Fields: Marketing Mitt and Why Higher Taxes are Good


  Back in the 1950’s, George Romney took over American Motors and revived a dying company.

Back then the key issue for cars was: “How big or small should the tailfins be”?  They constantly changed.

It was strictly a marketing question when Papa Romney was hawking cars. With a recession underway, Papa Romney repackaged the Nash Rambler as the “new” Rambler and billed it as compact car which would save drivers’ money. The idea worked. The Rambler became a major automotive hit.

There are no moral issues when marketing a product. It’s all about making the sale.

Mitt learned that principle of giving the public what it wants.

Flip flopping on healthcare, abortion, gay rights and guns?

What’s the big deal?  It’s no different whether you are selling cars or Presidents.

It’s all about the marketing and making the sale.



The GOP mantra is that raising taxes on the top 1% of us will hurt job creation by the “job creators”.

I am not so sure that’s true.

The Democratic plan to being down the deficit includes allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire so that the top tax rate will go back to 39% from the current 36%. Hardly confiscatory, 39% was the maximum rate during the Clinton years which might have been eight of the best years the American economy has ever seen.

That rate is paltry when compared with the “Golden Years” of the 1950’s when the rate was up to 90%!!!

It defies Republican logic that the “good times rolled” when the rates were the highest. How could that be?

The answer is simple.

The rich don’t want to pay Uncle Sam taxes.

But it would be better for the economy if the tax rate did increase for the rich.  That is because they would have more incentive to shelter those higher taxes by investing it in their businesses, which would create jobs.


The Ohio equivalent of Florida’s Department of Children and Families removed an eight year old from his parents and placed him in foster care.

It’s the remedy for children “in imminent danger”.

The danger was that junior tipped the scales at 200 lbs and mom was not doing enough to control his eating.

There can be little doubt that the child was on his way to serious medical and social problems.

It is a tough call.  Should they have waited for Juvenile Diabetes to set in?



8 Responses to “Fields: Marketing Mitt and Why Higher Taxes are Good”

  1. Jack Moss says:

    The rich, and everyone else who pays taxes, don’t want to do so because the money gets wasted. When we get some sanity in spending, the attitude will be much different. It would also help if we could get away from the underground economy and had everyone pay something.

  2. disenchanted says:

    sammy, where is your holiday spirit, wouldnt it have been much better if the nyc department of whatever had removed you from your parents and placed you where you could do little harm, likeboise or des moines…. sam we had a surplus under clinton only because different parties controlled the power, under bush and clintons first 2 years the same party was under control and we spent like drunken sailors, not the there is anything wrong with a drunken sailor, have a great holiday…….

  3. Shocked Just Shocked says:

    Sam Fields, a big-time left wing Democrat calling for higher taxes?
    No way. I never saw that coming.
    At least he doesn’t advocate cutting defense spending and increasing domestic programs!

  4. Woody72 says:

    If you think tax cuts create jobs, ask yourself this question. How many more private sector jobs did we have in America after the eight years of conservative leadership by George Bush? The answer is “Under Bush, private employment shrank by 673,000 jobs, federal employment grew by 50,000 jobs, and government employment grew by 1,753,000 jobs.” National Review Oct 12 2010

  5. Sam the Sham says:

    Poor Sam is so out of touch. He did not get the memo that the DNC backs Romney for the nomination. Oops.

    Sorry Sam, but about that “greedy’ 1%, wrong again. But nice try. The wealthy are not going to invest more in the face of higher taxes, they are going to send their money overseas or put it under their mattresses in tax free vehicles.

    Lastly, if Sam was removed from his home as a child, and raised by monkeys or wild dogs or the Kia Gerbils, things would have turned out much better.

  6. disenchanted says:

    yo sam that would not be fair to the gerbils or wild dogs.

  7. Obama Loves Israel says:

    Yeah, keep the taxes high for the 1%. That way when the Democrats tax the middle class out of existence we can all sit back and laugh about the good times when turbo tax was a program that would find a few deductions for the middle class instead of a rocket fuled power grab by government to “raise revenue.”


  8. SAM FIELDS says:

    Dear Jack,
    Assuming this is the real Jack Moss, then who would know better about government pissing away our dollars better than and insider like you.
    Now that you are down in Ecuador you don’t have to be afraid of telling us about all the money you saw wasted when you were a Broward County Commissioner and later the head of DCF for Broward.
    Say hi to Deb