Fields: MLB Should Pay For New Stadium Closer To Broward Fans

Guest Columnist

It seems Miami is close to making a final decision on a stadium for the Marlins.

Hopefully, the answer at Thursday’s Miami City Commission will be “No“. 

But there may be a perfect solution right in our faces. 

The Marlins should construct a ball park at Robbie Stadium and as part of the deal build a parking garage to compensate for the loss of ground level parking spaces. 
The border of Dade/Broward, with its own Turnpike exit, is the ideal place. It certainly makes a lot more sense to Broward and Palm Beach County fans than The Orange Bowl in the middle of Miami-Dade County. 
The funding should come from private sources backed by Major League Baseball.

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig loves to brag that in 2008 the league took in a record $8 billion.

Let MLB guarantee the bank loan.  Florida Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria should pledge the franchise to MLB to back the loan. 
The best thing that ever happened to Joe Robbie was when the public refused to fund his stadium plans, he raised the money himself.

And, except the banks, Joe Robbie was beholden to no one, no how, no way. 


4 Responses to “Fields: MLB Should Pay For New Stadium Closer To Broward Fans”

  1. Democrat says:

    Miami is spending millions on baseball, while they are laying off teachers. I think that says it all about the politicians priorities and why Florida is fucked up.

  2. Winston says:

    That would make too much sense. I have had the same idea myself.

  3. Paying Attention says:

    20 years ago MIami built a an arena in downtown MIami. It was suppose to revive the downtown. Instead, it was a white elephant and was torn down. Millions were waited. Sports facilities do not pay and the public should not fit the bill.

  4. Death and Taxes says:

    Don’t leave out how it ended for Joe Robbie. He died and the government raped his family for millions in estate taxes, so much so they had to sell the team just to avoid bankruptcy. Not quite a reward for doing things the “right way”.