Fields: This Week In Religion (Christian Edition)

(Buddy’s comment: When I was in college, one of the most popular TV shows on campus was the Rev. Ike Show.  We used to giggle as Rev. Ike flaunted the gaudy lifestyle he bought with money he squeezed out of his viewers.  Below is Sam’s take on the late-Rev Ike.)

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rev ike

Never heard of Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II?  How about Reverend Ike?
He was a black minister who realized that it was wrong for White ministers to financially exploit the Black community with promises of prosperity in the “here and salvation in the “hereafter.
That was a job for a Black man and he was that Black man.
His suits, cars and bling could embarrass any pimp or Rapper.
Basically, he was updating the Calvinist notion that wealth was God’s reward for true believers.
When the collection plate was passed he made it clear that he did not want to hear change.  Further, he insisted that he could tell the difference between the sound of someone dropping a $1 or a $20.
He was completely contemptuous of the poor, who he insisted were condemned to poverty by God for not giving enough to Ike.  
He was fond of saying: “The best thing you can do for the poor is not be one of them.
When it comes to TV preachers he made it clear: The more shameless, the more blameless.




Ever since the buildup for the Iraq War, critics have been attacking the motives of the supporters.

It was clear that the Neocons like Bill Kristol and Douglas Fyfe were driven by right-wing Israeli politicians and “Dickyboy Cheney was out to make money for his friends.

George Ws motivation was debated.
I have regularly said that it was religion.  I have never doubted that Bush was true believer in Christian Fundamentalism.  Most particularly he had bought into the apocalyptic Book of Revelation–hook, line and sinker.
For those of you not familiar with Revelation, it’s the final book of the New Testament.  It describes the End of the World in terms that make it seem that the writer, St John the Divine, was doing Blotter Acid.
That Bush bought into this crap is now clear.  
French author Jean-Claude Maurice interviewed former French President Jacques Chirac, who described a prewar 2003 call from Bush.  Dubya was trying to persuade the French to join in the effort.
Chirac said that Bush pled his case based on their common Christian faith. 

He quotes Bush as saying: “Gog and Megog are at work in the Middle EastThe biblical prophecies are being fulfilledThis confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before the New Age begins.
Revelation describes Gog and Megog as Satan’s governing agents on the Earth. 
Bush was not making a metaphor.  He is an End of Times believer who wants those times sooner rather than later. 
Not exactly the kind of mind set you want for a President.

2 Responses to “Fields: This Week In Religion (Christian Edition)”

  1. Mister Courthouse says:

    At least Rev. Ike acknowledged God. He was wrong because he exploited people, but he knew there was a higher power.
    What about you, Sam Fields? When are you going to accept, or at least tolerate those who believe?

  2. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Mr. Outhouse
    If by “tolerate” you mean respect the right to an idea I can assure you I have always been tolerant of religion.

    If “tolerate” or “tolerant” means respect the wisdom of the idea then I am guilty as charged.