Fields’ Random Thoughts: Censorship, Irrelevant Christians And The War

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Allen West is the former Army officer who the Republicans used as cannon fodder in the 2008 election against Democratic U. S. Rep. Ron Klein
West has gotten into the health care debate and has published a list of conservative principles in the Sun Sentinel here.

Most sound like they are anti-free enterprise and strangely liberal Democratic:

  • He supports Medicare, the original “single payer government run system.
  • He believes there is waste and fraud.
  • He believes cleaning up Medicare could cover any new costs associated with the rest of his proposals. 
  • He believes all insurance companies should legally be required to accept portability and applicants with pre-existing conditions. 

What’s free market or cost saving about these ideas?  It sounds like Barack Obama to me.
Real free enterprise would allow health insurance companies to set individual premiums on the basis of claims record, demographics not to mention genetic testing. Like car insurance companies, it would allow them to raise rates or dump customers who are not profitable.
Real conservatives would have health insurance only for those who want it and it would be based on Social Darwinist principles.  Why should the healthy have to subsidize bad habits and weak genes? 
Lefty West supports Veteran Administration healthcare notwithstanding that it’s all government-salaried doctors, working in government hospitals, administered by ruling-making government bureaucrats.  Sure sounds like socialized medicine.
It’s getting to the point where someone is going to have ask Allen West: “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? 


Over-reaction to terrorism means the terrorists have gotten you to uselessly expend resources by fighting the wrong strategy.  There is no better example than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
It is doubtful Al Qaeda spent more than $500,000 and 30 men to bring down the Trade Center, the African embassies and the attack the U.S.S. Cole.  We have reacted by spending over $1 trillion and suffered 50,000 killed and wounded. 
The costs of these wars will go on for at least another 100 years.  If that seems an exaggeration, just remember there are still two women collecting Civil War pensions.
The tragedy is that there was a cheaper and more effective alternative.  And The Constitution specifically provides for it.
 See who can find it first.


The recent expose on ACORN once again brings to mind a quote from the late philosopher Eric Hoffer:  “All movements start as an idea, become a business and end up as a racket.


If there is any doubt that the Christian family values crowd is out of touch with America it was never more evident than at the Value Voters Conference held this month at Regent University–Pat Robertson’s joint.
Notwithstanding two ongoing wars and the worst recession since the Great Depression, the delegates voted “abortion, “religious liberty, and “gay marriage as their most important issues. 
Going one step more into irrelevancy was the straw poll won by Reverend Mike Huckabee.  Last place, went to Mitt Romney who is actually the strongest national candidate. 
Even if with a snap of his fingers, Romney could bring peace, prosperity and cure cancer, he will not get much support from the Christian Right.  Along with the Old and New Testaments, Mormons believe there is a New, New Testament called, not surprisingly, The Book of Mormon. 
 For Pat Robinson and his supporters it might as well be The Koran. 


 Yale University has published a book of controversial political cartoons. 
 But, in an effort to avoid controversy, they left out any cartoons deplicting of Mohammed.  Here is the story.

 Now that’s irony. Not to mention cowardice.
It’s a good thing that Yale was not originally asked to publish Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  Wouldn’t want to piss off the slave-owners.


 About ten years ago animal rights supporters got a law passed making it a crime to publish images of animal abuse. 

Who knew?
 In a case called The United States v Stevens, the Court of Appeals correctly ruled it violated the First Amendment.   Now the Supremes are moving to review that opinion.  
Make no bones about it; the pictures are sick and gruesome. Apparently there is a fetish involving women in high heels crushing kittens. There are numerous dog fighting videos out there.
 But there are also exposes by animal rights groups which depict abominable behavior at stockyards and puppy mills.
 Do we really want the government making any more viewing choices for us?

8 Responses to “Fields’ Random Thoughts: Censorship, Irrelevant Christians And The War”

  1. Answering Sam's Question says:

    Well Sam, Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution authorizes Congress to issue Letters of Marque and Reprisal, authorizing private citizens to go out and seize property or kill the individuals who were involved in the attacks on 9/11/01.

    2 questions:

    1. Do I win a prize for answering your question?

    2. Do you really want the US Congress to basically hire the equivalent of an international Dog the Bounty Hunter to go around the world, without regard for the law, in the name of our Country, and hunt these people down? On a visceral level, I can appreciate the thought, but in the end, does that have the possibility for more harm than good?

  2. Slander says:

    Allen West is far from a Democrat. You mention a few of his positions, without noting all the details. Is this an attempt by you to harm the campaign of a brave man who took up a rifle to defend this country? Were you in the military, Mr. Fields? I know that Ron Klein was not, yet he votes on the fate of our brave men and women every day. Ron Klein is a typical tax and spend liberal and thank God, there are less of them everyday.

  3. Sam Fields says:

    Your prize is my admiration.

    There are numerous retired Seals, Deltas, CIA, DIA etc., types who would have been happy to capture and/or kill Osama and his hordes. Paying them a billion would have amounted to 1/10 of 1% of what we have spent.

    The entire Al Queda organization was less than a 1000. The Hell’s Angels has three times that number. How can anyone justify this overreaction?

    This war was run by the greatest assemblage of chicken hawks lead by Dick Cheney who had five deferments during the Vietnam War. As he put it: “I had other priorities.”

    Let’s discuss West’s primary personal health care support. That would be the VA. Owned and run by the government with bureaucrats in charge. Sure sounds like socialized medicine beyond anything even England has.

    The more I look into him the more I begin to believe West is a commie.

  4. Mr. Field Is The Commie says:

    The more I read from Fields, the more I think he is a Commie and not Allen West.
    We were attacked! We should strike back with overwhelming power so that they know not to attack us again. That, along with the Patriot Act, will keep us safe here.
    You would strip us bare.

  5. West? says:

    You shouldn’t give Allen West the time of day. He is a non-entity in Florida politics.

  6. Answering Sam's Question says:

    Geez Sam, I was hoping for at least a coffee at the cafeteria one day between County Court calendar calls.

    And yes, we could have hired private contractors to wage our war against Al Qaeda….using them instead of regular army worked out so well for us in Iraq. (Sarcasm intended).

    It’s one thing to drop special ops into Pakistan or Afghanistan to hunt Osama, et al. and kill them (oh wait, we tried that too I think).

    It’s a whole different thing to go hire some rough-and-tumble types to run roughshod through another country in the name of the US to kick in doors and kill (hopefully) the right people.

  7. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Fields is a Commie

    We did what you said and it is eight years later and Osama and his allies are still running the show.

    You are a classic rightwinger. Response is about venting your spleen and not about winning.

    I suggest you read The Art of War

  8. Gonna Vote ? says:

    West is a democrat ?… well Sam, please tell me your gonna vote for him like I am.