Fields: There Are Hispanics and Then There Are Cubans


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the differences within ethnic groups that are unknown to the rest of us.

Here’s another one.  This one is close to home

The immigration laws have created a chasm within the Latino Community to such a degree that you might as well say: “There are Hispanics and then there are Cubans.”

That different was originally because Cubans were viewed as refugees from Communism.  Add to that the political clout of the Cubans, especially in the presidential swing state of Florida.

How does it work?

Any Hispanic who enters the U. S. without permission can look forward to someday being dropkicked back over the border.

Except for Cubans. They get to stay.

Any immigrant, legal or illegal, who catches a felony can look forward to a one-way trip back home.

Except for Cubans. They get to stay.

When Non-Cubans finish their time in the hoosegow they can expect to find a hold by immigration that leads to a quick stop at Krome before being booted out of the USA.

Cubans?  Not so much.

Felonies, schmelonies.  The Cuban Adjustment Act keeps them on our streets like they had a Presidential Pardon.

And those are only some of the differences that divides Cubans from all other Latinos.

While not all Cubans believe in the differences, the Cuban GOP Right does.  In fact Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla, is the poster boy for “Viva la Diferencia”.

He has a view of non-Cuban Hispanics that brings a smile to the most xenophobic GOPers.

For example, he has opposed The Dream Act. It would allow illegals brought here by parents as infants to remain and go to college.

At the same time he has vehemently supported overturning the Wetfoot/Dryfoot policy that sends Cubans back to the island if they are intercepted at sea.

Cubanos Si!  Hispanicos No!

It gets worse.

It’s hard to imagine a Black church welcoming someone who defended lynching or a synagogue welcoming a Holocaust denier.

Rightwing Cubans have no such problem with the equivalent attacks on “other” Hispanics.

They recently welcomed Herman Cain to the Versailles Restaurant without even mentioning that he has repeatedly called for installing a high voltage fence across our southern border.

Cain’s plan is simple:  “Juice a few beaners and the rest will get the message.”

Starting with Rubio, not a single top GOP Cuban has challenged “The Cain Plan.”

I suspect if pressed for a comment, Rubio will only question if the fence will be AC or DC?!

It gets worse.  Ever heard of Virgil Peck?  He’s a GOP leader in the Kansas legislature.

He has a plan to deal with illegals who slip pass Crazy Herman’s electrified fence.  He wants to use helicopters to “shoot them like feral pigs.” Presumably it is always open season and there is no limit on how many you can bag.

I am pretty sure that, should Peck make his way to South Florida, Marco will welcome him with open arms.

After all, his message to the Latino community is simple:  “If you ain’t Cuban, you ain’t shit.”

12 Responses to “Fields: There Are Hispanics and Then There Are Cubans”

  1. The Pendulum Swings says:


  2. Hoos Bin Pharteen says:

    Once again Sam the windbag has shown his cloaked racism for any minorty who isn’t a liberal drone!

  3. Wet Foot Fed UP says:

    How long will we continue to give the Cuban Welfare Policy (wet food dry foot) a free pass. We talk about welfare reform, social security reform, Medicare reform, and when we talk about immigration some how this policy is left out. It is not fair and it’s time to end it. Not only do we not extend the policy other hispanics, we do the same to Haitians and any other group. Haitians call it “Black foot White foot policy.” Cubans refugees get a years worth of welfare and a host of other services once they enter into the country; all at the expense of taxpayers. When will politicians who are not afraid of loosing the Cuban vote stand up end this?

  4. Real Deal says:

    To get an immigration policy similar to what Cubans have in America a good start involves making sure the dictator in your country isn’t a puppet of the American government and poses a threat to national security.

    From there taking political over a county like Dade, which holds about 1% of the total US population, helps especially if they play decisive role in every US presidential election. Our policy may be that all men are created equal. However in America not all immigrants are the same and so they sometimes treated differently.

    This has always been the case with respect to US immigration policy. We look to bring into the country those people that help us overcome our perceived enemies and those in power that tend to get their support.

  5. Sam the Sham says:

    Poor Sam! He thinks he has some relevance on Buddy’s blog. He would have more credibility if he stood on the corner of US1 and Broward wearing clown make-up, tooting a horn and tap dancing. Nothing against Buddy here, but Sam is a complete waste of valuable bandwidth.

  6. Reality Check says:

    @ 3 You mentioned “the expense of taxpayers. ” What exactly are the taxpayers “giving” Cubans who largely work hard, pay taxes, follow the law and love and are willing to defend this country? Last time I looked the welfare rolls were not exactly bursting at the seams with Cubans. Hispanics … some… and you know who you are. Cubans? To paraphrase Sam: not so much.

    Sam is right. There are Cubans and then there are Hispanics.

  7. Tamarac Talk says:

    All you other posters go hide under the covers, but Sam has the audacity to say what no other person will ever say in South Florida.

    An editorial about the prejudicial differences and unequal treatment Hispanics get would never be printed in the Miami Herald.

  8. SAM FIELDS says:

    Dear Hoos
    I am pretty sure the family of a dead Fort Meyers cop might disagree. He was gunned down by a Cuban exile who was recently released from prison but undeportable because he is Cuban.
    I guess that is ok with you because he’s probably a Republican.

  9. Ballbusterz says:

    Perhaps Sam Fields is saying that every murderer should be deported to their nation of family origin, this way it’s not just Cubans and Americans that get to stay here after they kill a cop. Or maybe he’s saying that Americans cop killers should stay here because that’s only fair. Not the Cubans. For obvious reasons. But if we let the Cubans stay, then let’s offer the same invitation to all the other immigrant cop killers. Or possibly he’s saying that his head is stuck up his ass and he can’t seem to dislodge it. I’m really not sure which.

  10. SAM FIELDS says:

    Dear Balls,
    The point is simple. Cubans get preferential treatment in immigration laws which is why many of them, including Marco Rubio, don’t have much sympathy for other immigrants including other Hispanics.
    Why is that so hard for you to understand?

  11. Real Deal says:

    Sam says Cubans get preferential treatment, therefore they don’t sympathize with other Hispanic immigration concerns. He then askes why this is so hard to understand.

    But isn’t that logic the same as Jews like money, therefore they cheat others and can’t be trusted? Why is that so hard to understand?

    How about Blacks tend to be poor therefore they are criminals on average and can’t be trusted. Why is that so hard to understand.

    How about gays participate in a lifestyle that relatively few in society share or understand, therefore gays cannot be trusted to participate in the mainstream of society. What’s so hard to figure about that?

    Except that the recipe for his logic rests with a principle he has in the past suggested does not meet his approval. Prejudice. That involves believing others to have certain shared qualities based on the perceived characteristics of a whole group, rather than the actual findings attributable to specific individuals.

    Why ius that so hard for him to understand?

  12. Joe King says:

    It is hard to me to have anything but an attitude of indifference to the cuban immigrants who stand here demanding the US invest men and treasure to win back the country they abandoned. This indifference mounts as I watch citizens in countries with rulers with a far worse record of suppressing human rights place themselves in harm’s way for their own freedom. These countries also have far larger and better equipped militaries then some impoverished island with minimal resources.
    It is easier for Mark Red to stand in safety, demanding government cut expenditures except that areas that impact his true homeland and put money in his friends’ pockets that run these inconsequential frauds.