Fields: GOP Blacks, Jews Are Just Tokens

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Republicans don’t care that the GOP color pallet looks like chocolate chip ice cream that is chintzy on the chips.

You can include in that list the GOP’s mouthpieces — FOX News, The (Angry Old Whie Peoples’) Tea Party or The Young Republicans. 

They all believe in an America that is as white and Christian as a 1950s television sitcom…and about as relevant to today’s reality.  

One Of The GOP’s Few Blacks: Allen West


It wasn’t always like that.
After the Civil War, Blacks had prominent public roles in the GOP.
No more.

The last Black Republican in Congress, J.C. Watts of Oklahoma, left almost a decade ago.
For that matter, Republicans ain’t too interested in anyone that doesn’t look like or think like Ozzie and Harriet.  Unless, that is, he is willing to be a showpiece like Steele or Allen West, the GOP candidate handpicked to run against U. S. Rep. Ron Klein, D- Boca Raton.
But it’s not just about race.  It’s also about religion.
U. S. Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia is the last and only GOP Jew on Capital Hill.
The 2008 GOP Convention had the fewest Blacks in forty years.

The numbers don’t lie.
They can pull out all the tokens they want, but the top-to-bottom decline makes clear that the modern GOP mantra is simple: “If you ain’t White and you ain’t Christian you ain’t shit.


Unless he got paid big bucks, Robert Halderman threatened to expose a sex secret about TV talk host David Letterman.  It got him six months in jail
Unless she got paid big bucks, Autumn Jackson threatened to expose a sex secret about comedian Bill Cosby. It got her 26 months in prison.
Unless she got paid big bucks, Rachel Uchitel threatened to expose a sex secret about golfer Tiger Woods. It got her $10,000,000 from Woods.

Rachel Uchitel

I can’t see the difference in the incidents except Uchitel hired a lawyer to negotiate the deal.
Even more of a mystery is why Woods paid her a dime when dozens of other women were blabbing it all over the tabloids, the internet, Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show, etc.


Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but some day we will look back on how we wasted petroleum burning it up in cars and heating homes.  
On a much larger scale it compares to Haitians wiping out their forests to cook dinner. Their floods and the poverty are a direct result of clear cutting this national treasure.
Petroleum is a valuable asset for plastics and a million other important things.  We are literally and figuratively burning up our seed corn.


Not a day goes by without another story that Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s Caudillo of the Left, has screwed over people who oppose him.
He has been pissing away the petro dollars while trying to freeze prices and his currency.  He thinks he can rewrite the laws of economics.
 Bad for Venezuela, good for America.
I say that because there are only two things Venezuela has we want–oil and baseball players. [If it does not sound too sexist, there is a third thing– drop dead gorgeous women.]
In the end, he can’t refuse to sell us the oil since we are his biggest customer.  Just go to any 7-ll.  Citgo is a subsidiary of the Venezuelan government.
If there was ever any chance that they would use their oil to challenge American interests in South America,  “The Bloated One will make sure that won’t happen.
Chavez is “all hat and no cattle. 

The middleclass is fleeing (with those women) and the wealthy are  finding ways to move their assets to the U.S.
Chavez will hand us a valuable class of educated and wealthy immigrants.

Did I forget to mention the women?

Sam’s Dream

I have previously written that the last thing we should be doing is protecting overseas financial interests.  It just encourages capital flight.  It just weakens America.
We should welcome jerks like Chavez

14 Responses to “Fields: GOP Blacks, Jews Are Just Tokens”

  1. Lady Law says:

    Sam needs a girl friend.

  2. Phil Heck says:

    @Lady Law

    In my opinion, Fields needs a lot more than a girl friend.

    On the local blog scene, I can’t think of anyone more screwed up in his head than Sam Fields, with the possible exception of Chaz Stevens.

    It is disturbing that Buddy Nevins, a formerly respected journalist, would turn his blog over to this fount of misinformation and vitriol aimed at people he doesn’t agree with.

    It’s ironic that as Fields implies that the GOP excludes Jews, the equally screwed up David Duke just wrote an article claiming that Jews have taken control of the party.

    Buddy, your column in the Sun-Sentinel was a must read, and many of us were excited when you returned with this blog.

    But the last thing South Florida needs is another left wing blog written for the lowest common denominator. If you must have commentary, why not have a range of opinion from all sides of the political spectrum?


    Thanks for your very kind comments.

