Fields: How I Saved $ On Electricity And Why FPL Is Wrong




Once again the Public Utilities Commission and Florida Power & Light continue to look for a solution for an energy shortage that does not exist.

Simply put, we do not need to add one overpriced watt of electrical capacity to meet the needs of Florida for the next twenty years.  What we need is improved efficiency which is cheaper, safer and proven.
I should know.  I have reduced my electrical demand between 30 and 40 percent without reducing my lifestyle one bit.

The first thing I did was have FPL come out and do a free analysis of my home which was built in 1978. I took their report seriously.
 I replaced leaky, poorly insulated air conditioning ducts. 

 When it came time to replace the AC, I paid an extra $1000 to get a system with a 17/18 SEER (efficiency rating).

Incandescent bulbs are a thing of the past in my house. 

And, of course, there are the most important three words–insulation, insulation and insulation.

I also joined the FPL “On Line” program. In the case of peak use they can shut off my pool pump and/or AC for twenty minutes per hour.  I don’t think they have used it once but I get paid every month for participating. I have been paid over $1500.  Why is this not the law for every Florida home?
 I have looked into solar power.  Currently it’s not worth it. With the exception of solar hot water (which I installed) it will cost you at least five times as much to create a watt of electricity than eliminate the need for that watt. That rule, or something close to it, applies to these proposals for giant solar, nuclear, biomass etc. projects.
 My cost has been somewhere between eight to ten thousand dollars.

I was able to pay cash for all these improvements.  For those who can’t pay cash we need a program to allow  financing  through electric bills.  Financed over seven years (at say 5%) it would be a net monthly savings.  After seven years its all savings all the time.
Unfortunately the Public Service Commission, like FPL, has an “Edifice Complex”.  Their answer to all problems lies in building giant things.

4 Responses to “Fields: How I Saved $ On Electricity And Why FPL Is Wrong”

  1. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I’ve also tried to do what I can afford to do and have noticed a great difference. Actually in the highest of electric use my bill runs $300 per month and when you think of all of the luxuries we get for $10 a day it’s worth it but don’t tell anybody from FPL I said this.

    Thanks Sam for your insight. I also think solar is great but at this time it is over priced, just like everything else it will come down to where it’s affordable.

  2. Boots says:

    I had solar hot water and pool heater, but had so much trouble getting it repaired when it (frequently) malfunctioned, that I went back to conventional electric when my solar vendor went out of business and I couldn’t get service or parts. Solar has to be more reliable and no more expensive to be widely embraced.

  3. Sandy Beach says:

    I have been on the On Call Program for over a year now,I save about 11.00 a month.But then I had new roof,windows,upgraded my electric,new energy efficient appliances,all new duct work and A New 14 SEER Trane AC Unit.My electric bill went from 270.00 a month and it is now 85.00 a month.I stopped using my dryer I now hang my clothes out and changed all the light bulbs in and outside the house.
    I did all the upgrades as my house was built n 1966

  4. sam fields says:

    Sandy beach–congrads

    Boots-sorry about your bad experience with solar. It is the exception.

    If any of you want to get the full range of solar and related energy saving devices go to The Energy Store in Hollywood.

    601 N 21st ave, Hollywood

    The owner, Paul, is a great guy with anamazing product line.