Fields: Victory For The Constitution Despite Clarence Thomas

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In a victory for the Fourth Amendment protection against “unreasonable search and seizure, the U.S. Supreme Court, in an 8 to 1 ruling, decided that school official’s strip searching 13-year-old girl on a hunch was a bit too much.

The only dissenting vote was Justice Clarence Thomas.  No surprise.


The facts:
A classmate told school officials that she got an ibuprofen from Savana Redding.
Redding was hauled into the principal’s office. [Aaah, that image brings back childhood memories.] 
First, they checked out her purse and schoolbag.  Nothing found.
Second,  they checked out her outer clothing.  Nothing found.
At a minimum, you would think they would call Mom or Dad before they took the next step.

You would be wrong.
Because the next minute,  school officials ordered Savana to strip done to her bra and panties and peel them back for inspection.  Nothing found.
Based on the lack of urgency and the paucity of facts the court denied the legality of the search: “We think that the combination of these deficiencies was fatal to finding the search reasonable.
The single dissent was from Thomas. No sympathy for a young female from him.

This is a guy who bragged to females about watching porno films, according to testimony at his U. S. Senate confirmation hearings.  Co-worker Anita Hill testified that he especially those involving women being raped and those featuring well-endowed porn actor Long Dong Silver.

This is a guy who boasted “graphically of his own sexual prowess” to Hill before becoming a justice.

This is a guy who’s idea of a joke was to ask a female, “Who has put pubic hair on my Coke?

A tiger doesn’t change its stripes.  And a serial sexual harasser doesn’t change, either.  

Rather than focus on Fourth Amendment violations of strip searching a 13-year-old girl, Justice Thomas concluded that “maybe it was or maybe it wasn’t” wrong. 

But I bet he was thinking: “Either way it was incredibly most hot.

2 Responses to “Fields: Victory For The Constitution Despite Clarence Thomas”

  1. Certain Things Are True says:

    In a world filled with many uncertainties at least we can count on the following things to always be true.

    The world is basically round and it revolves around the sun. There are such things as day and night, earth and sky, water and fire. It always makes good sense to look both ways before crossing an intersection. And Clarence Thomas was poor choice for the US Supreme Court.

  2. S only says:

    That’s one plus for the Supreme Court. At least it wasn’t close. Give me a break—a strip search for an advil?—parents, be sure to educate your own children because if THIS is what the schools are focused on(anything but education)—god help the future…