Fields: Osama Is Not Dead!

Guest Columnist

Osama Bin Laden is dead less than one day, so pardon me if I have already missed the new issue for the racist, birther, he’s a Muslim, his college grades were terrible crowd.

That issue will be that Bin Laden is NOT dead.

The Administration faked his death to get Barack Obama re-elected.

That’s why they buried him at sea. It was not to prevent a shrine for martyrdom.

The birther crowd will be telling you that unnamed experts (or experts who turn out to be greeters at Walmart) have looked at the pictures of the body –not yet released–making clear that this is not the corpse of Osama Bin Laden.

Through the use of highly scientific measuring tools these pictures prove that it was photoshopped from photos oflet me guesssssI’m going with Georgie Jessel or perhaps Lee Harvey Oswald.

They will tell you that the reason that you are going to not going to hear from Bin Laden is not because he is dead.  He is hiding, like Elvis.

Don’t you get it?  This is all part of the Muslim master plan was indoctrinated into a brainwashed Obama at his Muslim Wahabi school in Indonesia in 1964.

By the end of the week Donald Trump will be demanding to see The Death Certificate.

Make no bones about.  Not all birthers are racists.  But all racists are birthers.

They are the 46% of Mississippi Republicans who want to bring back the laws making it a crime for Blacks to marry Whites.  They truly believe that if god intended a “niggra’ to be President they would not have called it The White House.

So get ready for the birther/blog/GOP/FOX onslaught of BS.

18 Responses to “Fields: Osama Is Not Dead!”

  1. GOPapa says:

    Mr. Fields and I disagree about almost everything. This time I agree with him.
    As a member of the BREC, I am ashamed of the racists in my party who hide behind this birther fiction and other nonsense to question the legitimacy of Obama. I believe they are only doing this because he is black. There is enough about his policies to oppose.

  2. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    Brian Craig at the Steve Kane show put on his tin foil hat this morning and continued his descent.

    Dick Cheney, Bush Jr and others congratulated the President and our Special Forces while Brian and Steve had another orgy of hate and tinfoil. I worry for Brian if he has a Trump hair cult under his tinfoil beeny.

  3. Rupert says:

    Since when do the CIA and Navy SEALS help a liberal Democrat in a conspiracy? Quite a reach, but I think Steve Kane and Brian what’s-his-name probably believe it.

  4. Deathfrog 3 says:

    Maybe my thinking isn’t very sophisticated and I missed your satire, but shouldn’t it read OSAMA is not dead?

    I do agree with the body of the post that there will be a fringe element of conspiracy theorists (those same idiots who think 9/11 was an inside job)

    I disagree that the conspiracy theorists are aligned with a political party. Look at the alien, Illuminati, buildaberger, truther, JFK, Birther, now there will be the Osama conspiracy theorists.

    FROM BUDDY: The headline was written by Sam Fields. I have now changed it because it confused readers.

  5. Flo says:

    Is that headline right??

    Seems like the Pres. went to a lot of trouble just to get the focus off of his college grades; I don’t think you can stop The Donald so easily.

    Excompassionate: I’m not surprised to hear about Craig and Kane, but I doubt anyone was listening.

    FROM BUDDY: That’s the headline that Sam Fields wrote.

  6. Harry Marrow says:

    Dear Rupert,
    The same people would believe the Navy Seal and CIA participated in this as believe the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, U. S. Sen. Richard Russell, the Mafia and Cuban Intelligence were in a conspiracy to kill JFK.

  7. Rupert says:

    You got it, Harry.

    “Of course some people also believe in leprechauns, sex perverts from outer space, and Pat Robertson’s ability to alter the path of hurricanes through prayer.” And the fake moon landing and the “murder” of Vince Foster and…………..

  8. sam fields says:

    Dear death
    Your right that was a typo. But looking on it from a political point of view it’s both funny and meaningful

  9. Anonomyte says:

    Great 3 lines Sam. Liked your post.

    “Make no bones about. Not all birthers are racists. But all racists are birthers.”

  10. Awolrus says:

    I am not a “birther” or a conspiracy theorist by any means.Hardly a racist either, how that was connected to this is beyond me… However, I do not believe everything I am spoon fed from the media or government. That would simply make YOU a gullible idiot to do so.No evidence of a corpse, other than photos and some video that may or may not be released? Laughable.If you do not think this acts as a feather in Obama’s political hat,one way or another, you’re a moron.If you don’t believe your government, you must be a commie pinko and just plain ole’ unpatriotic! Yeeeehaw! Go Dale Earnhart!… Go USA!If anything, this is an embarrassment as a race, the human race. We celebrate, getting drunk,partying it up over the murder of another. Whom we are TOLD to connect our resentment for the infamous 911 to.I think for myself, and I don’t believe anything without proof.If that makes ME the moron, then so be it.I think this famous quote fits well with this particular situation- “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” -Benjamin Franklin

  11. Rupert says:

    You got it, Awolrus; that body they buried was actually Donald Duck.

    Can’t fool you with mere DNA and multiple other tests and ID.

  12. sam fields says:

    Dear Awolrus,
    If this death was faked then, along with the Prez, I am pretty sure Osama Bin Laden would also know it was hype.

    Alive, there was nothing that would please him more than to pull a Harry Truman and, instead of posing with a Dewey Beats Truman newspaper, pose in stills and videos holding every newspaper around the world.

    If that happened it would mean that America suffered a humiliation and disgrace of such a degree that Obama would have to resign office that day.

    It would be Osama’s greatest victory and make him Numero Uno in the Muslim world.

    Of course this could be such a good fake that even Bin Laden thinks he is dead.

    On the other hand, borrowing the language from your letter, you may actually be a moron.

  13. Floridan says:

    Thank you, Awolrus, for making Field’s point.

  14. Warren Meddoff says:

    bin Laden is very dead, physically. Only a complete idiot would not accept what is so real. (like not acknowledging that a US Senator has a serious backround check before getting their security clearances, let alone the President of the US). Every country has serious deranged fringe characters on the right and on the left. Racism isn’t reserved for only one party. Thank God that I am neither a Republican or a Democrat, just a plain old American

  15. Rupert says:

    Well Warren, if you could get all the “plain old” folks together, you could have a quite a party. Maybe not a fun party, but we’ll see.

  16. Duke says:

    Not all republicans are tea partiers.. but all tea partiers are republicans.

  17. could it be says:

    Duke = Beth the Bounty Hunter?

  18. Slappy says:

    I challenge anyone who claims the idiotic notion that Osama’s death was a conspiracy to walk up to a Navy Seal and tell him that to his face. Like a true coward you would never do it because you know your argument is bs.