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sam fields


Ditch the yarmulke.  Haven’t you embarrassed the Jews enough? 

I regularly dropped by the trial and watched his lawyer try to play the Jew-Card every chance he could.  The only things missing were Wasserstrom’s mohel and his Bar Mitzvah album.

Do The Chosen People a favor and choose some other people.  And take Scott Rothstein and Bernie Madoff  with you.


wasserstrom, geller and ken gottlieb get award of excellence
Wasserstrom appears to be wearing a yarmulke in this picture, but it is largely hidden. When he went on trial, his yarmulke was very visible.

Before his conviction for lying on  a conflict of interest form, Wasserstrom (left-green tie)  shared an award with Steve Geller (middle) and Ken Gottlieb (right).


Exactly what part of the Florida Constitution says that the sudden resignation of Rep. Ray Sansom means that the State House cannot begin the investigation into the former Speaker’s kickback schemes?
It must be the little known “keep it under the rug amendment.


A while back I wrote about the Roman Catholic Church objecting to an abortion for a nine-year-old rape victim carrying twins by her stepfather.
There is now a call for the resignation of  the Vatican’s top bioethics official…because he thought this might be a valid exception. 


The Bible is filled with stories of God ordering his followers to whack whole peoples including the kids. 
So who is to say Kathleen Aceto is wrong when she says God told her to kill the neighbors?  

The Brevard County Florida woman opened fire on a family on their porch, but she was chased away when a neighbor started shooting back.

Aceto is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, armed burglary, shooting into an occupied dwelling and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Since Godheads have their own private communications with the Supreme Being , is it right to order a mental evaluation for Aceto, while continuing to honor Abraham for what would otherwise be “Attempted Murder and  “Aggravated Child Abuse.  


While they are called the Olympic “Games they are supposed to be playing “sports. 
Sometimes it is hard to tell where the line is. We can be certain that speed skating and skiing are sports while billiards and flipping baseball cards are games.
So watching a bunch of out-of-shape middle-aged folks use brooms to direct a rock over ice–looking sneakily like assisted frozen shuffleboard–makes you think that Curling just might be a game.
I get the feeling that it was thought up by a bunch of drunken Canadians who were getting bored with Beer-Pong.
Thus I have come up with a shopping list of factors to determine: GAME or SPORT?
It’s probably a game if:
1.  Injury risk is not much of a factor
2.  You don’t have to be in shape to be a champion
3.  Steroids wouldn’t help you cheat
4.  Gender has nothing to do with performance
5.  Copious amounts of liquor are not likely to interfere with performance and might actually help by relieving the boredom.
6.   It takes copious amounts of beer to get fans to watch.
7.   A team of sixty year olds could just as easily beat a team of 20 year olds.
I look forward to your additions and deletions.


7 Responses to “Fields: My Random Thoughts”

  1. NK says:

    Just revisit George Carlin’s routine on sports and you’ll find some more for the list.

    Sailing as a sport — no, sailing is merely a way to get somewhere. Riding a bus isn’t a sport (although try it somedays in NYC and its like Boxing or Hockey), so why should sailing be a sport?

  2. antiaunt says:

    Sam, your anti-Semitism knows no boundaries. The man is an observant Jew. He has a constitutional right to wear a skullcap. As a lawyer you should know something about the constitution.

  3. Two Crooks says:

    Cut Ken Gottlieb out of the picture and just show Steve Geller and Keith Wasserstrom. Two crooks.

  4. SAM FIELDS says:

    Dear antiaunt
    Do not call me an anti-Semite. You are supposed to call me a self hating Jew which is ok coming from you as long as you point out that Wasserstrom, along with Madoff and Rothstein, is a goniff.

    I am guessing that you are one of these professional Jews (every group has them) that excuses the behavior of all the Jews.

    You must be one of those jerks that goes around demanding freedom for Jonathan Pollard who got a life sentence for spying for Israel. Neither he nor the Israeli government gave a damn about how their actions embarrassed the American Jewish community not to mention feeding anti-Semitism.

    Wasserstrom still rejects that he did anything wrong. He is shameless.

    One of the problems with society is that we have backed off using group shame as a weapon. All these bullshit rabbis who condemn you and reject your children because you married a shiksa have no problem supporting the Pollards and the Wasserstroms of the world.

    Go to Brooklyn where the observant Jews worry more about eating a ham sandwich than teachers sexual molesting children at their schools.

    ` We need to bring back the East European practice of “shunning” to isolate the evildoers among us–especially the unrepentant of them.


  5. Kippah says:

    as usual sam…wrong again. let them wear it so us ordinary people can have an early warning when goniffs walk into the room. Sam, you fail to see how smart god is, he/she makes them wear it on top of the head so it is in plain view when they walk into a room. it is a built in early warning system. what else do you want.

  6. Jew Man Scoop says:

    Sam, you are 100% right.

  7. sam fields says:

    dear kippah
    you got a point. It’s like belling the cat