Fields: Rightwing Supporters of Israel Spy Harms All Jews


You would think that, especially in light of 9/11 and a dozen other terrorist plots, that co-religionists would turn their backs on American-born traitors who have betrayed our country.  These are traitors who took a few dollars and a perverted ideology to justify harming America in the worst way they could.

You would think that until you read columns by Rightwing Jews like Steve Kurlander, a Republican operative and writer.  His plea for spy Jonathan Pollard’s release in the Huffingtonpost makes clear that his philosophy is “Israel Über Alles”.

If you’re like me, then your blood boils when to see that Pollard supporters like Kurlander want his sentence commuted.

This Jew feels Pollard is a traitor, no matter who he spied for.

Unfortunately the writings of slavish supporters of Israel like Kurlander and his ilk lend credence to a vile libel. That’s the belief that American Jews place Israel over the United States.

What did Jonathan Pollard do and does he deserve our support?

He is an American-born Jew who, along with his wife, wormed their way into the American Naval Intelligence community so that they could sell us out to their Israeli paymasters.

Beginning in 1984, they began slipping Top Secret intelligence to an Israeli spy planted in the United States.  Pollard was paid with $10,000 in cash and expensive jewelry.  His plan was to flee America and go to Israel where he was unlikely to be extradited.

Among the documents he slipped to his spymaster was a 10-volume set of documents that detailed America’s global electronic surveillance network.

Caught, the Pollards quickly worked out a plea agreement in which they were expected to show contrition and not publicly discuss the details of the material he stole.

Before they were even sentenced they broke the agreement.  He gave an interview to Wolf Blitzer in which he discussed our military secrets about Libya, Pakistan and the PLO.

Most galling was their joint interview on “60 Minutes” where Mrs. Pollard proudly proclaimed:  “I feel my husband and I did what we were expected to do, and what our moral obligation was as Jews, what our moral obligation was as human beings, and I have no regrets about that”.

She never explained why they also got paid to spy for then-apartheid South Africa and Pakistan.

Ever pandering to anything on the Right, Kurlander wants to see this traitor freed so he can go to Israel and dance in the Jerusalem Square that now bears his name.

He wants President Obama to commute Pollards sentence so he can be immediately released from jail?

The only way Pollard should get early release is on a slab with a shank in his gut.

14 Responses to “Fields: Rightwing Supporters of Israel Spy Harms All Jews”

  1. Hang emI says:

    How come we don’t hang spies anymore?

  2. Sam the Sham says:

    Not knowing a great deal about this case, I can say that Wikipedia does not present a very flattering picture of Pollard. I understand he is due for parole in 2015, let him wait for that. Sam, can you wait three years to shank him?

  3. Ed Foley says:

    We are on the same page here. The Israeli government traded our secrets to the then Soviets to free Jews from bondage under the Reds. But the Pollards were hard at work marketing our secrets to anyone with cash … not just the Israelis.
    I found Allen West’s intercession with Obama on behalf of these traitorous bastards despicable and though I endorsed him twice for Congress, I will not support his betrayal of American soldiers around the world.

  4. Believer says:

    Mr. Fields goes out of his way to attack Israel and his fellow Jews any chance he gets. He is undoubtedly ashamed of being Jewish,his opinions are colored by that fact.

  5. watcher says:

    American first, Jew second, Israel 3rd….always

  6. Hoos Bin Pharteen says:

    So, now you are a Jew? When convenient aren’t you also an atheist? Do you pray and go to Temple regularly? Oh wait I forgot, you use the term ‘Jew’ to define nationality not religion.

  7. Courthouse Lawyer says:

    Fields claims he is a Jew because of his Jewish mother and all his Yiddishism he spouts in the courthouse. He would have been sent to a death camp in Germany because of this heritage. He only wraps himself in Judaism when it suits his purpose, like when he is showing off for the Jewish Bench or despirately trying to make a point here. He is a Jew like Karl Marx was a Jew, an atheist Jew.

