Fields On The Foolishness Of Faith

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This past Easter Sunday a 7.2 earthquake struck Northern Mexico.  As all people of “real Faith know, the timing and location of this event was God’s way of showing his displeasure with criminalizing his fruit of the Earthmarijuana.
Fred Phelps, the head of the Westboro Baptist Church in  Kansas, pickets military funerals. He professes his Act of Faith that god is killing our soldiers because of gay rights.
Pat Robertson proclaims that the Haitian earthquake was the result of a pact that Satan made with the Haitian people in 1804.
On that same Easter Sunday, hundreds of millions of Christians went to Church proclaiming that 2000 years ago the One-and-Only True God appeared. He was murdered. He then came back to life to cleanse our sins as long as we acknowledge him as the capo di tutti capo.
All these unsupported beliefs that require no evidence because they are statements of “religious faith.

The True Faith?

Why should one faith be more credible than any of the others?
Certainly not based on the number of believers?  After all, Christians proudly and loudly proclaim that their story was no less valid when they numbered a dozen.
The simple truth is that religious faith is nothing more than a license for intellectual anarchy.  It is a belief system which gives every person the right to conclude that they have achieved the ultimate truth without the burden of that pesky stuff known as evidence.
Faith justifies wars, snake-handling, The Inquisition or coercing starving natives by offering to feed them if they will go to church.
Challenge religious faith in the West and you will get two types of “so-called evidence. 
First, is the ultimate bootstrap argument: “the Bible says it’s so.

Jesus’ Tale

Take Jesus.
There is not a single contemporary record of Jesus.  The earliest known record occurs decades after his purported death and it comes from his supporters.  Not a single non-supporter backs up his existence much less his miracles.
That’s a little strange.   God shows up on Earth performs amazing miracles, including coming back from the dead, and nobody noticed except for his followers and they did not think to record it until 40 years after it happened.
I gotta believe that if that happened today, at a minimum, Fox News is going to feature it on The O’Reilly Factor.
Moses and the story of the Exodus is even more absurd.

After building the pyramids, millions of Jews walk out of Egypt leading to the destruction of the Pharaoh’s army. Yet there is not a single hieroglyphic record of any of these events. Millions walking through the Sinai for forty years and there is not a single archeological item?
But both of these stories are believed by billions. Why?  Because they are in The Bible and they have “faith.
Equally absurd are the anecdotal stories. They come in two varieties.  Manufactured and co-incidental. 
The Virgin Mary showing up at Lourdes or Fatima is as absurd as Jesus showing up in the famous grilled cheese sandwich.

Curing Cancer 

The co-incidental stories are often based on so-called miraculous recoveries.  People pray for millions with cancer and occasionally and inexplicably a patient recovers or exceeds the medical prognosis.
Why? Since doctors can’t explain it, the “faith heads jump into the breach with God. Ask them about the millions of times faith/prayer did nothing to change the predicted medical outcome.  The answer is something along the lines of: “God works in mysterious ways.
Or my personal favorite: “God answers all prayers. But sometimes the answer is no.
[Note: Don’t waste your time citing to the 1990’s study that purported to show that intercessionist prayer increased recovery in cardiac patients.  A subsequent multi-million dollar study funded by the pro-religion Templeton Foundation, as well as government studies debunked the original flawed sample.] 

Religious faith, is nothing more letting every person become a font of truth since opponents can’t prove a negative.  
It’s the rationalization for Pat Robertson, Fred Phelps, Billy Graham or the Pope.


Faith Holds Back Humans


Unfortunately religious faith is a belief system that keeps the human race from achieving the kind of progress and peace we would all like to have.
Many of those who proclaim “faith don’t even know what the word means.  When you have “no doubt about your faith, you are not really talking about faith.   You are proclaiming “certitude. 
Finally, for those of you who are planning to write that I want to outlaw religion save your “SEND“ key. 
You have an absolute right to your stupid ideas and I have an absolute right to point out that your ideas are stupid.

