Fields: Wrong Critic Fighting Sharia Law


Ever hear of David Yeruslami?


David Yeruslami

He’s the driving force behind state legislatures needlessly passing laws to keep courts from adopting principles of law based on the harsh principles of Islamic Sharia law.

Oklahoma is the latest state to rescue its courts from the impending Muslim takeover.  The last thing we need is a Muslim Court system like the one in Tehran.

The Iran court told Ameneh Bahrami that she could obtain justice from Majid Movahedi by blinding him by dropping acid in his eyes.  The court deemed this punishment was proper since Bahrami had previous blinded her for refusing to marry him.

I am sure this is what Yeruslami, who is a Hassidic Jew, and his crusaders have in mind.  After all, the last thing a pious Jew would believe in is a crazy idea of justice based on “an Eye for an Eye.”

The truth is that Yeruslami is a hypocrite!

If he was honest about protecting U. S. law and the Constitution he would add to his critique of Sharia law, criticism of Hassidic law.

Sharia law is no threat to us.  Hassidic law is already here in the United States.

Hassidic law can be seen in the village of New Square, New York — home to 7,000 Skverer Hassidics who worship under the Skverer Rebbe David Twersky.

The rebbe likes his followers to pray at his synagogue.

But Aron Rottenberg and a small group started praying a mile away in an adjacent village of New Hempstead earlier this year. That marked Rottenberg, a 43-year-old plumber, as persona non grata in the community.

Police say that in May, Twersky acolyte Shaul Spitzer, 18, went to Rottenberg’s house. Spitzer then threw gasoline soaked rags on Rottenberg, lighting him up like a Shabbos candle.

Rebbe Twersky has not been connected with the crime.

But JTA, a Jewish news service, wrote: “The incident appears to be the culmination of a dispute about enforcing the will of the rebbe — something akin to the rule of law in New Square.”

New Square is already a place where it is frowned upon for a women to drive a car due to a ruling by Twersky.  Sounds like Saudi Arabia!

The sect has regularly flouted U. S. law while following the Word of god as passed through the Rebbe — from a scandal over the illegal use of federal education grants to a standoff over an unlicensed summer camp and repeated health violations at poultry plants.

The Skver — along with other “fundamentalist groups” —  divide the world into strict divisions of “us and them,” “insiders and outsiders,” said Samuel Heilman, a professor of sociology at the City University of New York’s Queens College and the author of several books about Orthodoxy.

“In almost every domain of their lives they live by very, very stringent rules,” Heilman said. “But those aspects of life that don’t deal with those stringent rules, there they feel they can be a lot more cavalier.”

So David Yeruslami is the wrong messenger with the wrong message.  Until he tackles all the cults trying to subvert U. S. law, he is just another religious fraud.

Like Muslim fanatics, Yeruslami’s Hassidism is a cult. Many of its followers feels no loyalty to anyone or institution outside the group.

The more you look into it the more you realize that the major difference between Hassidic Jews and Wahabi Muslims is…the hats.

3 Responses to “Fields: Wrong Critic Fighting Sharia Law”

  1. Smart Move says:

    What rules people choose to live by, religious or other, is their business. So long as the follow the law, they should be free to live however they wish. But the law has to be followed. When they break the law, it becomes our business.

    Sharia Law poses no threat to America. Nobody here is going to replace our laws with theirs or anybody elses. In the US, setting people on fire and putting acid in other people’s eyes, for any reason, is a crime. A person’s right to practice their religion, however deeply felt, will not and should not sheild that person from prosecution.

    As to what they do in Saudi Arabia, frankly that’s their business. If they want to wear veils, beat their women, chop off fingers, that’s for them to figure it out. We don’t have to like it, and we afford ourselves the right to say so. But at the end of the day, there’s enough injustice in our own country to keep us plenty busy. When we get our own house in order, then maybe we should worry about other cultures and how they live their lives.

  2. Rupert says:

    Warren Jeffs tried to defend himself by using the Book of Mormon. Didn’t work, and Sharia is no threat either.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Not sure how Warren Jeffs could defend himself with the Book of Mormon since it speaks against plural marriage. Wonder if he used the other set of scriptures Mormons have: The Doctrine and Covenants. That speaks about plurual marriag in a vague and general way.

    Oh and I am a Mormon.