Fields: Israeli Fanatics Commit Child Abuse

Guest Columnist

Have you heard the story of the 13-year-old White kid living in Liberty City who, after being regularly  beaten up, was stabbed to death. 
Mom and Dad made him regularly wear a Ku Klux Klan robe or White Supremacy tee shirts.  According to the parents, their child’s death is the fault of the police who refused to give them 24/7/365 armed protection. 

Actually, the story is not true. 
But my guess is your initial reaction was something along the lines of:

  • What the hell did these parents think was going to happen?
  • There is no way that this kind of provocative behavior should be subsidized by taxpayers giving round the clock protection to these racist idiots.
  • Why didn’t the Department of Children and Families remove this kid from this reckless endangerment?

Now let’s move the story 5000 miles east to the West Bank settlement of Bat Ayin where on April 1 the 13-year-old child of fanatical Israeli parents was stabbed to death by a Palestinian working in the village.  The boy’s father is serving time in an Israeli prison for trying to bomb a Palestinian girls’ school.

The story is here.

Like the fictitious story I began with, the death of Shlomo Nativ was not deserved; but it damn well should have been expected.
What kind of parents would put their kids in harms way?

The answer is Jewish religious nuts who believe in a god that is something akin to a Remax salesman parceling out land but only to the true believers.
That you are a True Believer is evidenced by wearing a magical hat, undershirt and growing sideburns that would have embarrassed Chester A. Arthur.

Chester A. Arthur
The West Bank is a war zone and these lunatics took their children for all the fun times.  What next?  American troops deployed to Afghanistan dragging along the wife and kids?
I guess when you breed like rabbits loosing a kid or two is no big deal when you have an opportunity to get your hands on subsidized real estate.


15 Responses to “Fields: Israeli Fanatics Commit Child Abuse”

  1. Sam Field's Groupie says:

    I never took you for a masochist, but you are clearly soliciting abuse here. Better to buy Mrs. Sam a dominatrix outfit and take your whipping behind closed doors.

  2. Sam Fields says:

    Nah, I just send her out to start the car.

  3. Bigot says:

    Mr. Sam Fields is nothing but a bigot. If you have read his “writings” in this spot, he hates Catholics, the Pope and Jews. I can’t believe anybody takes his “writings” seriously because they read like they came from the Klan.

  4. Yisrael Medad, Shiloh, Israel says:

    Besides that I consider your prose unduly harsh and insensitive, the point you make, if I understand your outlook, is that children don’t belong in a war zone. That’s quite logical. Of course, the first question should be: who is responsible for making it a war zone. Next, could it be that when an Arab suicide bomber blows himself up in a Jerusalem downtown pizza restaurant, do we move all children (and the elderly) out of the area? A Tel Aviv shopping mall? A Netanya hotel? Is perhaps all of Israel a war zone in that, statistically speaking, more innocent civilians have been killed and injured within the former Green Line borders than in the Jewish communities in the disputed territories? And as for the aspect of loosing kids for subsidised housing, imagine the Oklahoma Homestead Act and how many kids were lost there.

  5. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Bigot;
    I do not gladly suffer fools–headed up by the magical thinkers, i.e religions. This also includes New Agers; Protestants, Hindus, Buddists, Muslims, etc.
    Unfortunately these fools are dangerous and get us into wars arguing over “my god is better than your god”

  6. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Shiloh,
    Who created the war zone is an irrelevant question for purposes of parental responsibility of protecting your children. Either you put your kids safety first or you don’t.

    No place is 100% safe but Tel-Aviv is safer than Hebron. Further the West Bank wackos require a disproportionate amount of tax dollars to secure the place.

    Running around saying that you are entitled to land because an invisible being said so is mental illness; nothing more, nothing less.

  7. Israel Started It says:

    Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967 and has never left. There will never be peace until Israel gets its fanatical reigious right under control and gets out of the West Bank. They defy world opinion by staying there and everyday, as you wrote, they put their citizens in harm’s way.

  8. Never Again says:

    The writer would have us endure another Holocaust and the death of Jews in Israel. He speaks like a Nazi and a Jew-hater. Americans invaded and occupied California, often kicking outthe Indian and the Spanish settlers. Does anybody believe California is not better off part of the USA? Israel has a G-d given right to all of Israel.

  9. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Never Again,

  10. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Never Again,

  11. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Never Again,
    You actually believe that an invisible sentient being has given you real estate.

    If you ask nicely I will give you the name of a good psychiatrist.

  12. Never Again says:

    If you read Ezekiel from Chapter 40, you would know the truth. G-d promised ALL the land of Israel the chosen ones, the Jews. It is unfortuante that the Jewish people have been subjected to the death of innocents since the beginning of time. That is no reason to deny the truth.
    You who deny the truth are no better than Satan himself.

  13. 10 generation sabra says:


    if my grandfather, great-grandfather, etc., had to put the safety of his children first there would be no israel beacuse he would not have had children. keep in mind nebishkite that with no israel you american judens would be right where you belong, not in the back of the bus but under it. (no dogs, blacks, & jews allowed… how quickly you forget sam) if you got nothing constructive to say about your heritage nebishkite, keep it shut. that is the problem with you you are so ashamed of your heritage and don’t know where you came from then how do you expect to know where you are heading. bytw shmeel shmuck i’m not a religious right wing nut just a right wing nut on the right side of this road. as my captain in the us merchant marine told me decades ago “the american jews are 3 steps below garbage they are not proud of their heritage thus when it is convenient they are jews and when not they are americans” now you know why so many have a distaste for your kind your not loyal to anyone including yourselves.

    what about the 10 acres of land my great grandfather bought and paid for from the ottomans near nablus that was seized by the jordanians after 1948 we never got that back as well as the land he owned near petra in jordan

  14. Taken to its conclusion says:

    I guess that Sam would think that those pesky black people got the beatings they deserved trying to sit in those lunch counters in South Carolina in the 50s and 60s when they clearly weren’t wanted there by the majority.

    I guess those 4 girls in Selma deserved to get blown up for wanting to worship at that church that dared to remain open in a predominantly white area of town.

    And Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner got what they deserved in Mississippi. They clearly was no reason for those Freedom Riders to come where they weren’t wanted.

    These are all people who believed in that “invisible man in the sky” and believed that “invisible man” or creator endowed each of them with certain inalienable rights.

    But of course, because this is about an Israeli family believing that they could live in a place where they weren’t wanted, it must be their fault.

    Sam, I never pictured you as a segregationist.

  15. Sam Fields says:

    I love the comparison of West Bank Jews to black victims of Jim Crow. It would be a valid comparison if Bull Connor and the Birmingham police were Black. The Blacks had all the power and Blacks were aiming the fire hoses and bombing the churches.

    On the West Bank all the power is with the fanatical Jews backed by the Israeli army. They are in the same position as the Whites in apartheid South Africa. A well armed minority controlling the majority. It always ends the same. It is just a question of how soon and how painful it is going to be.

    Dear 10 generations
    if was not for the American Jews you would be nothing. People like my father who ran guns to Israel in 1948 made that country.

    You have been given the responsibility to perpetuate the Jewish culture and you are squandering it with your extreme nationalism as evidenced by your screeds to me.

    Dear Never Again,
    Consider lithium. Also consider that god sucks donkey dicks. Oops! you just read a blasphemy. Your going to hell, nah, nah, nah, nah.