Fighting Over A School Board Endorsement






The campaign should be over for Raymond Adderly. 

The 18-year-old former School Board candidate Adderly lost the primary Tuesday to Allen Zeman and incumbent Board member Donna Korn. Zeman and Korn roll over to a runoff on the November ballot.

But Adderly still has one card to play — his endorsement.



Raymond Adderly




If just fraction of the 50,961 votes Adderly won follows his  endorsement in the runoff, it could win the race for Zeman or Korn.

So Zeman and Adderly talked about the endorsement…at least twice. 

At this point the stories diverge. 

Zeman claimed that Adderly tried to extort a favor — perhaps future political support — in return for the endorsement. 

Adderly said that never happened.

Zeman recalled for Browardbeat what Adderly asked him:

“He said, ‘I have to look out for myself. What would you offer me for the 50,000 votes I can deliver?’” Zeman said. 

Here is how Adderly recalled the same conversation:

““He called around everywhere and tried to put political pressure on me to endorse him…I told him I received more than 50,000 votes that he needed to win. What do I have to benefit from endorsing you after you called around the county discrediting me?”

Who is telling the truth?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Who will Adderly endorse? 

Maybe nobody in that School Board race.

“I talked in the campaign about honest politics and keeping it real,” he said. “There are plenty of other candidates in other races I could work for.”

9 Responses to “Fighting Over A School Board Endorsement”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Zeman is a world class scumbag. He keep lying about everyone he talks to.


    I took the name off this comment until the name is verified by the writer at

  2. Gail gershom says:

    I believe Adderly. Zeman is picking on him because he never has anybody tell him No and Raymond did.

  3. Natasha Gonell says:

    I think Zeman is playing dirty politics and not only does not deserve Adderly’s endorsement, but does not deserve to win. I think he’s acting like a bully and we don’t need bullies on the school board.

  4. Lori Parrish says:

    Please watch the Sun-Sentinel interview of this race as well as the West Broward Democrat Club meeting. Allen Zeman is a gentleman to everyone as he made his case why he should be elected. Allen is a good candidate who would make a great school board member.

  5. Politics and the elderly says:

    It has been concerning to see the way Zeeman has been manipulating many of the elderly former politicians in Broward. Glad to see young Broward dems seeing through the façade.

  6. David Givens says:

    Allen is picking on an 18 year old accomplished young man because he knows he can bully them. Raymond has been the epitome of class. Think about it – Allen created a number of shadowy pacs all to send out messages and to try to attack candidates. He constantly went after Raymond’s age, made of fasly that he was an Admiral or even served in the military – he has consistently shown to be a liar. On the other hand Raymond has never been shown to be anything other than authentic. So what does this show – where there is smoke there is fire. Allen did not like that Raymond said know – so he decided to threaten and bull him into submission. It’s sad.

  7. David Givens says:

    You have a great site. I dont know if I can post this link but this is a great example of his honesty vs Raymonds. Their is a lot more….

  8. Gina K says:

    The ultimate goal is to flip the board, Zeman has to do that gracefully and don’t let his money lead him to arrogance. Nobody here can recall a time of Adderly being nothing but humble. Zeman needs to press stop, rewind and take care of being elected, if he goes on the board with his arrogance, he will be a one termer.

  9. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The Adderleys are good local people. Zeman is a guy only Mrs Cohen, i.e Lori Parrish could con into supporting him