22 Responses to “Fields On The Foolishness Of Faith”

  1. Mister Courthouse says:

    Sad Sam only has his science books and his “proof” to comfort him.
    There are no mysteries in his life, except how many years his next client will get.

  2. The Religion of Atheism says:

    No faith is a faith because they too have no proof. In that sense we are all believers.

    What I find interesting is that atheists are increasingly trying to sell their faith. It doesn’t bother me but it does amuse me. That attempt makes them a religion and when you say that to them, they reject it. That’s how needy they are to be recognized as being correct. Why they need that is beyond me. Perhaps they have doubts.

    I’m tolerant of other religions but I do reject that any, including atheists, have any greater moral or intellectual superiority. People are imperfect whether of faith or not and that shines through in us all, some to greater extents than others.

    It’s true that religious beliefs have taken us into wars. But science has also brought the world to the brink of destruction. The only truth is that humans are imperfect. That we really do not know. The safest bet is that in comparison to the totality of knowledge, we are a flea in relation to the size of the sun. If that’s true, we should be a little more humble about it all.

  3. The Religion of Atheism says:

    Forgot to say,

    Centuries ago, people considered “primative” worshiped the Sun. When you think about it there is no greater need we have on earth than the Sun. We would perish without it. If that is the basis for faith, sun worship makes sense. But what created the sun? Why are their billions upon billions of stars each capable of being a Sun? How did it all get there?

    Using math as a parallel, if part of the purpose of religion is to insert a zero into an imponderable equation so that the rest of what we understand can come into balance, I’m prepared to accept that. If it makes the atheist feel better to replace the zero with an x and balance it that way, fine with me also. But in the end it is the same thing and neither zero or x is more superior to the other. In the end both must have a value. We don’t know what it is.

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    The Catholic Organization has allowed the child rape of an estimable 50,000-500,000 children, mostly boys, over the last 30 years.

    And, as an atheist, I am called the one morally bankrupt?

    Let’s put it another way.

    Catholic priests have been fucking little children forever and we’re supposed to allow them to continue to operate? Uber fucking ridiculous.

    But back to this whole faithy believy thing.

    Sorry retards that I don’t believe in your ‘faith’. I answer the call of a higher power known as ‘observation.

    But then again, those of us who believe in observation and not faith are liable to be killed by the church. Don’t believe me? Ask Giordano Bruno (don’t be lazy, look it up).

    In the end, show me a snake with vocal chords, water that is dense enough to walk on, or a chemical process that converts complex carbohydrates to fish and I might consider switching to your team.

    One final thing about Gawd.

    Why doesn’t your Gawd heal amputees? Supposedly he can heal everyone miraculously… But has anyone ever seen an amputee grow back a leg.

    And here where that nonsense about the almighty’s special plan comes into play (aka you’re fucked)…

    But isn’t Gawd supposed to be loving and just?

    What’s with the discrimination, man?

    Lastly, a show of hands please… Who’s familiar with the story of about Horus of Egypt?

    You religious nut fucks should be as it’s an almost carbon copy of the fable known as Jesus H. Christ. Right down to the 3 day bender back from being killed by a jealous clergy and a posse of 12 folks aka the apostles.

    Check it out. Horus…

    Oh and BTW, that story about Horus was written 1,000 years before the advent of Jesus H. Christ.

    Chaz Stevens, Genius

    PS. What the fuck does the H in Jesus H. Christ mean?

  5. Jane says:

    “Mister Courthouse,” to Sam’s science books and proof for comfort I would add ego. This guy can’t get enough of browbeating the rest of us with his inane, insane and profane rants. Geesh…they are all the same! How about a NEW thought, Sam? Truly, this is so boring…

  6. Sam's Boring says:

    Fields should read The Religion of Atheism’s first line at 5:49 and have it tattooed on his wrist.
    I’m sick of reading his high and mighty attacks on the rest of society.

