Fields: Religions Control The Masses By Suppressing Sex

Guest Columnist

Pope Benedict XVI–it’s hard to believe there were fifteen more like him–has announced his plan for ending the African AIDS pandemic:  Genocide!

Not exactly his description, but that would be the result if Africans followed his advice to stop using condoms. 

In sub-Saharan Africa 22 million already have contracted AIDS.  Eleven million children have been orphaned.  Don’t believe me? Read about it here.

To be fair, he called for the alternative of “abstinence”.  Problem is that every study shows that “abstinence programs have uniformly failed.

What you have here is the essence of Christian, and particularly Catholic morality, which holds that sex for fun, in or out of marriage, is wrong, wrong, wrong.

It is the “Original Sin“.

Catholics even oppose masturbation. This always confused me since it is sex with love.  In fact, it is sex with the one we love the most.  And it comes with complete fidelity… unless you consider changing hands to be cheating.
By demonizing sex for fun, religion uses guilt and fear to control the masses.  Sexual transmitted diseases, including AIDS, may be a consequence of unprotected fun sex.

It’s God’s punishment for sinning. 

Condoms reduce or eliminate the consequence.  It cuts into religion’s people control mechanism. 
And as the lyrics to “The Hokey Pokey” conclude:  “That’s what it’s all about.


12 Responses to “Fields: Religions Control The Masses By Suppressing Sex”

  1. Mister Courthouse says:

    I am not a Catholic. However, I respect other religions, which is more than Sam Fields can do. This is another one of his “religion is the cause of every problem” diatribes. I hear it in the courthouse all the time. Sam, you need to keep your voice down. God might be listening and he will call you before Him someday.

  2. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Mr. Outhouse,
    Did you finally figure out that I have no respect for religious ideas? They are all the same: people control through guilt ridden fables.
    If the trillion to one possibility that you are correct comes to pass; on Judgment Day I too will be called to answer for my sins. I will have but one question: Did Mr. Outhouse go to heaven or hell? Just send me to the other place. My hell would be to spend eternity with whiny old washerwomen like you.

  3. Sam's Fan says:

    Your constant attacks on the Pope is beneath you, Sam. Millions of people believe in the Catholic Church. Wrong or right, it comforts them. Who are you to take away that comfort? You are obviously a very smart man. I’m sure you think about other things than the Catholic Church. Use your brain to comment on something else.

  4. Catholics With Condoms says:

    I am a Catholic and I do use condoms and if the Pope or my parrish priest don’t like it, tough wafers on them. I am a Catholic but I place my belief in God above the church. I want to have sex because it is natural and because that’s how God made us all. I don’t want my mate to get pregnant because we don’t want more children. Others don’t want to spread or get a disease and this is perfectly acceptable public health. So condom use is appropriate and there is no God commandment that I not use one. Why His priests give a rats behind about this issue I will never understand. I don’t know what the heck the problem is. But I suspect it’s about as valid as the no fish on Friday boloney, or this women can’t be priests business, which is at the core of why we have no more nuns. And let me say this with regard to the latter. It’s nice to have a priest. But face it, the nuns carried the heavy weight in that business and now the quality of Catholic schools is going down fast. I pray for a Pope to lead us who is not paying attention to such silliness and instead focuses his attention on what’s important to us, the Catholics, and not to them the clergy. This is what Jesus would have done and wanted from his priesthood: That they focus on us who are living in the real world without the benefit of red velvet slippers.

  5. Sam Fields says:

    Let’s see. Twenty five million needlessly dead in Sub Saharan Africa because of ideas promugated by Benedict and his ilk. He goes on a speaking tour to re-promote these dangerous ideas that will kill twice that number and I am the bad guy for defrocking him.


    Your response is the textbook example of the evil of religion. It has carved out some exception to the notion that all ideas and leaders should be subject to the marketplace of ideas.

    Don’t turn your brain off just because some guy wears a collar.

    And let me add something that I will write about one day. I have a personal bone to pick with particular Pope for what he did to a college friend of mine when he was head of the Office of the Inquisition back in the 1970’s.

    Curious? Google Charles Curran and the Catholic University of America.

  6. Sam's Groupie says:

    Anytime people abdicate their own thinking processes to adopt, wholesale,any kind of party line or dogma,they are asking to be exploited and sacrificed on the altar of somebody else’s self-interest.

  7. Sam Fields says:

    The internet reports that Jesus has stepped in on this condom issue and it does look like he is on the side of the Pope.

  8. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Catholic With Condoms,
    With all your exceptions to Catholicism I wonder what is the attraction to the name?

    I am a vegetarian…except for steaks, Big Macs and Manatee burgers

  9. Response To Sam says:

    Dear Sam:

    This may not have occurred to you, but one can have some disagreements with one’s religion and still remain within it. Being Catholic is just like being Jewish. It’s a religion, but also a culture and in a way a kind of “ethnicity” if you get my drift. You’re born into it and become part of a larger whole. Most Catholics choose to remain with the church for life even if most don’t all agree with all church doctrine or practices. True, people can choose to change religions or, as in your case, abandon religion altogether. Disagreement with church doctrine doesn’t mean we can’t be Catholics, no matter what any priest or Pope says. A vegitarian that eats meat may not be a vegitarian, but Catholics who use condoms can remain so and for sure they remain Christians. Use of condoms is not a mortal sin against God it is a violation of Cathoic doctrine, like the former No Fish on Friday rule, and that’s a very different thing. Jews that eat bacon are still Jews even though it is believed that God himself forbid that. He never said one word about condoms, so I can absolutely use a condom and remain a Christian and a Catholic. But it’s true that I would not be a fully compliant Catholic, and in that sense I am not.

  10. Sam Fields says:

    The difference between Catholicism and all other relgions is centralization. There is no one acknowledeged as the single leaders of Jews, Protestants, Hindus, Moslims, etc.

    But I understand you postions. Ispent five years a the Catholic University of America. I am familiar with your thoughts. It’s the incense not the commonsense.

  11. Regretful Mom says:

    Dear Sam:

    Re: Another Catholic Teaching

    For many years I was opposed to abortion until you came along.

    Love, Mom

  12. bongernet says:

    “god” is nothing more than a nonsense word created by man to explain away all of the things we can’t yet understand.

    Religion is a disease of the mind, born of fear, which has done nothing but bring untold misery down upon the human race.