Fields: Random Thoughts No. 11

Guest Columnist

What does the Taliban’s vicious murder of ten medical missionaries for allegedly preaching Christianity in Afghanistan have to do with attempts around the U.S. to block the construction of mosques?
They both object to other religions and are convinced that they have the “one truth.

But are afraid to compete in a free market of ideas.
You don’t have to go to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia (which has the death penalty for preaching something other than Islam) or even New York City to find these nuts.
You don’t have to go any farther than the Reverend O’Neal Dozier who tried to block a mosque from being built in Pompano.

 O’Neal Dozier

Railing against Moslems, Dozier and his followers proclaimed that“Islam is evil.”   Pompano Beach city commissioners ignored him and okayed the mosque.

Dozier became even too much for his buddy Jeb Bush.  The Jebster removed him from the Judicial Nominating Commission for attempting to establish a religious test for those seeking a seat on the bench.

Dozier resurfaced this year when he endorsed a religious Jew, Yomin Postelnik,  in the GOP Primary for a northeast Broward House district.  Postelnik came in last of three candidates, which indicates that Dozier doesn’t have the influence to match his mouth.  


The U.S. Attorney’s office in Detroit arrested eight persons in late July involved a ring that was counterfeiting upscale products like Dior and Gucci.
Why we are spending one second or cent of our resources to protect products, whether legitimate or counterfeit, that are not made in the United States?
I see no reason to protect brand names that do nothing for our economy except suck the life out of it.
Retailers like Macy’s or Bloomies should know they won‘t get help from Uncle Sam if they buy counterfeit products from Third World sweatshops.
If Nike finds that someone in Vietnam is counterfeiting the Air Jordans they make in Indonesia, let Chairman Phil Knight go to Ho Chi Minh City and sue.
Why should the U.S. Customs and U.S. Marshals save his brand name when there are unemployed in Portland still willing to do the work?


Someone who has convinced herself that she is above the law not to mention moral decency is British supermodel Naomi Campbell.
Not content with repeated arrests for assault and battery, it now appears that she has stooped to perjury to protect “blood diamonds personally given to her by Liberian mass murderer Charles Taylor.
I might be sympathetic if her courtroom bullshit was based on a misplaced loyalty to Taylor. But the truth is that she is only worried that someone might demand she return the diamond.


When the wife of an interracial marriage complained about the racist remarks of her in-laws, radio talk host Laura Schlessinger pooh-poohed her and repeatedly used the word “nigger in her response.
The next day she apologized for use of the “n-word, but defended the notion that the caller was “hypersensitive and should not have married out of her race.


That’s right. Let’s blame the victim. 
Let’s follow that logic. 

If women didn’t want to get raped,  they should wear burquas.  If banks didn’t want to get robbed, they shouldn’t have money in the till.
What she should have told her was: “What’s wrong with your husband?  He needs to smack his relatives upside the head.


In light of the Sunshine State now having the lowest per capita expenditures for education Mississippi has changed it’s license plates to read: “AT LEAST WE’RE NOT FLORIDA.

10 Responses to “Fields: Random Thoughts No. 11”

  1. Sam Is Wrong says:

    The raids for counterfeiting is to protect American consumers, you dolt.
    This about about Americans being ripped off by fraudulent merchandise, not protecting foreign jobs.

  2. Sam come in says:

    Dozier isn’t in East Broward and has little influence there. He has more influence than ever among Republican elected officials and key activists. Those activists, not Dozier, put together an alliance between the two anti-Maymon candidates, and it worked. Don’t count the man out. He’s as much of a powerhouse as he ever was.

  3. oldtimer says:

    I hate to admit this but Sam is right. American consumers are being ripped off by the exorbitant prices of Gucci, Dior and others who use third world sweatshops and charge us hundreds of dollars for something that costs them twenty cents to make.

  4. Sam come in says:

    Dozier isn’t in East Broward and has little influence there. He has more influence than ever among Republican elected officials and key activists. Those activists, not Dozier, put together an alliance between the two anti-Maymon candidates, and it worked. Don’t count the man out. He’s as much of a powerhouse as he ever was.

  5. And says:

    Here’s why Dozier is respected.
    From Tom Trento:

    Orlando Mosque funds Hamas

    1. HAMAS is a “FTO”
    “Foreign Terrorist Organization” is a designation of non-United States-based organizations declared terrorist by the United States Secretary of State in accordance with section 219 of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

    2. *Imam Mahdi Bray – Exc. Dir. Muslim American Society – violated federal law

  6. Floridan says:

    Tom Trento? Hardly what I’d call an objective source.

  7. SAM FIELDS says:

    Dear “Sam is Wrong”

    I DON’T want to protect American consumers from products made by companies that took the jobs overseas.

    Nothing could make me happier than Nike, Polo, Ping or a thousand other companies discovering that public confidence in the authenticity of their products has dropped faster than poisoned Tylenol.

    Let Phil Knight bear 100% of the cost of protecting his trademark, patents etc. for Air Jordans.

    If he and his ilk can’t or won’t absorb that task than they might once again start making their products in the USA.

    I would love to hear a story about Customs ignoring container cargos of obviously fake Tommy Hilfiger shirts.

    Tommyboy might start to think about bringing the jobs home.

  8. James says:

    Good stuff Sam. Love reading your commentary.

  9. Florida Needs Income Tax says:

    Mississippi has an income tax and Florida doesn’t. That’s why the schools are better.
    Florida and Texas are the only large states without an income tax and the schools in both states stink.

  10. mustbecrazy says:

    To Sam is Wrong;
    You are a bit off base here. The role of the government in these types of cases is to protect the entity that has registered their IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) with the government. It has very little to do with the American consumer. If CBP (Customs & Border Protection) comes across a container of counterfit(probably from China)Prada handbags arriving into LongBeach in a container they are obligated to detain the merchandise and contact the IPR holder and then pursue whatever charges they choose to levy against the violator. Now the question is should the cost of this legal circus be on the backs of the American public, in my opinion no, it should be bore by the IPR holder in addition to the cost they incur when their own attorneys get involved, which they always do. As a side note I make sure that my Christian Dior eyeglasses and my Prada sun glasses are made in Italy, before I purchase them, as they should be since these are Italian companies and they do actually make some items in Italy. Now if I were buying some other American brand it would probably say China or Thailand. Read the labels before you purchase something at Walmart next time, a good ole’ American company….