  7. Faith Is Believing Without Seeing says:

    A thousand years ago the top scientists believed the world was flat and the sea ended at a cliff dropping off to a bottomless pit. They just didn’t know. Later, when men started suggesting otherwise, it wasn’t just the religions but the scientists as well that condemned people for having different ways of seeing the world around them.

    Yet they knew, they couldn’t explain why or how but those early discoverers just knew there was something else. They didn’t have evidence, they just had a hunch based on some knowlege and the faith to pursue it. Faith is a tool in science and anyone that says otherwise has not read history.

    A few centuries ago, top scientists didn’t believe in germs because there microscopes did not yet exist so the could not know such things existed. The best doctors of the time were ignorant butchers compared to today. If they knew then what we know today, imagine we we’d be by now.

    A few decades ago, there was no such thing as a heart transplant, cloning was considered impossible, and very few knew what a stem cell was much less what it could be used. Today we are at the doorstep of understanding the governing dymamics of our biology and how to manage those dynamics.

    If science has taught us anything it is not to be arrogant, to be open to possibilities that seem impossible, illogical, unlikely. I don’t find faith to be ridiculous. That’s a term I reserve for arrogance.

    The number one most quoted phrase among scientists is not eureka. It’s opps, I was wrong. If you want to be an atheist go ahead and best of luck. As for those that think differently, they have no need to defend against anything. In time it will all sort out.

  8. Cuba And Russia all Over Again says:

    When Russia and later Cuba started turning toward socialism, the first step was to remove faith from playing so strong a role in society. That is a first necessary step toward conversion. It is only in this way that a government can get away with so corrupt a system — it is necessary that the people’s faith in God be transferred to faith in government.

    I see this Chaz jerkoff and Sam Fields spewing the same shit that idiot Bill Maher says on TV. At least in his case, the guy is funny about it. Atheists are shit people who see their wives die and could care less, who don’t give a shit about anything, numb existentionalists like that other jerkoff Camus.

    What makes believers great is we find the proof we need in our hearts to sustain our faith. Those that do not believe have that faith to sustain them. You have the nothingness in your soul to sustain you in the nowhere that is your life. We have God to sustain us in a life that makes total sense. If I’m wrong, let me just say, life is bliss because I’m very happy this way and not the least bit interested in yours.

  9. Jane says:

    To all who disagree with Sam, it occurs to me that, next time Sam writes anything, let’s ALL just ignore it. Maybe in time it will just go away…

  10. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> Using math as a parallel, if part of the purpose of religion is to insert a zero into an imponderable equation so that the rest of what we understand can come into balance,

    Funny… Since I spent many years in college studying math, let me take my turn at this….

    If you make a claim about something, it is up to you to prove it’s true, not the other way around. The burden is on you. Not for us to prove your claims false – that is not scientific thinking, that is anti-scientific thinking.

    What you are suggesting is for us to prove a null set… No no no.

    In the end, the evidence wins, or in your case, the lack of evidence wins. The bible is a set of invented stories… fictional dramas meant to impart some moral lesson. They are not real.

    For you to believe otherwise is just as ridiculous as a grown person still being in St. Nick.

  11. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Whether or not Sam is correct,we won’t have to spend eternity with him. I would call that Heaven.

  12. SouthFLGIRL says:

    I happened to enjoy this column. I find all these fairy tales from the bible a bunch of hokey nonsense.
    Thanks for posting. I don’t know who you are and why people are annoyed with you but you are brave to post this in our very religious society.

  13. Sam Fields says:

    Science is self correcting as new evidence appears.

    With rare exceptions religion rejects evidence.

    When you were five you were sure that the Lionel train set or the Barbie doll came from a supernatural guy named Santa Claus.

    By the age of 11 skeptical thinking, which relied on new evidence, forced you to reject St. Nick.

    Some of us continued skeptical thinking.

