Fields: Now For a Larry King Moment

Guest Columnist


(Fort Lauderdale attorney Sam Fields has thoughts.  Lots of thoughts.  About many different subjects. Here is his latest guest column patterned after Larry King’s former USA Today column, which was a potpourri of many ideas.)




How come the media has made sure everyone knows Bernie Madoff is a Jew and there has yet to be a story the even mentions “Sir R. Allen Stanford’s religious affiliation? 

Does no one dare to even whisper about the International Presbyterian Conspiracy? The Lutheran Conspiracy? 

Mexico is falling apart in a murderous drug war.   And it is for one and only one reason; to protect Americans fromthemselves. 

Starting with pot and cocaine, Mexico should legalize drugs.  Then let the smugglers take their chances at the U.S. border. 

For that matter the rest of Latin America should legalize it. 

If it sounds wild, think of Prohibition where everyone around us made and smuggled booze.  We were the jerks.  I have a sheet of Bahamian postage stamps that celebrates “rumrunners.  That should tell you something


Do we really need to buy 28 Presidential choppers at $400,000,000 each?
Do we really need to buy the Air Force 160 F-22 Raptors at $350,000,000 each? 


 They have yet to be deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Its main mission, cutting edge air supremacy, has been irrelevant since the end of the Cold War.  


And Now the Rest of the Story.

Paul Harvey died today.  Or maybe yesterday?   I can’t be sure. His ideas were already so dead it was hard to tell.  

In 1944, after four months in the Army he was discharged on a Section 8 for mental illness.  Sadly, he never recovered.

Beginning with his unabashed support for Joe McCarthy he spent the next 60 years advocating ideas that were often consistent with his discharge.  His idea of a fair and balanced story came on a 2005 broadcast when he discussed the pros and cons of slavery and using biological and nuclear warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But like all ideologues he always managed to find an exception for his own interests.  After years of unabashed support for the Vietnam War, in 1970, he unexpectedly announced that it was a mistake and all troops should be immediately withdrawn. 

It was hardly a coincidence that his only son, Paul Harvey Jr., was now eligible for the draft lottery.

When it came to fighting for our country Harvey was consistent.  He was always a “chicken hawk.
                                              GOOD DAY!

(Note: Fields sticks in all kinds of references to literature and the movies in his columns.  In this one, he apparently wrote an homage to author Albert Camus.  The first lines of Camus’ “The Stranger” were: “Mother died today. Or maybe yesterday. I can’t be sure ”   He just swapped the word “mother” with “Paul Harvey.”

5 Responses to “Fields: Now For a Larry King Moment”

  1. mr. courthouse says:

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it ws the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness; it was the epoch of belief”

    I feel I’m in the age of foolishness when I am reading Sam Fields.

  2. wackado says:

    Paul Harvey spent 50 years entertaining the public across the country. Sam Fields write for this pathetic internet site that nobody reads. Which one was more influential?

  3. Wallace T says:

    Mr. Fields is about as entertaining as Larry King.ZZZZZZZZ

  4. betty cobb says:

    Paul Harvy was an intersting journalist – why knock him?
    His resreach and grammer was excellent – rare in this day and age.

  5. Sam Field's Groupie says:

    “Paul Harvy was an intersting journalist – why knock him?
    His resreach and grammer was excellent – rare in this day and age.”

    A more perfect illustration of that last sentence could never be found. Irony? Sadly, I suspect not.