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Following Dolphin games the Herald (Armando Salguero) and the Sun-Sentinel (Ethan Skolnick) grade the team by position–QB, running, coaching etc.
The Viking game was no exception.
Salguero gave them three A’s, two B+’s, one B, one B-, one C+ and one C.
Skolnick gave them two B-‘s one A-, one B+, one B and two B-‘s.
Both gave them an average grade of “A—!?!?!?!?
Maybe I need to rethink my disdain for math education?

It’s Only a Game and It’s Only a Tweet

If you want to play BCS football you should expect sacks.  If you want to tweet the public you should expect responses from assholes.
It sounds like UM quarterback Jacory Harris is shocked by both.
The front page of the Herald sports section and a feature story in the Sun-Sentinel lamented that, following his loss to Ohio State, Harris received a tweet.  The message said that the Canes would be better off without a Black quarterback.
Randy Shannon, who banned players from tweeting in the future, and Harris need to concentrate on something they can control.  How about starting with  his four interceptions? 
Note to Jacory:  If you are going to let that kind of crap rattle you I suggest you get a broom and a beer and take up curling.

One Response to “Fields On Sports, the Sports Media and Tweeting”

  1. Barack Obama says:

    Jacory Harris is terrible. He’s an interception machine. The Canes haven’t been relevant for almost a decade now.

    GO GATORS!!!!