    Theists were frightened into accepting a bigger and more complicated Santa Claus believing he too can “see you when your sleeping and knows when your awake and knows if you’ve been good or bad so be good for goodness (eternal salvation) sake.

    Based on the vitriol I can tell that I have disturbed your long held beliefs which is why you so angry in your comments.

    I would still be glad to have lunch with any of you…even at your church.

    P.S. Bill Maher is funnier than me. But not by much.

  14. Jane says:

    Ahh…but most of us would never want to be seen in public with you, so, thanks but no thanks for lunch! Nor, by the way, would we want to be held captive by your mouth and the ridiculous, hate-filled speech which spews forth therefrom. Finally, funny? Not in the least.

  15. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    I’ve noticed a recent trend on Rants and Raves where certain Christian posters are attacking atheists while strangely choosing to ignore all other brands of non-Christians. Why is this? Are these armchair disciples more concerned about saving an atheist’s soul than that of a Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, or Muslim? Sounds fairly selective to me.

    I think I know what’s going on here…

    These people aren’t attacking all non-Christians because they can at least personally identify with somebody else’s belief; regardless of whether or not they agree with it. They are allies in the same sense that members of two opposing armies can feel a comradery with one other.

    Rather, it is the non-belief of atheists that bothers them. These people have faith so thoroughly engrained in their lives that to see somebody without a trace threatens them. They simply cannot conceive of somebody not believing in a deity of some sort. The idea is completely foreign to them, and therefore menacing. It forces them to evaluate their own beliefs. They become defensive and attack because the things they hold intrinsically and unquestionably sacred are being challenged by the mere philosophical position of another.

    Most atheists do not “believe” that god does not exist. Rather, they dismiss it as a possibility due to a complete lack of evidence. Otherwise, they’d have to entertain the possibility of believing in anything and everything… which is the essential problem of agnosticism. Therefore, it does not take faith to be an atheist. If the evidence changes, then most would certainly be reasonable enough to revaluate their positions. Until then, the existence of god is simply a non-issue for them. Some theists have decried this materialistic position, but without much real avail. What possibilities are we losing if we only believe in things that leave evidence behind? Ghosts, leprechauns, fairies and gods… everything in the realm of the superstitious, but nothing else. I can comfortably live with that; just as a Christian can comfortably live with the idea of worshipping Jehovah but not Shiva.

    They accuse atheists of leading selfish, corrupt, and immoral lives without fear of consequences. They accuse atheists of lacking moral codes. This is, of course, irrational, fear-mongering nonsense. Today’s atheist is not a self-indulgent modern Caligula or a Stalin. Today’s atheist is not a socially maladjusted anarchist who lives their lives without fear of retribution. According to a 1997 statistic, only 0.209% of prisoners incarcerated in the United States identify as atheists. Since atheists currently represent roughly 14% of the overall U.S. population, this is a significant indicator of the “morality” of the modern atheist. Today’s atheist tends to be a well-educated, productive member of society who more often than not subscribes to the notions of moral relativism and secular humanism… which essentially means that we realize we’re all stuck on this big ball together and we must work to set aside our differences and build a better future, because it’s all that there is. That doesn’t sound at all like the monstrous picture that’s recently been smeared here by certain self-proclaimed loving Christians.

    These rabid believers clash with atheists knowing perfectly well that they are helpless to alter the ideological perceptions of their perceived foe. Why then, do they choose to partake of this exchange of bad blood? Because they’re angry and they’re frightened. They’re angry because we have the nerve to indirectly challenge their insecurely-held beliefs with our continued existence. They’re frightened because they fear that they’re losing their foothold on the theocratic monopolization of America (school prayer, Christian-oriented legislature, etc.)… an officially secular country, mind you.

