Fields’ Random Thoughts on Allen West, the Presidential Race



Allen West Covering His Medicare Butt.

It’s been almost a whole week without getting a mailer from U. S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, discussing how he is leading the charge to save Medicare.

He voted for the Ryan Plan.  It would replace the current “fee for service” system with a minuscule subsidy to find coverage in the private sector.

As a veteran and a member of Congress, West would exempt himself.

Hearing details of the Ryan plan and West’s support for it, senior voters wanted to run him out of town on a rail.  Now, he’s clearly trying to get back in step with the seniors.

I bet these mailings are restricted to geezers like me in the 65+ crowd.

The reason I am sure is because he keeps telling me that he wants to keep Medicare for me and screw the 55-year-olds and unders. I am pretty sure that younger voters are not getting these mailings.

Hello Mrs. Cleaver

Newt Gingrich is now going to spend $5 mil of gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson’s $$$$ to show that Mitt Romney’s business practices at Bain  and Company matchup with corporate raider Gordon Gecko from the movie “Wall Street”.

Gecko lined his pockets by buying up companies and throwing the workers out on the streets. His mantra was: “Greed, for the want of a better word, is good”.

Newtie is now saying that Romney is a real live Gecko who’s only job creations are in China.

Certainly Romney has the business ideals of Gecko. But instead of projecting the image of a “Geckoesque” Wall Street bully, Romney prefers to cast himself with this pseudo friendly, smarmy, sycophantic know-it-all veneer.

You know…Eddie Haskell.

8 Responses to “Fields’ Random Thoughts on Allen West, the Presidential Race”

  1. A Patriot and Veteran says:

    Allen West has the guts to do what needs to be done. Medicare in its current form is untenable and can not continue. It would be unfair to penalize the elderly who have counted on the current system. Younger people have plenty of time to save money and make other arrangements. The Ryan plan might not be the answer. The debate on how to make Medicare more affordable must be started and West is doing it. Ms. Status Quo Fields can’t see beyond his FDR-HHH-Lyndon Johnson roots.

  2. Jack Shifrel says:

    I love it when radical right wing conservatives, including those who call themselves a Patriot and Veteran, will criticize someone such as Mr. Fields for invoking or supporting the philosophy & ideals of FDR, HHH, Lyndon Johnson & others. Can you imagine how he would react if Sam or I called for restrictions or, Heaven forbid, the banning of armor piercing bullets, AK 47’s & multi-shot clips for his Glock? He’d have a fit, ranting about the ounding fathers & his perverse interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. Twentieth century ideals that changed this country for the better are out of date, but 18th century ideas are ok. I guess it’s a matter of who’s ox is being gored.

    The bottom line is, Medicare works. It is one of the best programs ever devised in this country, and, in my opinion, should be expanded to cover everyone (I can’t wait to read Veteran & Patriot’s reaction to that).

  3. Ed Foley says:

    West lost me when he begged Obama to free Jonathan Pollard so he could collect some die hard pro Israel cash at the expense of hundreds of thousands of American troops. It was shameful and he should run out of Congress for it. And you may not know it but I am a conservative Republican who believes in being consistent.

  4. Woody72 says:

    Patriot and Veteran,

    I need a lesson Republican math. If Medicare will go bankrupt in 10 years as Congressman Ryan suggests. How would it help to leave it unchanged for people 55 years old? ( 10 years ) I ask friends that have been infected with republitardism but they can’t answer that simple question.

  5. Sunrise Resident says:

    Eddie Haskel?

  6. Floridan says:

    I liked the letter in today’s Sun-Sentinel suggesting that if West is such a tough guy, as he claims, he should run against Wasserman-Shultz. He lives in her district, not the district he now represents.

  7. Duke says:

    Does Allen West have government run health care? Once again, Sam Fields nails it!!

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh another one Congressman Allen West. From the redistricting to his big mouth, to his bozo big mouhth radio host JOyce Kaufman(I heard your no one to mess with-(bring it on bitch). I mean here Congreeswoman Waserman Shulz beats cancer, doesn’t tell her family, praticaaly DRIVEs her self to a nervous breakdown, beats cancer, then ha s to deal w/ congressman West. W/ his bucket every time he see’s her etc. You want to call names sir, you don’t want to go there. He(west) was supposed to be censured on the house floor, but it was the end of session and it was overlooked. Better luck later this month Debbie-pay him no attention, or Bozo.Have him Sheriff Al he’s all yours. You to there (that was then, this is now)Comm.Larmarca