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Tebow,  Thomas Show Their Hate For Women

If you needed an example that the anti-choice crowd is really about controlling women, watch the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad and read the Cal Thomas column supporting Tebow.


Tim Tebow

Focus on the Family is spending $2.5 million to have Tebow tell his story that doctors tried to get his mother to abort him.
Supporting Tebow’s unsubstantiated story is rightwing religious fanatic Cal Thomas.
According to Thomas, the ad is worth $2.5 million if it persuades only one “girlfriend, wife or daughter to not get an abortion.  He concludes that “human life is priceless.
Not true, especially by his own standards.
I am pretty sure you could successfully offer $2.5 million to ten poor pregnant women to change their mind.
I can’t begin to count how many Haitian lives could be saved by $2.5 million.
No, this is not about saving babies.  It’s about reversing Roe v Wade so that men can once again keep women barefoot and pregnant.

 Only Haitians Can Fix HaitiBut They Won’t

The media is filled with ideas to rebuild Haiti.

Uniformly the solutions are devoid of any suggestion that Haitians need to change.  Nary is a word that, after 200 years of independence, Haiti’s past and present state of affairs a result of Haitians and Haitian culture. 
No one dare ask why Haiti has a per capita income of $1,650  while the other half of the same island, The Dominican Republic,  has a per capita income of $6,210.
Simply put, you can’t impose modernity on a medieval culture that is underpinned by African voodoo. 
The latest doomed to fail plan comes from World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick. The centerpiece of Zoellick’s plan is to wipe out Haiti’s foreign debt.
Oh, for sure, that’s a real winning idea that has universal application.
After all, we already know that the best way to cure the town drunk is to pay off his bar tab.

 Sorry Roger, Salinger Is Dead. Who Cares?

Beginning in high school I read everything J.D. Salinger published. I absorbed very magazine story I could find along with his books: Seven Stories, Franny and Zooey, Raise High  the Roof Beam, Carpenters and of course Catcher in the Rye.

I read Catcher at least three times.
I first read it when I was 16.  Holden Caulfield, The Great Phony Slayer, was my hero.
When I reread it in my thirties, I saw it as a narrative of a young man experiencing a nervous breakdown.
The last time I read it was in my fifties.  At that point I saw Holden for what he was, a whiny, self absorbed, misanthropic brat. 

But then so are all of Salinger’s leading characters, especially Seymour Glass. He of  A Perfect Day for Bananafish fame, 
Even a cursory knowledge of Salinger’s life makes clear that Holden, Seymour and a host of his–“I am too good for this corrupt world characters–were Salinger.
This self-centered recluse used his fame and fortune to bully all who sought to get close to him.  This included his wife and children.  He treated a young female intern worse than Bill Clinton.
Going back to the dawn of the human species, the concept of a teenage culture does not appear until after WWI.
Except for a small upper class, education ended at thirteen or earlier. The teenage years were for work and baby making.  There was no opportunity to complain about a prep school roommate with questionable hygiene habits. Sixteen year-old males were preoccupied with disease, drought, pestilence and the wife not dying in childbirth.  
Salinger and Holden were products of the first generation of Teen Angst.  It’s a combination of insecurity and an unrealized self importance.  That the world did not see it their way was proof that the world was wrong.

23 Responses to “Fields’ Random Thoughts On Tebow, Haiti, Etc.”

  1. Eastsider says:

    I just wanted to take a moment to share a recent experience I had meeting County Court Judge John Hurley. He recently came to an event in my community and I found him to be quite a genuine, good guy. Judge Hurley is a gentleman and quite handsome. He talked to me and my friends for a long time and he really listened to what we had to say. It was amazing to hear all the long hours he puts in at the Courthouse. Sadly, because he now has an opponent he has less time to stay at home with his new wife as he has to work full time at the Court and full time campaigning. I would imagine that it is one of the most important jobs in the Court system to keep the jail population in compliance with a Federal Court Order.
    I was very upset to find out that this woman who is running against Judge Hurley advocates on behalf of murderers on facing death row. It is my understanding that this woman who put up to run by Courthouse malcontents who are jealous of what a good job Judge Hurley is doing. Worse yet, these same malcontents spread false rumors about the Judge and get the media to buy into these rumors. For a change, I think the media should take the time to write positive articles about people who do good for our community like Judge Hurley.
    I know my friends and I are going to vote for Judge John Hurley instead of an advocate for death row murderers.

  2. as a woman says:

    I agree with the statement human life is priceless. I think abstinence and anti-abortion message is well worth the price. The prolife message is not wrong or discriminatory towards women.

  3. gonzo says:

    Sam, PLEASE STOP giving us your thoughts. we don’t care, you don’t offer anything insightful. please, as long as their is “choice” and the ability for others to have their OWN opinions, your :
    “holier than thou the left is correct I really want to be Keith Oberman (who is another person who could only be handled in smaller doses than the ones Timothy Leary gave out yesteryear)”
    rantings are just as bad as the pro-life crowd; everyone including them and you, are entitled to your own opinions and neither sides are entitled to claim they are correct or incorrect; let everybody think what they want, as long as they are not blowing up abortion clinics or killing doctors; hey, sam, rachel maddow is calling you in the other room, go get the phone and LOCK THE DOOR (SOUNDPROOF THE ROOM WHILE YOU ARE AT IT!)

    christ, enough, please stop, please please..

