Fields: My Solution To The Problem Of Illegal Alien’s Babies

Guest Columnist

The latest crusade of the Right are the so-called “anchor babies of illegal aliens.
They are freaking out because the 14th Amendment automatically confers citizenship on “all persons born in the United States without regard to how or why they are in the country.  It is argued that the secret strategy of the illegals is to use their “American child to create an “anchor so the whole family can become American citizens.
 The xenophobic Right (redundant) has a meat axe solution of amending the Constitution.
 This is nothing new for the Right.  In recent years they have demanded amendments to the Constitution to block abortion, flag burning, gay marriage, etc.
It seems they would like to put the Constitution on an Etch-a-Sketch.
Here is a simple legislative solution to undermine this dastardly plot by illegal aliens. 
Congress is empowered to write citizenship laws.  Nothing prevents Congress from permanently and irrevocably excluding citizenship to the immediate family members (mom, dad, siblings) of “anchor babies. 
Nothing prevents Congress from denying citizenship  to the children of “anchor babies if they are born outside the U.S.  We did this with the Philippines our former colony. Mom and dad are U.S. citizens but kids born outside the U.S. after Philippine independence (July 4, 1946) are not.
I am not at all unsympathetic to this legislative approach.
Something has to be done about these goddamn Canadians before they overrun the place!
It is the Canadians, isn’t it????

8 Responses to “Fields: My Solution To The Problem Of Illegal Alien’s Babies”

  1. mustbecrazy says:

    Canadians…. that is just too darn funny.

  2. watcher says:


  3. Rastas says:

    Why not embrace the simpler, Swiftian approach and eat them?

  4. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    My bottom line is Sam, STOP offering your opinions on anything. Buddy, please don’t offer Sam any more of his rantings and ravings. let him respond to your blogs, like everybody else.

  5. watcher says:

    Keep Sam’s rants coming

  6. Oh Sammy says:

    Sam Fields was an alien baby. His ideas come from out of space.

  7. Sam says:

    The right is not xenophobic but sometimes you do just crack me up!

  8. Dan Reynolds says:

    The right may not be xenophobic but they are willing to wield hate as a club to gain power.
    This anchor baby schpiel is absurd but alienhaters are moved by it.
    A baby born in the US to foreign parents, although a citizen, would not be able to sponsor anyone for citizenship until they reached the age of twenty one. The path to citizenship under a sponsor takes about ten years if it is successful. So we are to believe that hordes of pregnant aliens are planning to have anchor babies so that thirty one years from now they might become US citizens under the aegis of their childs sponsorship.
    Stop with the hate.