  8. Wiley Fox says:

    I have seen Fields many times and have never heard Fields talk Yiddish. I have heard him act like an idiot.

  9. Ed Foley says:

    Harsh crowd here. You are what you say you are. Are we looking for purity of heritage or arguing personalities?
    A traitor will tell any lie to further his enterprise. Sadly some will buy any excuse if they feel the traitor was mistreated. Don’t forget the lives the traitor puts in jeopardy. They deserve the consideration, not the traitor.

  10. From the Bleachers says:

    If one reads the whole story or at least the best available one on the saga of Pollard (keep in mind that of the truth of this story is still classified) what has not been told is really the tragic one. Much of the intelligence gather especially the HUMIT is the result of people, many of whom are and will remain unsung, who worked long and hard in the service of their country to obtain information that was and continues to be used to protect this country. Some of whom, including young men and women who gave their lives to obtain this information, are the ones against whom I believe the crimes of Pollard and his wife have been committed. Most if not almost all toiled long and hard to obtain and analyze little bits of information that often yielded priceless insight into the potential actions of our enemies. There also exists the graves of some who in their efforts to protect this country gave all. Frankly, I don’t remember anyone asking or even thinking what their religion was. What I do remember and constantly remind myself of is that they were Americans who gave their all.

  11. SAM FIELDS says:

    I am always happy to hear from people who wish to pigeonhole me… especially when they do not even know me.

    So let me give you a little background.

    I do not come from a family of Holocaust survivors…because they didn’t.

    On October 14 and 15th 1941 the Germans, along with their Ukrainian allies, forced my European family members and others to dig a long trench and then machines gunned them along with another 10,000 to 15,000 Jews.

    Following the war my father [also a non believer]was part of gun smuggling ring that ignored the U.S. arms embargo and shipped guns to Israel during the War of Independence.

    I had my Bar Mitzvah in an Orthodox temple or what Fundamentalist Christians would call “Satan’s synagogue” (See The Book Of Revelation” 2:9-10, 3:9)

    Moving to Florida in 1955 I had my first experience with anti-Semitism—“Hey Christ Killer”. I tried to explain that it was not me…although I couldn’t vouch for my Uncle Morty.

    I don’t need people like you to review my Jewish credentials. You haven’t earned that right.

    For the last 400 years, like all of Western civilization, Jews have struggled between the reason and blind faith.

    The supernaturalist Jews have never been very tolerant of these who disagree.

    The first modern case in point is Baruch Spinoza a 17th century Dutch Jew who was exiled by the Jewish community because he had the idea that we should be governed by reason and evidence.

    Since the Enlightenment the rationalist Jews have controlled the debate.

    Of late the supernaturalists have tried to muscle the public debate with their magical thinking ideas.

    At the top is the subordination of women. Married women being required to shave their heads really is not very different than requiring a burqua. Are they far off from Rush Limbaugh’s screed against Sandra Fluke.

    Alas I digress.

    You want to insist that accepting a God is a requirement to being a Jew? So being an atheist or agnostic is incompatible with being a Jew.


    Let’s be fair about this. The next time you hear someone talk with pride (kvell) about how Jews, less than a percent of the world, have won 22% of the Nobel Prizes don’t forget to correct them. Tell them that the overwhelming number of them, (Einstein, Kafka, Milton Friedman, Richard Feynman, Stephen Weinberg, Vitaly Ginzberg, etc., etc., etc.) are non-believers and therefore not Jews.

    At the same time I suggest that all you “real Jews” let me know when you see the first Nobel scientist give his acceptance speed wearing a yarmulke.

    You’re “Waiting For Godotstein”.

  12. Duke says:

    Mr. Fields.. That was brilliant.

  13. a murray says:

    60 minutes would like to know what thoughts the american public (all) had on the show

  14. Jim says:
    Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Woolsey and other top US officials with full knowledge of the classified file explain why Jonathan Pollard must go free now.