Fields: Lock Rothstein Up And Throw Away The Key…And Other Random Thoughts

Guest Columnist

In an effort to reduce a potential life sentence, scoundrel Scott Rothstein has written a twelve-page weasely mea culpa letter to Federal Judge Jimmy Cohn.

It has all the obligatory bullshit, beginning with: “I have found god.

Rothstein claims that his crimes came from an inferiority complex of having grown up in humble beginnings in New York.  More bullshit.

He called himself a hardworking lawyer.  Even more bullshit.  He was a lazy incompetent lawyer who settled employment claims for chump change because he was repeatedly unprepared for trial.

When caught, he snitched on everyone.  Not because he was repentant, but because he was trying to save his skin.

He calls the rest of the gang “co-conspirators when they are best described as his “henchmen. 

Hopefully they put him general population and he gets real punishment….for a good, long time.  He deserves everything he will get and more.


Political philosophy doesn’t matter when you are protecting political pork.

This is evidenced by Senators Bill Nelson, D-Fla,  and Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-TX. 

With Cape Canaveral in Florida and the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, both senators downplay the significance of the successful blastoff of the privately developed and financed Falcon9.

Falcon 9 worked the first time.  Compared that to NASA’s Atlas rocket, which took thirteen attempts before it finally worked. 

Falcon 9 cuts the cost of space flight by 90%.  Stanley Musk, the developer of PayPal, is being paid $1.2 billion to send 12 missions to the International Space Station. That’s billions less than the Shuttle.

Musk expects to be selling space travel tickets to the public within 5 years.

Han Solo has once again defeated the Evil Empire.


Ali Hussain Sibat is on death row in Saudi Arabia. His crime is fortunetelling and casting spells on Lebanese TV on a show broadcast through the Middle East.

He was not sentenced to death because he is committing fraud.  He is facing the executioners sword because those Saudi idiots actually be believe Sibat can predict and/or control the future with potions and evil incantations.

I’m pretty sure that if Sibat could really see into the future he would have left town before the cops showed up.


You think justice is slow at the Broward County Courthouse.  Read on.

On June 7, an Indian court sentence eight Union Carbide executives to two years in prison and a $2100 fine.

Corporate negligence lead to 3000 deaths from poison gas. That is about one day in jail for every six deaths.

Did I forget to mention that these guys were arrested when this happened in 1984?

 They have been out on bond for 26 years.


Israel has rejected joining a a Middle East conference intended to enforce the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Surrounded by hostile nations they have little choice but to keep this ace-in-the-hole.

It is for this same reason they have the right to keep their enemies from developing nuclear weapons.  They were right to destroy nuclear facilities in Iraq and Syria. 

 Iran is a bit more problematic. Nevertheless I could see them taking a position that Iran testing a nuclear weapon will be seen as the equivalent of a direct nuclear attack on Israel with all the consequences.

5 Responses to “Fields: Lock Rothstein Up And Throw Away The Key…And Other Random Thoughts”

  1. For Sam says:

    Fields is just a bore. Why publish him?

  2. Salvatore says:

    Rothstein got 50 years, which is less than he deserved.
    I would have assumed that the prosecutors would have gotten him less because he cooperated with them.

  3. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Bore aka rothstein groupie
    Why do you read me?

    Dear Sal

    The over/under on the Rothstein sentence was 35 year which is also the same number as the Federal Rule that governs reducing sentences. I am guessing that the over/under on that is 40.

    But here is the key over/under bet. The day the former cocktail waitress Kim Rothstein files for divorce. I am going with 12 months. It could come sooner if she uses those plastic hooters Scott’ victims paid for (they should have auctioned them off with the cars)to hook herself up with a new Sugar Daddy.

  4. Sonny Kilcullen says:

    Hola I appreciate the above new entry.

  5. sfj says:

    Has anyone looked into the background of the attorney (Lichtman) hired by the court appointed trustee? It seems the corruption deepens.