Fields: Random Thoughts On Gays, Child Brides and Sex With Animals

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Thanks to Representative Ari Porth, D-Coral Springs, it is now official. Virtually everyone is protected by the Hate Crime Law.

The latest addition upgrades a misdemeanor battery to a felony if you punch-out someone because they are homeless.
So I suggest you confine your ass-wuppins to healthy, straight, Lutheran men under forty who live in a condo.
Whatever you do don’t slap an elderly, homeless, Jewish, black, lesbian in a wheelchair. 

Soon that might very well be a death penalty case. 

Dating Still Wide Open

It looks like Weston Democratic Senator Nan Rich’s attempt to end “interspecies dating (a.k.a., bestiality) has once again died in Tallahassee


According to the Miami Herald, this law got shot down by legislators embarrassed to be discussing what appears to be a trivial issue when the economy is so bad.

The paper cited three incidents: The Panhandle man who sexually battered and asphyxiated a pregnant goat in 2008.  The West Palm Beach man who molested his neighbor’s dog in 2004. The Leon County man who sexually battered his guide dog in 2005.

I am guessing that the bill was done in by some rural legislators, who have long lived by the notion that “one man’s sheep is another man’s prom date.


Luke 4:23: “Gay Physician, heal thyself.

Anytime the homophobes needed a shrink to support anti-gay public policy, the go-to-guy was Dr. George A Rekers, a retired professor from the University of South Carolina.
This Jesus freak is a founder of The Family Research Council.  The organization claims that with prayer to Jesus it can cure this Biblical abomination. 
In 2008 Florida paid him $60,000 to testify against Frank Gill, a gay man attempting to adopt his foster kids.  Gill won at trial although the case is under appeal.
I say Reckers “was the go-to-guy, because guess who turns out is gay?  And I am not talking about Tom Cruise.
It is now undisputed that when he recently took a 10-day vacation to Spain he hired a gay male prostitute to travel with him.  Reckers found the gentleman on
This is the latest confirmation of what I have long said: “The war against the gays is the war between the gays.  It’s the ones in the closet versus the ones out of the closet. 
Ask Rev. Ted Haggard.

 Gitmo Military Tribunals: Star Chamber Lite

In case you did not have enough reasons to oppose military tribunals for terrorists, the Pentagon just gave us a new one.
Notwithstanding that the First Amendment guarantees freedom of the press and the Sixth Amendment guarantees open and public trials, the Pentagon has banned four reporters including The Miami Herald’s Carol Rosenberg who has been there from the start. 
Their heinous crime: they published the name of a government witness who testified at one of the trials.  Apparently the identity of Army Sgt. Joshua Claus, who was doing time for his own crimes, is more important than the Constitution.

 Finally An Honest Churchman

Columbian Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos said that reporting a priest for sex abuse would be like snitching on a family member.
In a radio interview he praised the Pope, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, for shielding a French priest who was later convicted of raping minors.
The law of “omerta applies to all criminal enterprises whether it is the Mafia or The Vatican.

 Finally Someone Stands Up For the Kids

Yemeni Sheik Abdul-Majid al Zindani has vowed to gather a million signatures to opposea plan to ban child brides.

He is standing up for the rights of a 13-year-old bride who bled to death when her 23-year-old husband tied her down and raped her.
Had the dead bride survived I am sure she would have been the first to sign the petition.
Thank God there are people like Zindani who are willing to fight to defend the will of Mohammad and the words of The Koran.  After all at age 53, Mohammad married the 9-year-old Aisha

5 Responses to “Fields: Random Thoughts On Gays, Child Brides and Sex With Animals”

  1. Dday25 says:

    Did you thank God in your blog? Hmmm, very interesting.

  2. sunny skies shady people says:

    he did say dat, sam is “coming out”

  3. Sam Fields says:

    On Tuesday for a moment I thought their might be a God. Some anonymous person sent me a St Anthony’s medal with a note that said: “No one needs this more than you.”

    This morning I open the paper and behold my hope that the Pope would “man-up” and quit his bitchin’ and blamin’ everyone else for the sex scandal.

    Sure enough he has finally figured out that Father Murphy who abused 200 deaf kids, and the hundred of thousands of other incidents are not the figment of The New York Times and the media (Vatican talk for the Jews).

    Then I lost my faith when I read about his speech in Portugal where he called on the Portuguese Church to renew the kind of missionary work that marked its activities in the New World in the 16th and 17th century.

    Sorry Bennnydick but missionaries were the shock troops for Christians to steal gold, expand slavery and commit genocide on the indigenous population.

    “Once I was lost, then I was found and now I am lost again.”

    What’s an atheist to do?

  4. Steve says:

    Just a quick correction…Rikers was paid $120,000 by McCollum, not the $60,000 he originally reported.

    It was bad enough paying a discredited witness $60K, but $120K should have McCollum resigning as AG.

  5. Mister Courthouse says:

    The sun must have come up in the west. Sam Fields thanked God.