Fields Quips About the GOP Convention


Guest Columnist

In deference  to Hurricane Gustav,  John McCain and the Republicans said that on Monday and Tuesday they were taking off their Republican hats and putting the country first. 
 Two days out of eight years…that’s not bad……………………………

Poor Sarah Palin; she and her whiney supporters are all upset that she is being criticized.
  Sarah, if you can’t stand the heat you need to get back in the kitchen!
 (Sam Fields is a Broward trial attorney and a long-time political activist)


3 Responses to “Fields Quips About the GOP Convention”

  1. Zzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Good God man. I didn’t realize that guest columnists were just going to be writing one-liners. It’s just like Larry King’s lame ramblings in USA Today. At least Larry has the thought of waiting a few days to bundle his goofy comments before publishing so at least it looks substantive.

    Criticism over…..

    Sam — your point on 2 days out of 8 years is dead on.

    FROM BUDDY: What’s wrong with one-liners? This world needs more laughter.

  2. IP Freely says:

    Comments like that are why McCain is going to win? Why don’t you call him too old next and alienate the rest of your base?

    From Buddy: Clever screen name. I think I heard that one in the First Grade.

  3. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Sam Fields is a very bright man and I love reading all of the blogs put out by Buddy. Welcome back Buddy.

    From Buddy: Thank you very much.