Fields: This Week In Religion (Jewish/Moslem Edition)

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Just in case Bernie Madoff was not bad enoughthere were the rabbis rolled up in a New Jersey corruption probe last week including one charged with selling organs for transplants.

Here are the latest stories from the world of religion:  

 A 2006 Turkish movie called The Valley of the Wolves had little success in this country 

It is an anti-American/anti-Semitic screed on the Iraqi War.  Read about it here.

Among the characters is “The Doctor played by Gary Busey

The character is a Jewish doctor that steals and sells organs taken from living Iraqi prisoners. It exploits the “Blood Libel which claims that Passover Matzo is made with the blood of murdered Gentiles particularly children. 
An outrageous, despicable, disgusting, fantasy.not so fast.
Enter Brooklyn Rabbi Levy Izhak Rosenbaum here.   

*Jul 23 - 00:05*

Rosenbaum, known as “The Matchmaker”, was arrested July 25 as part of a New Jersey corruption probe.

His specialty was paying poor Israelis $10,000 to give up a kidney.  He then resold the kidney for $160,000. 

He was known to produce a handgun to encourage donors who were having second thoughts.



Among those arrested in a North Carolina-based Jihadist plot was thirty-nine year old Daniel Boyd, a convert to fundamentalist Islam. 

His chief defender is his wife Sabrina Boyd.

Get a load of the of this woman here.

Although born an American, she dresses and talks like she wants to be Ms. July in a calendar titled “Girls of the Taliban.
Previously I have written that a common trait for ALL fundamentalist religions is the subordination of women.  Overwhelmingly they are inculcated to the cultish mentality at birth.

The ones like Mr. and Mrs. Boyd are special.  They have willfully adopted a belief system that centers on the notion that female sexuality is the polestar of all evil. 
To paraphrase The Matchmaker in Fiddler n the Roof:  “Between his three-inch penis and her self-loathingit’s a match.

11 Responses to “Fields: This Week In Religion (Jewish/Moslem Edition)”

  1. Religion Not a Factor says:

    This story has nothing to do with someones religion it has to do with people who engage in criminal or stupid behavior. Religion has nothing to do with that. I don’t buy the view that guilty while being Jewish makes all Jews guilty. Thats just not intelligent.

  2. Moshe says:

    I agree with the previous writer. Religion is not a factor in this story and Mr. Fields has again shown his true colors. He is a self-hating Jewwho has spent his life trying to shed his Jewish identity. Mr. Fields! You are a Jew!

  3. Sam Not Thinking says:

    you can’t possibly mean it that way but this is the same kind of crap the nazis used to say about jews in the 1930s where the possible actions of a few were generalized on an entire people. i thoughw we were long pas that garbage. in your effort to make some unnecessary point that not all rabbis are law abiding you come dangerously close to the kind of dialogue that started the pogram against jews in europe. this is dangerous talk. stop it.

  4. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Moshe and Religion is Not a Factor:


    Culture is the major driving force in group behavior and religion is the significant factor in culture.

    If, as you insist, this kind of shame has nothing to do with Judaism then I also assume you think the Jewish culture has nothing to do with winning 25% of all the Nobel Prizes or educational achievement or Jonas Salk.

    Sorry my friends. You have to take the shondas with the mitzvahs

  5. Insane says:

    So you think Einstein was brilliant because he was Jewish? It wasn’t that he was a born genius who just happened to be a Jew? You think that David Berkowitz became Son of Sam because he was Jewish? It wasn’t that he was a mentally crazed psychopath who just happened to be a Jew?

    Sandy Koufax was a great pitcher because he was Jewish? Bernie Madoff is a theiving rat bastard because he’s a Jew? Come on.

    If you really believe that then the bullshit is on you, and that fact has nothing to do with your being Jewish. People are good and bad in every culture, religion and characteristic of birth or chance. Those things run run with the species not the breed.

  6. Mister Courthouse says:

    Despite the hate he has for believers, Sam Fields knows in his heart that when he is facing death he will be praying. And the Lord will hear him. There is an Army saying that are no atheists in the foxhole.

  7. If says:

    If Mr. Courthouse is correct then Sam would be guilty of the only crime there is hypocrisy. A felony in his book.


  8. Sam Fields says:

    David Berkowitz is not Jewish. He was born Italian/Catholic and was adopted by Jews. Currently he is no longer Jewish. He now calls himself a Born Again. At all times material he was and is a nut.

    Without getting into the nature/nurture debate it is undeniable that different groups of people perform in different areas of human behavior far beyond statistical probability.

    Why do you think Jews, 1% of the world population, have won 25% of the Nobel Prizes?

    Why do you think the NBA is 90% Black.

    Instead of calling me names give me your explanation.

  9. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Insame says

  10. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Insane,

  11. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Insane
    Yes I believe that Einstein’s Jewishness was a factor in his achievement.

    Sandy Koufax not so much.