Fields: Religious School Rip-Offs And Other Religious Tidbits

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Broward County is not the only place where there are questions about the School Board.

Witness Rockland County, New York.

Forty minutes north of New York, Rockland County is the home to every Hassidic sect you ever or never heard of.
It should come as no great surprise that few if any Jews attend public school.  So, at first it would seem odd that Orthodox Jews got themselves elected a majority of The East Ramapo Central School District.
But you probably don’t read the Monsey Orthodox newspaper The Advocate. A recent editorial made clear that it was the job of the School Board to work for all the students in the district regardless of whether they go to public or private school. It went so far as to insist that since more kids go to private school: “the board needs to be accountable for them first.
To fulfill this dream the Board voted to sell a vacant public school to local Hasidics at a fire sale price.  Although appraisals had come in as high as $5.9 million they sold it for $3.1 million!  
The sweetheart deal further screwed the taxpayers when it was learned the District would still be responsible for $3 million owed to the state for improvements on the property.
A complaint has been filed and the deal is on hold.

Hope Your Dashboard Is Big Enough

Protestants are fond of referring to Roman Catholics as “idol worshippers. A Polish priest in Swiebodzin is doing his best to re-enforce that idea.
He has publicly proclaimed that his hometown, Swiebodzin, Poland, now has constructed the world’s largest statue of Jesus.  At 167 feet, it dwarfs the previous record holder a 125-foot Jesus that sits on top of a mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro.
If he were alive I am sure that Jesus would be grateful that they did not fritter away the money feeding the poor.

Facebook Phony 

The Rev. Cedric Miller of the Living Word Christian Fellowship in New Jersey threatened to kick out members who used of the “portal to infidelity aka Facebook.
And he should know.

It has now been  learned that, after Sunday services and Thursdays Bible study, the good Reverend used Facebook to help him get guys to come over his house for threesomes with this wife. 
Mrs. Miller is my idea of The Real Housewife of New Jersey.

These Are Our Allies?

When Christian Asia Bibi went to draw water at a well, local Pakistani Muslim women denounced her.  They refused to drink from her container.
An argument ensued which resulted in a complaint being file against Asia.  Under Sharia law she is now facing a death sentence by stoning.

But Not in Oklahoma!

Fearful that this kind of Islamic fundamentalism might spread to Tulsa or Chickasha, the good citizens of Oklahoma passed a constitutional amendment on Election Day prohibiting judges from considering  Islam’s Sharia law for any decisions.
Apparently they prefer the enlightened law of Judeo-Christianity.
Presumably that includes the Book of Leviticus which prohibits certain types of food, sex or speech.  Violations call for stoning or being burned to death.
Or maybe they prefer the New Testament, which is filled with penalties of eternal damnation and torture for not following Jesus’ blueprint for belief.
What an enlightened population they have in Oklahoma.  

8 Responses to “Fields: Religious School Rip-Offs And Other Religious Tidbits”

  1. Paul Harvey says:

    The case originated in Pakistan’s Punjab province when a group of female Muslim laborers complained that Bibi had made derogatory comments about the Prophet Mohammed. According to CNN, the women alleged that Bibi said, “the Quran is fake and your prophet remained in bed for one month before his death because he had worms in his ears and mouth. He married Khadija just for money and after looting her kicked her out of the house.” A police investigation was opened, which led to a trial and guilty verdict for Bibi. The AFP reports:

  2. Fields Is Nuts says:

    In England, the Sharia courts have been allowed to impose sentences. The PC English caved in on marriage and financial matters because Muslims demanded it. This can not be allowed to spread here. If people want to live here, they have to obey OUR laws.

    Thank God, the voters in Oklahoma know this.

  3. sam fields says:

    Dear Nuts,
    And numerous jurisdictions, including Broward, use tax dollars to enforce kosher laws.

  4. Ann says:

    I love how wingnuts like #2 spout items as fact when there is absolutely nothing to support them.

    Instead of the Tea Party they should call them The Sky Is Falling Party.

  5. sam fields says:

    Follow-up to Nuts

    Have British Muslims organized their own courts? Yes

    Have they been incorporated into British Courts. Not that I can see.

    Throughout the world Jews have religious courts called “beit din”. The civil courts are not bound by anything they do.

    They are sexist and closed to public scrutiny. But that is what the participants want. It is unenforceable in civil courts unless all parties agree and maybe not even then.

    Does not the Catholic church hold ecclesiastical courts to regulate divorce by Catholics? . Once again civil courts are not bound one whit.

  6. Floridan says:

    Whether or not you you think religious courts should exist at all, they do, but their function is more similar to arbitration than to a governmental judicial system. Generally speaking, the parties involved have to agree to settle their dispute in a religious court.

  7. watcher says:

    every day wing nut friends send forwarded emails on why we need to be afraid of Islam…no solutions …just be very afraid…I heard the same fears about the commies in the 60s and 70s and my folks heard it about the Japanese and Germans…the radicals took their shot on 9/11… they will not get another…I cant imagine anyone selling a middle easterner a ton of explosive fertilizer ..we however risk a lot branding all muslims as bad news…they are our best allies in the fight against the small group of radicals trying to harm us…so “nut” lighten up and enjoy the hummas

  8. To Watcher and Fields says:

    Every muslim is not a terrorist. Every big act of terrorism has been done by a Muslim.
    When Homeland Security watches for terrorists, they better look at Muslims because that is where it willcome from.