    As I have written before and I reiterate now:

    I will consider any guest columnists for posting, regardless of their views.

    There are several caveats:
    (1) I won’t publish racists or homophobic material.
    (2) It has to understandable and well-written.
    (3) It preferable deals with local issues.
    (4) I get to edit it.
    (5) You won’t get paid.

    Send me anything you have to

  3. Tommy the Fry Cook says:

    I can’t speak to Sam being screwed up in the head (he may well be…aren’t we all to a point?), but I always find his rants entertaining and, far more often than not, right on the money (or pretty close).

    Whether you like him or not, you have to give him credit for having the balls to write on topics that other people may think about but would never discuss in public.

    Sam and Buddy: keep it up!

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Phil’s always the tough guy hiding behind his veil of anonymity.

    The funny thing there Phyllis is that thousands and thousands and thousands of folks come to read what Sam and I have to say.

    As for you, you’re relegated to being the gadfly’s gadfly.

    How’s it feel to be pretty much inconsequential?

    Chaz Stevens, Genius

    PS Buddy. You’ve conflated your email address with your URL.

  5. dk says:

    sam’s dream woman kind of looks like…. rachel uchitel!

  6. Mister Courthouse says:

    Sam obviously needs to start dating some of the many single female judges like Judge Lebow. Then he can screw them while they are screwing his clients.

    Sam, get a life. You are a sad, sad individual who has nothing but your wisecracks to keep you company.

  7. mustbecrazy says:

    Well said Tommy the Fry Cook.

  8. Mister Courthouse Closet says:

    Sam’s continual writing about women makes me wonder what closet he is in. Larry Craig or Larry Flint?

  9. Sam Fields says:

    You got me. My 25 year marriage was a beard!!!!!

    Please don’t tell the kids.

  10. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    If there are few blacks in the GOP maybe they are afraid of being called Uncle Toms by the always “open-minded” Libs. Or having their finger bitten off by a union thug at a town hall meeting. Libs don’t care about the African American community. Just to prove ideology is thicker than race, the first black president ended school vouchers. What private school does his girls go to again? Ramble on incoherently all you want Sam. That still won’t change the fact that it was a Republican who signed the Emancipation Proclamation and Republicans who passed the Civil Rights Act. I wonder if Robert Byrd could be heard from underneath that Grand Dragon hood? And Chaz should get over himself. No one is reading this blog for his opinion. He is the fly that makes it to the kitchen table.

  11. Sam Fields says:

    It’s appropriate that someone who defends the GOP on race would be called “What Would Reagan Do”

    We should never forget that it was The Gipper who once observed that growing up in the 1930’s “we didn’t have racial problems.”

    It’s the same mentality that encouraged the Bob McDonnell, Republican governor of Virginia, to declare April to be Confederate Heritage Month.

    Slavery, schmavery.

    To keep his job I am sure that Michael Steele will be more than happy to attend one of the events dressed up like a lawn jockey.

    I assume that the highpoint of Confederate Heritage History Month will be April 20–Hitler’s birthday.

    Of course I understand his and Conservative anger: “We used to own them and now it’s hot and cold running Mandingo.”

    You are without any sense of history. Republicans have not been the defenders of civil rights since the 1960’s. Remember Barry Goldwater opposed every civil rights bill and that is the wing of the party that triumphed.

    The core of the southern GOP are the Democratic defectors who left over the racial issue.

    Even you can’t be that ignorant.

    On the other hand maybe you can.

    Hey Sam,
    Check this from a New York Times Magazine profile of Reagan from 1966.

    “A Goldwater Republican, Reagan is opposed to the Social Security Act as currently constituted, the progressive income tax, Medicare, the antipoverty program, farm subsidies, T.V.A., the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, public housing, Federal aid to education and using Veteran Administration hospitals for other than service-connected disabilities. He is a scornful critic of ‘encroaching Federal control.’ He fears our birthright is being eroded and that we are drifting toward the ‘collectivist’ philosophy of Socialism, the precursor of tyrannical Communism.”