    Lashing out, spreading lies and misconceptions, and demonizing the enemy is a natural way to react to opposition; however contrary to the teachings of their professed lord and savior. Any anti-atheist backlash you’re witnessing here is simply the result of reactionary mean-spiritedness, and nothing more. The misinformation is a sign of desperation. I suppose they believe what they’re saying is true in the same sense that many Muslim fundamentalists believe that America is directly in league with the devil. Feeling “right” about the subjective tends to breed violent paranoia when challenged. Mind the danger in that whatever you choose to believe.

    I can’t say that some atheists aren’t guilty of the same indiscretion, but it’s a generalization to categorize all atheists this way just as it’s a generalization to categorize all Christians as rabid fundamentalists. I’ve been careful to avoid doing so here, despite the disrespect shown us by some members of the Christian community.

    Personally, I’m a firm believer in live-and-let-live. I believe Christ was too. I don’t attack others for their beliefs. I don’t even ask that others question their beliefs. Everyone has a right to decide what they hold dear. I don’t write slanderous, inaccurate or inflammatory material about adherents of any religion. But I do defend my positions, because I hold them dear. I find it completely abhorrent that those who attack mine do so under the protective woolen guise of love and fellowship. It allows them to appear to hold the upper hand while hitting below the belt. The atheist in America is already a misunderstood and hated underdog, and people tend to ignore the callous disregard they are often shown by these “gentle lambs of God.” Were it not for atheists being their current preferred cannon fodder, I’m certain these unyielding fanatics would be baring their claws and coming for you other non-Christians and moderates next. Watch your step.

    From Craigslist

  16. Old Story says:

    Faith requires no proof that’s the point. The beauty of faith is the willingness to believe despite having evidence. Some see that as something ugly. They are entitled to what works for them. Some can relate to the concept of faith and some can’t. The only correct answer is the one that’s right for you. Arguing about the existence of God is a waste of time.

  17. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Jane,
    That was the world’s shortest boycott.

    You are the prime example of believers who are doubting their own faith and thus one hand need to reinforce it with vitriol. On the other hand they avoid any direct discussion for fear that it will further undermine the doubts in their belief system which comes with ten tons of guilt.

    Dear Old Story

    I beg to differ with you about the concept of live and let live on faith or no faith.

    We are not talking about debating Beatles versus the Stones. We are talking about human progress and whether a particular belief system has been causing harm and holding back progress to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the search for the truth.”

    In medicine alone religious faith has been a disaster. Disease and pestilence do not come from angry ghosts in the sky.

    For example, in 1349, at the height of The Black Plague a group called “The Flagellants” with the blessing of the Pope decided that The Plague was the fault of the Jews and that their god wanted them to fix the problem.

    I think you know where this story goes. But it’s all okay because it is “faith.”

    How about parents who refuse to take their kids to the doctor because they are sure that faith and prayer will cure leukemia.

    Sorry, religious faith is an ignorant belief system that must be challenged at every turn.

  18. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    For years, I’ve had faith that Faith Hill was going to stop by and fuck my eyeballs out.

    Still waiting…

  19. Jane says:

    Sam, were you interested in accuracy you would note that my so-called “boycott” refers to your NEXT column; I am all about finishing up this one! Truth be told I have not one ounce of question about my faith, not a single one. As for a “discussion,” that is not what you encourage or hope for. You wish to be the lecturing teacher, while the rest of us are the awed, silent students. I imagine you share the ever-eloquent Chaz’s hope for Faith, or someone similar. As I said earlier, inane, insane and profane.

  20. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    I would have gone for disdain, lame, and inane.

  21. mustbecrazy says:

    I must say that I always enjoy Sam’s columns; I look for them every day so as not to miss one. They are certainly thought provoking and incite discussion. I do not always agree with Sam’s philosophies but I do not always disagree either. I too have firm ideas regarding religion and faith or the lack thereof; I keep them to myself as they tend to incite indignation by many, similar to many of the posts on today’s topic. I am glad that Sam has the internal fortitude to voice his opinions. I commend him for that.

  22. Zeus says:

    Try being a god nobody believes in anymore. Nobody but Sam will call Jesus a myth.