Fields Surprised The Koran Isn’t Burned More Often

Guest Columnist
The only thing surprising about Pastor Terry Jones and his “Burn A Koran Day is that it, and worse, does not happen more often.
Like all fundamentalists he holds an absolute belief that he, along with his co-religionists, have the One and Only Truth.  And that truth is the one and only path to eternal salvation.  Without exception, those who reject the admonition of John 3:16 are unequivocally condemned to Hell for eternity.
This “my way [a.k.a., god’s way] or the highway attitude is characteristic of all religious fundamentalists whether Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc. 
I had a law partner who thought like that.  I posed him the following choices. 

Would he rather his daughter reject Jesus and live to 93? She would peacefully die in the arms of a loving family of happy and healthy children and grandchildren.
Or would he rather have her become a crack whore, who agonizingly died at 15 from AIDS, but accepted Jesus moments before her death?
He did not hesitate a second to go with Option 2.
His belief system left him no choice. 

After all, what is 93 years of happiness compared to an eternity of Satan’s torture?  Fifteen years of temporal torment is a bargain when bumped up against eternal bliss in the bosom of Jesus.
If I thought like him, the least I would do is burn the books of the false gods.  I would advocate terminating the parental rights of  non-believers as surely as if they were teaching their kids to smoke Meth.  The results of Meth abuse would seem insignificant when compared to loosing eternal salvation.
All Terry Jones wants to do is burn some books that he believes have misdirected a billion Muslims away from Jesus.  In his belief system, this is chump change and more importantly it is God’s will.

Should he go ahead with his plan — The Miami Herald says Terry Jones now plans to add copies of the Talmud to his bonfire ( If my peeps had anything to do with this he paid retail for those books.). — the only people who are going to freak out are his fundamentalist Muslim counterparts.  Their reaction will be to burn a few Christian churches–preferably occupied–Praise Allah!
But have no fear or trepidation. Like all true believers, they will only be expressing their love of god and his love for them. 

22 Responses to “Fields Surprised The Koran Isn’t Burned More Often”

  1. Stop It Already says:

    Buddy, why do you let this blowhard pontificate on any subject under the sun? Isn’t this a political blog? It is bad enough that those of us in the courthouse have to put up with his his borish behavior and his constant Yiddish jokes. Take him off forever.

  2. Steve Schwin says:

    If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  3. hmmm says:

    It is sad the same people who had no issues burning the flag (hillary ect ect) are the ones speaking out now? They don’t seem to like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

  4. ok u got me convinced says:

    i never burned the flag, i never would burn the koran, and i never burned my bra

  5. mustbecrazy says:

    It is very wrong to burn the Koran, as wrong as it would be to burn a Bible or any other religious book. But let me say here I am not a follower of any religion. I do not understand any religion where I must “fear God” or endure “the wrath of God” or why God “lets the good die young” or why God must be a male figure and on and on and on…..
    The planned and orchestrated burning of the Koran or the Talmud is simply a stunt by overzealous nut jobs that choose to live by selected verses out of their Bible. It will do nothing but incite other overzealous nut jobs into retaliation.
    I also support Sams right to voice his opinions, popular or not.

  6. Jane says:

    Yes, Sam is free to say whatever he pleases. It just makes me laugh when he goes after everyone of faith for believing, as he argues, that theirs is the one and only truth. In fact, Sam’s inability to believe in any being greater than himself is his “one and only truth,” and just as offensive, I have no doubt, to us as our “truth” is to him. Such a spoiled, preening, condescending rant artist.

  7. watcher says:

    to hmmm it’s “etc”…and “flag burning” is another BS wedge non- issue that gets stupid people to vote against their own best interest…Sam is the man

  8. sam fields says:

    Dear Jane,
    “The one and only truth” is what the best evidence inexorably leads us to.

    The problem with the 5000+ supernatural god stories that have permeated the earth is that they don’t even agree with each other.

    Each believer would have you accept their “one” and reject the other 4999.

    I chose to follow the evidence and not be so vain or egotistical like you and announce to the world that, through faith, I have established all the truths of cosmology, eschatology and epistemology. (You may have to go to the dictionary)

    While I am more than comfortable that I do not know all the answers or even most of the answers I have no problem excluding certain explanations when they are far fetched and without any evidence to support them.

    I don’t know how magicians do that levitation act but I have safely eliminated the notion that they have figured out how to reverse the law of gravity in a confined area. If you could reverse gravity I seriously doubt you would be wasting you time as an opening act in a Vegas lounge.

    With the rise of science longstanding religious explanations have been knocked down by the millions.

