Final Campaigning: The Pix



I love campaigns with a little humor.

Leavening an attack with a smile creates a more memorable impression on a voter.

Perhaps the best example in in the hard-fought state Senate race between state Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff and state Sen. Maria Sachs.

The Bogdanoff campaign want to remind voters at the polling places that Sachs had a penchant for traveling in a limo on the taxpayer’s dime and then losing the receipts.  The usual campaign ads handed out by volunteers would be lost among the blizzard of palm cards and flyers.

So the Bogdanoff campaign sent limos festooned with signs slamming Sachs to various voting locations.

If the goal was for the campaign theme to stand out, and it always is for down ballot races, it succeeded.

Spiked were plans to flood the polling places with folks dressed up like  chauffeurs waving signs.




This might be surprising: One of the most common ways that local campaigns are lost is the candidate doesn’t work hard enough.

State Sen. Chris Smith apparently knows that maxim.

He may be incoming Democratic Leader of the Senate but it doesn’t stop him from campaigning well into the dark .




Wanna get your photos on the Internet? Any campaign or interested party with photos should send them along to as a JPEG.


(Although I don’t see many others doing it and I never see it in the Sun-Sentinel, here is a personal disclosure: My son is an aide to Bogdanoff)

6 Responses to “Final Campaigning: The Pix”

  1. Kevin T says:

    That was a great idea!!!

  2. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Hey Buddy, when can we expect to see Bob Nichols’ campaign sides adorning a Hummer?

    SUV that is.

  3. Mrs Nichols Sighting says:

    Mrs. Nichols was at the Wilton Manors early voting location late afternoon today, yelling at people to ignore the Democrat Blue Card that showed her opponent was a Democrat and stick with the AFL-CIO Card that choose her husband.

    Too bad someone was not there to shout out “Mrs. Nichols, its 5pm do you know where your husband is and who he is texting”

    Stand by your man…

    Cant blame her, she probably gets more $$$ in the divorce on a judges salry then what Bob makes now.

  4. Animal Control says:

    Wilton Manors, Florida

    City Commissioners passed a tethering or chaining at early voting site ordinance, to wit:
    – owners must tether or chain an animal at early voting polls that is older than 45 years old;
    – owners must tether or chain the animal outdoors they must provide the animal with a properly fitting collar, the tether or chain is at least 3 times the strength of a towing cable, and the animal must be tethered or chained at all times between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
    – animals tethered or chained outside must have adequate supervision, and an exercise area of no less than 150 square feet away from early voting poll entrance.
    – all animal must be tethered or chained outdoors during periods of extreme weather or when a hurricane warning is in effect.

    – the owner must be with animal over 200 pounds provide a properly fitted harness and collar capable of delivering 10,000 volts to help control the beast.

    -at no time shall the owner leave the beast to roam free at early polling sites.

    The vote in favor of the ordinance by the city commissioners was unanimous.

  5. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    It’s Mr. Nipples. Not Nichols.

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Hang in there Maria. This is such a cheap shot. Mrs.sachs -as fast as they thro wthese cheap shots, catch them and throw them right back. Thats what I do. good luck. To the Bogdanoff campaign so this is wha we do when we are desperate huh? I mean come on. I am ashamed for you Ellen. Cheap shots, they just keep coming, and coming. As far as Lois Frankel she loses County Comm.Kristen Jacobs its your fault. Pay back is a bitch..