  12. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Sam. I am well aware of Strom Thurmond. Are you aware of Robert Byrd? He still holds his seat as a Democrat Senator. And he used the “n” word just a few years ago on the floor of the Senate. Are you ignorant or just a blind partisan? Buddy? You’re kidding right? The New York Times magazine? That’s your ammo? An opinion piece by a canary cage liner? That’s laughable and, I thought, above you. When was the Great Society and the war on poverty? What has changed since? Tell me one thing the Democrat Party has done for black Americans. Tell me one thing that the Democrat Party has done for any Americans. The only thing Dems care about are unions and lawyers because they stuff the coffers. Eliminating school vouchers even though it benefits minorities. Avoiding tort reform even though it would help doctors serve low income patients. Sam. Here is your homework assignment if you can get out from in front of the mirror long enough to do a little research. Look up the increase in black owned businesses during the Reagan years. Look up the increase in household income for black Americans during the Reagan years. And tell me ONE thing that Dems have done to improve life for black Americans. One thing. And don’t cite floor speeches and characterizations from opinion pieces. The Democrat Party looks at black Americans as a voting block and nothing more. And when a black American joins the GOP they are ravaged and smeared by you “open-minded” bigots. Do you remember the political cartoons of Condaleeza Rice by Pat Oliphant, Gary Trudea, and Jeff Danzinger portraying her as a “mammy” with oversized lips and eubonic vocabulary? That is by far the most racist thing I have seen in recent years. They were published in the left leaning mainstream media. I expect this crap from Sam. He is a mental midget who regurgitates the same hate speech over and over and never provides a substantial case against any contrary opinion. I expect more from you Buddy. But now I’ve lost faith. I know how you can redeem yourself, though. Go ahead and provide what must have been an ocean of written outrage by you when those cartoons came out. I’m sure you must have written something condemning those racists cartoons. After all, someone who is willing to cite an OPINION piece as factual evidence would certainly be outraged by blatant racism where there is no room for interpretation.

    I could have quoted any source. The positions of Ronald Reagan were well known and the article I quoted reflected accurately what he stood for in 1966.
    I have no idea what cartoons you are discussing. But if they were racist, I condemn them.
    As far as “the left leaning mainstream media,” the most success media outlet in the past five years is Fox News. Would you consider that “left leaning?” It has more than double the ratings of any other cable station.
    You can add the radio talk shows of Rush and the Fox News broadcasters to the list. They reach far more people than any liberal radio broadcaster.
    Bottom line: There are plenty of outlets for conservative views and liberal views.
    The NY Times, which many consider liberal, reaches far fewer people daily than Fox. It sells only a few more copies in NYC than Fox’s sister, the NY Post.
    The biggest newspaper in the country is the Wall Street Journal, which has the same conservative ownership as Fox News.
    Conservative book authors such as Palin and the Fox News crew outsell any liberals, according to the NY Times best seller list.
    But none of this really matters today. Anybody can read any point of view they want on the Internet.

  13. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Buddy. You presented a label for a man who, like Goldwater, was about State’s rights. You know bills are not single item issues. That intellectuall dishonesty is the root of the problem with our political world today. Everything is political capital. If I do not support this Obama Health Care Bill it does NOT mean I am opposed to health care. If I think spending cuts are necessary to alleviate the burden of our children and grandchildren it does not mean I want to starve poor people. If I believe welfare can be a dehumanizing program that can create generational destruction it does not mean I love only wealthy Americans. We should be hashing out ideas and allowing them to stand on merit and common sense, not labeling the GOP racist. Tommy Smothers was once on the old Bill Maher show and Maher thought he had an ally when discussing Freedom of Speech for some rap star. Tommy Smothers, who suffered financially for his willingness to speak, surprised Maher by saying (I am paraphrasing of course)the Constitution doesn’t protect anyone’s right to say the most infamatory and obscene things. He lived through a time when free speech meant fire hoses, dog bites, and as Billie Holliday sang, Strange Fruit hanging from a tree. Sam Fields can make any statement he wants. I wish he would present an argument that would make America better instead of rehashing his old Christians are intolerant bigots and the GOP are homophobe racists. It is too easy to do AND the strongest evidence that his intellectual arguments can not stand toe-to-toe with the conservative ideology. If you truly want to see that Condaleeza Rice cartoon, google Tom Oliphant Washington Post Condaleeza Rice cartoon. The fact that you don’t know about it is an idication of the lack of outrage from the left media outlets. I only knew of it becuase I watch Fox News. Maybe that is why they are winning the ratings battles. I challenge you to post that cartoon on this website. It was disgraceful. And it would give SAm an opportunity to speak against a clear case of racism instead of tired old political maneuvering.

  14. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Sorry, Buddy. It is PAT Oliphant, not Tom.