. Huh? says:

    Is it a Jewish thing ? Is it a super voter thing? is it a religious thing ? Can Contini follow the rules of the law ? Is he not intitled to have his own believes ?
    ! I am tired of my taxes being wasted on a lazy ass like Feren! He was encouraged to run for judge because no one wanted him as Mayor anymore!

    I won’t punish a candidate that I don’t know just because of his religious back round it doesn’t matter who it is. Can he do the job better and more affective than that lazy ass on the bench ?

  12. Osmer Batcheller says:

    In my personal, not legal, opinion don’t expect much change until arrogant people who are at times unable to even consider antoher point of view, recent scientific changes (see Arizona Supreme Court last month or so; anyone feel anything for those who have lost families, jobs etc due to testing poistive for THC. I only mention as it was recent and simply as example of how judges are reluctant to make political waves in some areas; bottom line they are willing to harm others with knowledge of doing so with no remorse. At one time the word used was “sociopath” (now different DSM with sliding scale). My point being this type of behavior is abnormal, I see it all the time, and I truly worry about our society.

    As for the Arizona case only mention as it is recent; long story short they reviewed big dollar resarch over the past 10 or so years. Who spent money stugying this until states and the Federal Government stated fighting tooth and nail ever step of the way. Bottom line they typically retain very qualified experts and pay them a fair amount as taxpayers are funding anyway. My point there are areas that are simply no longer debatable as both sides of researchers argee as to some things. Bottom line there are various cannaboids in THC and each react differently, It has been well established (and accepted as good science last month by the Arizona Supreme Ct.)that the portion of THC that remains in a persons system for more than a few hours is a cannibinoid which could not cause impairment if it tried. Testing is no too expensive or difficult,

    My son had an issue with this and after reviewing reams of recent information regarding changes in the past 10 years I am amazed. I know the attorney who defended paraquat companies (a family member) and to this day sees those who smoke marijuane as less than human.

    These are the type of ingrained learned experiences which may color judgments. However Judges are held to a higher standard and to me any Judge from here on out who would find impairment without feeling an obligation to read the Arizona Sumpreme COurt opinioin is not only too closed minded and arrogant to serve on the bench. On a moral level an attempt to ban adult videos was totally uninformaed and BASED ON NO VALID CRIME STATISTICS AS FT, LAUDERDALE COMNNOT BE COMPARED TO ‘SELECTED AREAS.’ Finally what judge could knowingly cause great harm to another based on convicting them of “impairment” without requiring testing to determine impairment. Personally I hope someone brings a class action.

    I have worked for the largest firm in the world, nation practicing at a high level. In the past 20 plus years the world seems more accepting of deliberate ignorance and doing harm to others without remorse. You don’t want to meet those who fall in the upper end of the sliding scale.

    I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THE LIES, DISHONESTY, SLEFISH MOTIVES LEADING TO HARM, senior judges falling asleep during federal hearings, etc.

    Politicians shoud have no place in picking supreme court jusitices when they retire. Once in never going to get them out and POLITICS PLAYING A ROLE IN LAW IS WORNG and against the very principals for which we stand. God I hate idiots, most of whom I meet in my profession.