  4. Floridan says:

    Being a Gator, I will say nothing bad about Tebow.

    However, anything that Cal Thomas defends must be, at least, suspect.

  5. Dejevualloveragain says:

    Ask Tebow to donate his first years’ pro paycheck to Right-To-Life or to Haiti relief and let him and them do right not just talk Right!

  6. Chaz Stevens says:

    The highest praise of God is the unbelief of a scholar who is sure that the perfection of the world makes the existence of gods unnecessary.

    PS Prolly not for this crowd….

  7. Dday25 says:

    “If you needed an example that the anti-choice crowd is really about controlling women, watch the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad…”

    I saw the commercial and can you please explain how the ad was about controlling women? Maybe because Tebow tackled his mother?

  8. Coolio says:

    To call Haiti medieval is an insult to the Middle Ages.

  9. Garfish says:

    I am a Gator as well and agree with Floridan. My dad was adopted and gets quite emotional when discussing the abortion topic. That said, he still supports a woman’s right to choose. He just hopes they choose adoption.

  10. Dave R says:

    HATRED of people being glad that someone is here on earth sounds fanatical. Like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!

  11. Nona says:

    Continued Spamming of How Great Judge Hurley on these political forums will not only hurt your candidate but infuriate those who read these blogs/news sites and likely backfire. Worst disguised political add ever.

  12. Go Gators says:

    G-d bless Tim Tebow.
    Did you actually see the commercial?

  13. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    This Tebow ad exposed something that us on the Right know. Pro-Choice has nothing at all to do with choice. Why else would they rail against this ad. After all, isn’t it about the choice Mrs. Tebow made? The feminists are pro-death. The only choice they’re for is abortion. Incidentally, this was evidenced during the Clinton years and his misogynist abuseful acts towards women. The NOW crowd was painfully silent because they believed in Bill’s ability to deliver partial birth abortion. Talk about a single issue agenda.

    FOR CHAZ: When it comes to French authors, I find Camus and Sarte more readable and much more substantial.

  14. Blogheads says:

    Kill the babies, kill the babies, kill the babies, ha, ha, ha, all day long. God, no god, god, no god, ha, ha, ha, all day long. Tebow, Haiti, Tebow, Haiti, Gator, Seminole, ha, ha, ha, all day long. She did it, he did it, they did it, they did it, ha, ha, ha, all day long. I’m right and you’re wrong, I don’t need a reason cause I’m me and you’re just you. Ha, ha, ha. All fucking day long.

  15. I Call Bull$shit says:

    Two Points about this post & comments.

    First, the Hurley commenter has been
    posting this statement, verbatim, on
    multiple blog comment sections all
    weekend. What a pitiful way to campaign.

    Secondly, Pam Tebow is full of crap. She was in the Phillipines,a country that did not allow abortion when her doctor informed her of the potential complications if continuing the pregnancy to term.There were ( and probably still are)severe criminal penaties for recommending or performing abortion. She was also a fundamentalist christian and therefore the recommendation of an
    (unobtainable) abortion is pure fiction.

  16. Garfish says:

    The funny thing is, the Tebow ad did not mention abortion, or choice. It did have him tackling his Mom, which NOW is declaiming for depicting acts of violence against women. I guess the Snickers commercial with Betty White and Abe Vigoda depicted violence against women and the elderly. Funny how ideologues lose their sense of humor.

    It’s also funny how the Focus on the Family commercial with Pam and Tim Tebow was protested before it even aired…so it wasn’t the content of the commercial that people objected to, but who was paying for it, and their agenda. Again, I can’t stand how ideology trumps common sense, and how people who should be standing for freedom of speech, suddenly want a network to not allow the ad. I smell hypocrisy. And I’m a registered Dem, who voted for Clinton and Obama.

  17. Answer This says:

    Is it true that Sam Fields is Sheila Alu’s latest “boyfriend” and that is how she got to post on this blog?

    FROM BUDDY: Sam posts on this blog because his views are often bizarre, yet interesting.
    I’m almost positive that Fields and Alu do not have a romantic relationship, but they can answer for themselves.

  18. dk says:

    “After all, we already know that the best way to cure the town drunk is to pay off his bar tab.”

    great line!!!

  19. SAM FIELDS says:

    I am not dating Sheila Alu.

    I have never dated her.

    I also deny the rumor that I am carrying her child.

    Truth be known, no one wants to go out with me.

  20. Dave R says:

    I had a dream about Sheila last night…, and it wasn’t Alu.

  21. Reality Check says:

    Someone tell me in which direction this Blog went???? LOL

  22. Sheila Alu says:

    SAM FIELDS says:

    February 9th, 2010 at 4:40 pm
    I am not dating Sheila Alu.

    I have never dated her.

    I also deny the rumor that I am carrying her child.

    Truth be known, no one wants to go out with me.

    You are so funny Sam!

  23. TRincn says:

    Mr. Fields, when the Haitian earthquake struck, the “anti-choice” faith community was immediately on site to provide aid. The Catholic church, the Mormons and other denominations have brought Haitians orphans into the U.S. and provided homes for them.

    How many adoptions has Planned Parenthood coordinated? The founder of PP, Margaret Sanger, talked about minorities and disadvantaged people as “human weeds” who needed to have their breeding controlled. Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in a New York Times interview that Roe v. Wade came about to prevent growth in “populations we don’t want to have too many off.” So who are the real bigots here?