Fields: You Gotta Have Heart & Other Thoughts



Dick Cheney had a heart transplant.  It comes as a blessing to comedians everywhere.

Every year over 300 people waiting for a heart transplant die for the lack of a donor. How does any 71-year-old with no family dependent get on the heart recipient the list?

There is supposed to be a prioritizing of recipients and by any standard, folks like “The Dick” should not be getting a transplant when a lot of younger folks go without.

This same question came up a few years ago when it was learned that Mickey Mantle received a liver transplant even though he had been diagnosed with liver cancer, which is usually a disqualifier. It was further disquieting when it was learned that he had been on the donor list for only one day.

This will not be the last we hear about this. Expect to see and hear from a number of medical ethicists on this issue.

Looking Forward To Fish Flop

There is no doubt that the Marlins had a bad deal at Dolphin Stadium.  For example, they did not get a dime from concession sales.

The new deal is definitely better for Jeffrey Luria and Co.   One would therefore think that he would not have to raise the costs to fans.

One would be wrong.

Marlin tickets have now moved up from 23rd to 5th most expensive.  Luria raised the average ticket price average from $19.06 to $40.35, according to a March 25 Miami Herald story.

Take a family of four to a game and buy some dogs, Cokes and a couple of beers. The cost has jumped from $170.40 to $272.40 a game!

Most outrageous is the parking.  On game days the local residents will be restricted in their own neighborhood parking.

I figure it will take probably three games before you read about fans coming back to keyed cars and slashed tires.

Truth be known, I am rooting for this to flop.  It might send a message to other cities that taxpayer dollars are not to be used to finance playgrounds for billionaires and their millionaire employees.

Cardinal Had His Fingers Crossed

As the Cardinal for the New York Archdiocese, in 2002 Edward Egan issued an apology for the sexual abuse of kids.

Egan is now retired and now says it was all a mistake.  The Roman Catholic Church owed no apology.  The church did everything right.

It the truth be known, his hands were as dirty as the worst of them.

It seems pretty obvious that he is part of the Catholic hierarchy that privately sees pedophilia as an unstated fringe benefit for the clergy.

Cover-up for the kid blowers and ostracize the whistleblowers.

Ultra-Othodox Jews: Pedophiles

If the Catholics Church is ambivalent about sex abuse the Ultra-Orthodox Jews have no such compunction.

“Say it loud…we’re pedophiles and we’re proud”.

Now, it’s not as if I am saying that they have a ritual where everyone stands around while the rabbi sucks the child’s penis.

Oh, wait a second, that’s exactly what I’m saying!

Known as metzizah b’peh, it occurs during the bris (circumcision ritual). Following the slice, the Mohel (rabbis who do circumcision) needs to remove the blood.

No pipette or alcohol pad for these guys.  In front of everyone, they suck the blood from the kid’s schvantz!

Unfortunately sexual perversion is the least of the problem.  Certainly no one is going to suggest psychological damage to a week old.  This damage is different and it’s worse.

It now turns out that many of these pedophile rabbis are spreading herpes virus.  Cases have been reported in Brooklyn and New Jersey.

In at least one case a baby died from the infection. Confronted, the cult member parents refused to complain and the mohel, Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer, has publicly declared that he will not stop.

At least three public officials, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who head the state and city health departments and Brooklyn D.A.  Charles Hynes, have wimped out.

Because these cultists whack job ultra Orthodox Jews vote in lockstep, all you hear is that officials are trying to negotiate with the head rabbis to stop the practice.

Translation…nothing will be done.

I don’t know the exact crime for this conduct in New York.  In Florida it is a Capital Sexual Battery punishable by life in prison with a mandatory 25 years.

I also know that these ultra Orthodox are all over Dade and Broward. You can see them with the big black hats and the sideburns hanging down to their shoulders. The probability is that metzizah b’peh going on here.

Let’s hope that our cops and State Attorneys will come down hard on these perverts.

8 Responses to “Fields: You Gotta Have Heart & Other Thoughts”

  1. Fields Is A Bigot says:

    Why did you have the comments turned off,Buddy? Are you protecting your favorite bigoted pundit?
    The fact is Mr. Fields is a bigot. He lumps people into classifications and than spreads stereotypes about them or finds examples of small groups of extremists to represent the entire group. He has done this with blacks, Catholics and now, once again, Jews. The ultra-Orthodox Jews he is writing about are a small tiny slice of the American Jewish experience. Yet he constantly writes about them portraying them in a sly attempt to color people against Jews by portraying them as representative of all Jews.
    Mr. Fields has nothing good to say about anybody or anything. I think he hates himself and what he has become he lashes out at every group and every person. Nobody is really interested in his bigoted musings.

    FROM BUDDY: Please forgive me for mistakenly preventing for a few hours comments to Sam’s latest posting. Feel free to comment now. You are the first.

  2. Ed Foley says:

    You left out the guys who play with snakes!

  3. sam fields says:

    Dear fields is a bigot
    I first saw the story about the pervert rabbi in The Forward which is a Jewish newspaper thathas been around for over 100 years.

    The Egan story was in the Herald and a hundred other papers and came from an interview he gave.

    Does that make all of us bigots or is possible that you are secretly a member of NAMBLA…The North American Man/Boy Love Association and you are upset that your supply of nubile boys is threatened?

  4. Ed Foley says:

    Ah yes, The Forward – published in Hebrew … so when the big story breaks the editor yells, “Rip out the back page”!


    The Forward never was in Hebrew. It was and is written in Yiddish. It has a very influential weekly English edition. But the joke still stands.

  5. sam fields says:

    That’s a double inside joke

  6. The Truth says:

    If Sam spent half the time defending his few clients as he does attacking the Catholic Church, maybe so many of them wouldn’t end up in jail. Sam finds it necessary to attack The Pope and Catholics almost non-stop on this website. Pay attention to you own business, Sam. Quit worrying about how you can force others to give up their beliefs which have served them fine throughout their lives. What is scary is that it is clear that this great liberal Sam Fields would prohibit any belief in a higher power if he and his ilk took control of the country. That is not called liberal. It is called fascist. That is the Truth, Sam.

  7. sam fields says:


  8. Sam the Sham says:

    It is notable that Sam Fields, in addition to being a lawyer, is also a cardiologist capable of diagnosing and rating Dick Cheney’s heart transplant. Sam, it is clear you don’t like Cheney, but if you don’t know anything about qualifying for a transplant, just quit your bitching. If you have evidence of him jumping the line, go ahead and print it.

    Miami and the Fish deserve each other. Anybody foolish enough to be taken in by this Corporate Sports Welfare, deserves to be ridiculed. The prices and parking problems were all known before they bought into this fiasco. They made their bed, now they should lie in it.

    It seems Cardinal Egan waited to be retired before he retracted his apology. In other words, the official Catholic policy is of apology and remorse but his personal policy is cover up and arrogance. If my child were molested under his watch and I heard his retraction, he might be meeting St. Peter sooner than he thought. “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea”. Look it up.

    My only comment about metzizah b’peh, is, shocking.