Fields’ Random Thoughts: On Adultry, Iran and Michael Jackson

sam fields

Guest Columnist



My favorite part of the Governor Mark Stanford debacle is not necessarily recalling the self-righteous attacks that he made on serial adulterer Bill Clinton a decade ago.


 No, my favorite part was his bizarre attempt to mitigate his sinning.  After his wife found out, he decided that he could avoid the sin of lying by asking her permission to continue the relationship.
 She said, NO.
 More importantly, she said no to publicly humiliating herself by appearing with him at his mea culpa press conference.  Unlike Hillary Clinton or Silda Spitzer, Jenny Stanford was unwilling to suffer a Tammy Wynette-moment and “Stand By Her Man.
 Watching that self-righteous prick slowly twist in the wind was fun. 


Maria Belen Chapur, Stanford’s girlfriend, is complaining about all the media attention and the publication of their E-mails.  An ironic complaint coming from a former broadcast media person.  
Note to Stanford and Belen-Chapur:  The “E in E-mail stands for “Evidence.

Note to the Miami Herald and most of the media:  Look up the meaning of the word “mistress.

Mistress strongly implies, if not requires, that the man is financially supporting the woman.  I have seen nothing that Stanford is supporting Belen-Chapur.

Try “girlfriend, “action on the side, “honey, etc.


When the last time you heard a government accept responsibility for social and political unrest? 
 How about never?
Back in the 1960’s state and local governments in the South blamed the unrest on “outside agitators.   
Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, with their willing ally J. Edgar Hoover, used untold resources to establish that the anti-war movement was a tool of the Soviet Union.

Many protesters were self-described Marxists.   (Many of them now own Starbucks franchises.) 

 But I never met anyone who said a kind word about the Soviet Union or the Communist Party U.S.A. They were considered cultural dinosaurs.
The Iranian unrest shows that the blame game never changes. 

Mahoud Ahmadinejad, a.k.a., The Greasy Midget, and the RRAs–Reactionary Raghead Ayatollahs–are blaming everyone but themselves.  Now they are going to start executing opponents. 

Hopefully popular reaction will lead to overthrowing these assholes.


I learned something  this week.  Heading up the Jackson family press conference was long-lost brother Jesse.   Who knew the good Reverend was the missing  botherMichael, Tito, Sleepy, Curley Joe and Jesse.  
Reports indicated that the family was devastatedthey’ve lost their paycheck.  CBS reported that, upon hearing that Michael had died, Mama Jackson raced over to his house looking for a “stash of cash.

3 Responses to “Fields’ Random Thoughts: On Adultry, Iran and Michael Jackson”

  1. VM says:

    He spent all his cash and the tune of $55,000 a day, if it were to average..He has spent half a billion dollars since his peak. So lets look at it this way..Much more revenue now and no compulsive erratic spending. This equals a windfall for mama , papa and anyone else who can claim to need it taking care of blanket, comforter and bedspread.

  2. Phil Heck says:

    If you’re going to write about him, at least get his name right.

    It’s Sanford.

  3. VM says:

    Sanford had the nerve to tell the press that “He was going to try and fall in love with is wife again.” I can only imagine her response the first time he makes an advance.

    If he didn’t come out so strongly against Clinton as did Nasty Boy and all the other Republican hipo’s who would care?