Fields: I’m Right Again


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I told you so. 
Last year wrote a caveat to certain members of the Bush Administration to watch where they vacationed. Specifically, if you were involved in the torture strategy I recommended staying out of Belgium and Spain. 

My original post is here.
The media reports this week indicate that what I predicted is another step closer to reality. A story from Time Magazine is here.

Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon, who went after Augusto Pinochet, now has John Yoo and David Addington,, in his sights. Maybe even Alberto Gonzalez, the former U. S. Attorney General.

These are the guys that wrote the legal memos justifying waterboarding and the like.  They are under investigation for violation of the 1984 Torture Convention. 
If indicted, there is no chance the United States would extradite them. But, if they were on a European vacation, what some other country might dowho knows?

 The danger to Yoo and company is the indictments will be sealed.  Until they are arrested they can’t be sure they are under indictment. 
I look forward to seeing these bastards in handcuffs.

4 Responses to “Fields: I’m Right Again”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Wait a Minute! International Tribunals can be helpful in stopping genocide and other mulit-national horrendous crimes, but a local judge sitting in one country getting involved in cases outside his country is wrong, impratical and, let’s be honest, LEFT WING if not HARD LEFT un-democratic, tyranny. It sounds good to Left wingers that policies EVEN THEIR OWN FAVOURITE ELECTED OFFICIALS WOULD NOT VOTE TO DEFUND OR END are being “pursued” by FOREIGN JUDGES, but that just shows the un-democratic nature of the so-called “Liberals” in places like South Florida, Manhattan, and Southern California. Tell me, how would the viewers of this site feel if a MOSLEM RELIGOUS JUDGE IN IRAN starting indicting American Jewish Congressmembers from Broward County for “war crimes” by supporting Israel? Go ahead Mr. Field, defend that proposition.

  2. Justice Delivered says:

    The problem with the Bush Administration is not waterboarding. It is that the never waterboarded Sam Fields.
    We need to protect our borders from very dangerous individuals who would terrorize and kill our ciizens. If waterboarding and the like are necessary, so be it. We often forget, like Sam Fields, that the people subjected to this “torture,” which I don’t believe was really “torture,” were terrorists!

  3. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Chud

    Any Jew who goes to Iran is too dumb to be a Jew. Also if you bothered to read what I orginally wrote it pointed out that in 2008 the Bush administraton already prosecuted (life sentence) Chuckie Taylor for what he did in Liberia under this same long arm theory. I don’t remember you denouncing Bush for this or did I miss that comment????

    Justice: If you think waterboarding is not torture than I assume you support a Presidental Pardon for Yukio Asano a Japanese officer who got 15 year sentence after WWWII.

    I believe that we even executed others for the same thing.

    So is it an apology or hypocrisy. You pickem.

  4. Democrat says:

    Fields is right about this. The United States should be ashamed of itself for its action in this Bush war. President Obama has taken steps to make it right.