Fields: Palin Is The New Eagleton; She’ll Be Tossed From Ticket



Guest columnist Sam Fields has been particularly prolific.  Here is the View From Left Fields on the saga of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, GOP candidate John McCain’s choice as a running mate.

 Since she was named the vice president candidate on Friday, it has been discovered that Palin’s unmarried daughter is pregnant; that she is being investigated for ethics violations in Alaska; that no one in the McCain team talked to any Alaskan business or legislative leader to vet Palin before Friday’s announcement and that she was a member of the Alaska Independence Party in the 1990s, advocating Alaska succeeding from the union. 

Howard Opinsky, a McCain aide, explained to the New York Times on Sunday that the GOP team couldn’t vet Palin thoroughly without her name getting out. 

“You either get freshness and you have to live with what you get in your vetting or you lose the freshness, Opinsky is quoted.

Voters now have to live with McCain’s decision.  Unless Fields is right, and Palin is dumped from the ticket like U. S. Sen. Tom Eagleton, who was also poorly vetted.  The Missouri senator was tossed from George McGovern’s failed 1972 Democratic campaign after it was discovered that Eagleton receiving electric shock treatments twice for mental problems.


Guest Columnist

     As a result of Gustav the Republicans will be spending plenty of time in their hotel rooms.  I wonder if SpectraVison is showing “Knocked Up”?
    This little episode makes clear why both McCain and Palin are unfit for office.
    1.   McCain and I have one thing in common.  We both have impulse control problems arising from our ADD.  By the hour it has become clearer that the jet jock bypassed six months of vetting to pull this choice out of his butt. He only met her twice before picking her.
Neighbors, leading Alaska Republicans and other witnesses.
  Does anyone really believe McCain when he says he knew Palin’s underage daughter had a bun in the oven?  If he did know, do you think he discussed this with his advisors.  No chance. 
        Is this the kind of finger you want on the button?
    2.   I previously described how Palin was willing to abandon her Christian Family Values–mom needs to stay home and raise the children–for a shot to get the hell out of Alaska and move to Washington.  Now we see that she was willing to let her  underage daughter become  the central figure in a public debate about morality and Abstinence Only programs. 
         To be sure there are a lot of families that share those values:  The Hiltons, the Lohans, the Spears’ and the Kardashians to name but a few. 
         If the whole world has to know that her daughter likes to bump uglies under the bleachers its a small price to pay to put mom a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  Hey it got Mary Magdalene in The Bible.
    PREDICTION:  Before the month is out she will be the next Tom Eagleton.  The statement will read something like this: “While John McCain is still 100% confident that Sarah Palin would make a great Vice  President,  the groundless controversy that is swirling  around her has distracted our central theme of moving America forward.  Accordingly…..
    Her replacement  ? Humm….how about a third term for Cheney?

2 Responses to “Fields: Palin Is The New Eagleton; She’ll Be Tossed From Ticket”

  1. B. Obama says:

    “she was a member of the Alaska Independence Party in the 1990s, advocating Alaska succeeding from the union.”

    And she’s running for the 2nd in command?
    Abraham Lincoln is rolling in his grave.


    On Wednesday, The New York Times printed a five paragraph retraction stating that the chairwoman of the Alaskan Independence Party was mistaken when she said Palin was a member of the group. After checking the party’s archives, Chairwoman Lynette Clark said she could find no documentation that Palin had ever been a member.

  2. anonymous says:

    you and mccain have other things in common

    loud mouth has beens who cant beat inferior oppenents in an elections

    seriously sam, have you won an election since cowan?