    Disease, pestilence, earthquakes. lightening, fire drought, flood famines, plagues, wars peace and a million other phenomena have, at one time or another, been given a supernatural explanation. Each and every time science has proved it wrong. How many more do you require to realize that you have been barking up the wrong tree?

    I offer you what I have offered since Broward Beat began which is to go to lunch and discuss our ideas. So far no one has taken me up on it. You are willing to read me and anonymously shoot arrow from the dark. But you are not secure enough to discuss your ideas in the open which tells me plenty about you.

  9. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    I have never meta radical Muslim. I have met a bunch of right wing radical, mostly Republican, Christian types that make me a lot more nervous than Muslims, some real purported pro God, Anti Gay, Pro Guns types that are scary as all hell.

    Shit, over 20 percent of American thinks OR SHOULD I SAY, WANTS to believe Barak isn’t a Christian, and is indeed a Muslim.

    We either support religious freedom or we don’t, it’s not a grey area, it’s the fucking Constitution.

    and that is my BOTTOM LINE!

  10. dan reynolds says:

    The burning of books is an act of ignorance but Terry Jones is getting just what he wants…attention.

  11. sam fields says:

    A little follow up.

    Most Jews, Christians and Muslims like to believe they are talking about the same god notwithstanding that the various gods exhibit behavior that has little in common. The Old Testament god is a genocidal, racist, psycho who has a Borderline Personality disorder.

    The New Testament God starts out as a cross between a brainless hippie and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and then reverses to Psycho God.

    I would sooner believe that believe that Lindsey Lohan and Fatty Arbuckle are the same person. After all, do you know anyone who has seen the two of them together?

  12. Want to know says:

    Fields is a big phony who is driven to spread his gospel of a faithless world. As Stop It Already wrote, Sam is a major league sad bore who uses Jewish jokes to pretend he is happy. Sad that anybody who wraps themselves in their Jewishness on the outside hates everything about the Jewish religion and belief. Go back to your DUIs Sam.

  13. watcher says:

    “want to know”…Judaism has plenty of room for doubters…faith is not the foundation of our religion…treating others properly is what it’s about

  14. What About Palestinans says:

    Watcher Says: “Treating Others properly is what it’s about” when talking about Judiasm.
    You mean like treating the Palestinans properly?

  15. Jane says:

    Sam, no one will ever take you up on your offer of lunch. You are too boorish, egotistical, condescending, repetitive and full of hate, but ultimately your greatest offense is continually trying to ram down our throats YOUR views, to the exclusion of all others. Let it be, and let us be. Our believing in no way diminishes you or your choice NOT to believe. Your phony intellectualism (“you may have to go to the dictionary”), which gives us all a good laugh, is just icing on the Sam cake!

  16. SAM FIELDS says:

    It should be obvious that my critics have not offered a single fact to refute my arguments.

    Instead they confine themselves to cowardly, anonymous personal attacks.

    Any fair reading shows they hold serious doubts about their cockamamie beliefs and seek only to silence anyone who forces them to think.

    Every day there are thousands of hours of radio and television promoting their wacky supernatural beliefs which also denounce non-believers.

    Yet Jane, and rest of cowards freak-out at one litle old atheist on an obscure local website.

    For your psychological wellbeing I suggest you confine yourselves to church, Trinity Broadcasting with an occasional foray to The Eternal Word Network to find out what the Catholics are doing.

    Stop reading my stuff it will put you back in the mental hospital. Of course that might not be bad.

  17. Jordan says:

    Sam, didn’t know a thing about you prior to reading this site. You are one self-absorbed nut job, for sure.

  18. ok u got me convinced says:

    if you think sam’s a nut job then why are you reading this? i for one get what he’s saying.

  19. Jordan says:

    I read the site because I think Buddy really knows what goes on around here. His only consistent error in judgment is in letting Sam on so often. As I said, I do not know about Sam, so I read what he had to say; you, on the other hand, just dismiss people right off the bat. I GET what he is saying, and I think he is a nut job!

  20. BigMan Gingold says:

    Shmuel speaks the Emmes. And I would gladly go to lunch with him, especially if it promises more clear-eyed philosophy animated by Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure references. The tag-line of that flick — “be excellent to each other, and party on dudes” — is a credo for secular humanism.

  21. SAM FIELDS says:

    dear big
    it’s the same as do unto other, etc. just funnier

  22. watcher says:

    more Sam more….why not a few words on last week’s Times article on Broward foreclosures and the tossing of due process for expediency by our terrific judges…