Fields: Lamberti Good, Campaign Bad


Guest Columnist

I have endorsed Al Lamberti for Sheriff. 

He could be a great Sheriff. 

Politician…not so good. 
The best I can figure out Lamberti’s strategy is based on getting out his message when there is a clear field.  When media is not jammed with ads and news about Obama, McCain and dozens of other candidates.

Accordingly the way his campaign is going, beginning November 5 he is going to saturate the airwaves.

 (Sam Fields is a local defense attorney and long-time Democratic activist.)

6 Responses to “Fields: Lamberti Good, Campaign Bad”

  1. Bleh says:

    Sam, I’m not one of the posters who comes on here to comment about you being a has-been or a blow-hard or someone who’s far out of touch with what’s relevant in Broward Politics 2008.

    In fact, I usually disagree with the majority of the posters who have those opinions of you.

    This time, I will say that you’ve backed the wrong horse in this race. And from what I hear about the folks Lamberti has surrounding him (Santucci for starters) and how his main backers were the ones that intruded into the Democratic primary with sleaze the likes of which we hadn’t seen in Broward for a long-time, I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of Lamberti as a man and a Sheriff.

    Lamberti isn’t ready to lead.

  2. Jeff C says:

    Al Lamberti is already a great Sheriff. “Not a good politician”…..Well, thats a good thing. We had a good politician last time and we all know what happened with that guy. Its refreshing to have a man with honesty,integrity and 30 years of experience at the helm.
    Good Luck Al !

  3. remember when says:

    Sma’s opinion meant something…

    Hows Cowan, tell him to not to be so light on the cheese on my next pizza.

    Sam you and your self serving kind are the reason why the dem party is so screwed up its not about what is best for the party or Broward but what is best for you.

    I am more impressed that defense attorney Tom O’connell endorsed Israel. A former BYD President and true democrat who is loyal to his party.

    You are just another guy on the take like your old pal Cowan.

  4. Cory Cooper says:

    Let the great political genius, Sam Fields, help Al Lamberti. Then I’m sure he will lose, like Fields himself when he ran for judge.

  5. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I have never voted for a republican but I might this time or like the late George Carlin says “I don’t ever vote.” Then I don’t need to be blamed for the person is office. Lemack was the best one in that race, Scott Israel is really arrogant and I think it will go to his head. Wiley was very good but he doesn’t have enough time in Broward and that was against him. Udolf is extremely bright but not good with people, no personality. Best of luck to the winner in that race!

  6. wait a farn minute says:

    Lamberti has been doing a great job so far. Crist put a non-politician in what should be a non-political position.
    As far as Scott Isreal goes….a Republican friend told me that Israel showed up at a big Republican meeting just before Crist appointed Lamberti. Israel spoke at the meeting imploring several hundred Republicans to call the Gov. to get Israel appointed Sheriff because Israel was a lifelong dyed-in-the-wool Republican.
    When Lamberti got appointed Israel switched parties and began railing againt the Republican party (“I didn’t leave the party, the party left me”).
    Thats kind of funny that Israel didn’t realize that his own party was leaving him when he spoke to those Republicans.
    I guess he must of realized it the day that Crist appointed Lamberti.
    Ya think?