Fields On Cars And Guns

Guest Columnist

The recent rush to buy assault rifles, like AR-15s, may have provided the motivation for President Barack Obama’s surprise announcement that he intends to substantially increase car and light truck mileage by 2016

Sure, increasing mileage will reduce pollution and increase car efficiency.  That will reduce the dependence on oil.

But I believe it also will have the effect of wiping out Detroit’s glut of gas guzzlers.
Fearful that an Obama Presidency would mean re-imposing a ban on assault rifles sent sales of those rifles through the roof.  The price of guns like Ruger Mini 14’s and semi-automatic AK-47’s doubled in six months.  Ammunition is in short supply. 
In the same way that fear of the gun ban stimulated gun sales, the increased mileage of cars and light trucks will prompt a segment of the car buying market to scarf up the last of the gas guzzlers. 

The Right Wing rumor mill is already working overtime with the “news that by 2016 car makers will be producing nothing bigger than a Scion or a Smart Car.
There won’t be room for a gun rack on those sissy mobiles. 
It will be like 1920 with the passage of the Volstead Act, which implemented Prohibition.  The day before it took effect, there was a run on liquor. 

This time instead of cleaning out the liquor stores, big car will disappear from lots.
 So buy that Cadillac Escalade or Humvee.  Because pretty soon they won’t be making them anymore.


3 Responses to “Fields On Cars And Guns”

  1. No Nexus says:

    Nobody’s going to scarf up anything in this economy and especially not gas guzzling vehicles of which there will always be plenty.

  2. sumo nation says:

    hey sam

    how about shedding a few pound so you and the rest of the country can fit into those small cars. you know the saying that people look like their dogs or is it dogs look like their owners, well most people look like their cars these days or their pickup trucks detroit built big cars to fit the BIG customers with plenty of room for the big mac and the jumbo drink cup holder now do you understand the rush on ar-15 and such weapons, nothing else will bring down these big animals

    thanx for making this clear.


    Sam, Who cares? This is a non issue issue.