Fields On Rush & Football

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Who would have thought that Rush Limbaugh would lead the charge to save an endangered species?  In this case, it’s the Caucasiam Quarterbacium,  commonly known as the White Quarterback.
He is putting his money where his mouth is in his crusade to “Save the Whitey.  He wants to buy one of the thirty-two national reserves, specifically the one known as the St. Louis Rams.
Back in 2003, Limbaugh briefly worked as a commentator on ESPN. 

He used this forum to  point out that like the Burmese python threatens the Everglades, the Blackus Quarterbacium threatens to destroy the remaining habitat of the Caucasiamknown as “the pocket.
Using their innate speed, the Blacki constantly run all over the environment and fail to honor the sacrosanct “pocket. 
Rush publicly and loudly argued that an unqualified Blackus, who goes by the name of Donovan McNabb, was displacing a deserving Caucasium.

And it was being done with the support of the pro-Blackus media.

donovan mcnabbDonovan McNabb

All this courageous stand got him was fired by ESPN. 
That same media then went on to continue to attack Rush simply because McNabb ended up playing in the Superbowl. 

Defenders of the Caucasiam have rightly questioned the integrity of that Superbowl game.
Nevertheless, environmentalist Limbaugh has taken this new tack. He’s bidding to buy the Rams. 
We all know the environmental history of the NFL.  They imported a few Blacki as defensive backs. Like kudzu in the South, before you knew it they were all over the defensive line and the skill positions. 
So if Congress can use tax dollars save the Snail darter and liberals can save the whales, why can’t Rush use his own money to Save the Whitey?

11 Responses to “Fields On Rush & Football”

  1. Barry Sacharow says:

    Rush is a particular favorite of mine since he spent a good part of the spring and summer of 2008 advocating for Alaska’s favorite daughter and Gov to be the Republican VP candidate.

    As a good Democrat, Sarah Palin is my favorite leader of the Grand Ol’ Party and the best spokesperson the Conservative Movement has ever had! THANK YOU RUSH!

  2. Sam's Fantasy FB League says:

    “That same media then went on to continue to attack Rush simply because McNabb won the Superbowl.”

    Can you please correct this blasphemy. The Eagles LOST to my beloved Patriots 24-21 that year.

    McNabb is a great quarterback, but dammit Sam, don’t take away one of my dynasty’s superbowl wins while making a point.

    FROM BUDDY: You are absolutely right and Sam was wrong. I corrected it.

  3. Dave R says:

    It all sounds made up. Kinda like what Michael Moore does: “I can make it look like anything I want”.

  4. Al Franken Had it Right says:

    Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot. The nasty, mean, angry, whitey kind.

  5. Rush Will Resurrect the Rams says:

    You could have had some fun with this news item accept this is the dumbest thing I have ever read. (Even for you Sam. You have outdone yourself.) What is really lost here is how a college dropout from Cape Giraldo, Missouri, can go from working a $12,000 job with the KC Royals to purchasing an NFL team valued at more than $900 million. I guess the American Dream is still alive for citizens with enormous talent who are willing to work hard to make it happen. And for the record, (even though I know Dems are not interested in the truth), Rush was not afraid of McNabb, he merely stated the mainsteam media was afraid to attack a black QB. regardless of where McNabb now ranks among all-time QB’s, (and I’d put him in the top 15%), at the time his numbers were pedestrian at best. (Look them up if you do not believe that.) And he didn’t get attacked in the press the way his pigment challenged peers did with similar or better stats.

    P.S. Barry. Your comments verify you are a condescending snob. I’m betting you have multiple degrees and don’t know how to change your oil. In real America we call that useless.

  6. Sam I Ain't says:

    Sam, you are a windbag liberal with way to much space to write your meaningless jabber. I try to take it in, but when you discuss local politics and corruption you expose that you are as clueless as the rest of the bunch.

    Why would Buddy even allow you to share his space out here? Buddy are you a closet liberal or does this guy have compromising photos of you?

    FROM BUDDY: I like his writing. I think it is humorous. We need more to laughs.

  7. Sam Fields says:

    Compromising photos

  8. VM says:


  9. anonymous1 says:

    Sam Fields is a lunatic. He should be studying his cases rather than trying to be Al Frankin with a law degree.

  10. Maxx71 says:

    Because the legislature and executive keep a tab on one another, as the American founding fathers intended. ,

  11. Jade Alexander says:

    A good quarterback or a bad quarterback are the same. Talent is merely cloaked in a black or white body. Until you dirtyfoots see more than just color out there you will be stuck eating slimjims in your trailers trying to toggle the rabbit ears on your televisions forever.