Fields: Fundamentalists Come In Many Forms

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sam fields

We have all heard about religious schools that teach about the world as if scientific knowledge had not advanced in 1500 years.
If you guessed I am writing about Muslims and the Wahhabi Madrassas you are close–but no cigar.
What I am talking about are Orthodox Yeshivas that are producing extremists like the Wahhabi schools.
Like the Wahhabi schools, education in some of these Yeshivas is extremely limited.

In the Wahhabi schools they read little more than the Koran and the commentary in Sharia.  In these Yeshivas, they read the Torah (the first five books in the Bible ) and the commentary in the Talmud and Halakha (religious law).
Education is little more than rote indoctrination.  Skeptical thinking is heretical. 
While they are political enemies on the surface, Wahhabis and Yeshivas have similar social values and pseudo-scientific beliefs.
A large and dominant branch of Orthodox Judaism is the Hasidic Chabad-Lubavitch, which was headed up by the late Menachem Schneerson. He is now being described by some of his followers as the Messiah.  For them he is the latest Jewish Jesus.
Even after his death, his word cannot be questioned.  Scientific belief and religious belief are one and the same.  Among his “scientific beliefs are:

  1. The world about 5,800 years old.
  2. Until 4,000 years ago, everyone spoke Hebrew. 
  3. Women are impure (read inferior/evil).
  4. On the second day of Creation the sun and the moon were equal in size. Then the moon asked to be bigger, so God punished the moon by making it smaller.
  5. We live in a geocentric universe where the Earth is the central object.

Most important is the belief that Schneerson was not only a great rabbi but he was the “greatest scientist who ever lived.
As evidenced by a survey done for the Council of Secular Humanism by Alexander Nussbaum this kind of thinking is not limited to Hasidics.  It dominates Orthodox Jewish education.  

Nussbaum, who attended an Orthodox Jewish high school, surveyed 90 Orthodox Jews.  Seventy six had college degrees.  Forty seven had science degrees.  They overwhelmingly bought into the five ideas listed above although “only sixteen thought the sun revolved around the Earth. 
Most believed that Hebrew was the original language throughout the world.  Half believed that the universe was 7000 years old.  Ninety-six percent denied evolution and 2/3 believed that scientists who supported Darwin were purposely lying.
Jewish Fundamentalism is like every other fundamentalist religion. 
Whether they are Jews, Christians, Muslims or Hindus, fundamentalist attitudes about society, science and the inferiority of women is virtually the same.
Out of timidity, the majority has allowed itself to be silenced as the fundamentalists take control of the agenda. 
It reminds me of the tragedy that has befallen the Black community. Ignorant gutter culture has become a dominant voice and those who denounce it, such as Bill Cosby, are called Uncle Toms.
For writing this I am sure that I will denounced as a bigot and/or a self-hating Jew.
If the price for speaking the truth is having that label pinned on me I will consider the source and wear it with pride.
So bring it on.

25 Responses to “Fields: Fundamentalists Come In Many Forms”

  1. Chaz Stevens says:

    I disagree with this. Completely.

    Woman aren’t evil. No way.

    They are all whores. Those that say they aren’t, are lying whores.

    Outside of my Mom that is…

    FROM BUDDY: You have a very well developed sense of humor. I love it!

  2. Fool says:

    A fool who wraps himself in so-called science is still a fool. God created the earth. The date may be debatable, but the Truth is known.

  3. Chaz Stevens says:

    @ out to lunch

    Is there any difference between the Truth and the truth?


    Is there any difference between you are an Idiot and you are an idiot?

    Everyone just wonders…

  4. Garfish says:

    Well Chaz, an idiot is only secular. An Idiot is divinely inspired.

  5. Chaz Stevens says:


    Now that is Genius.

  6. disenchanted says:

    right on sam, but is there one woman on this fair planet over 40 who does not believe all males were born genetically defective and only their allegedly reasoned opinions can lead us to nirvana.

  7. Sam Fields says:

    Dear disenchanted
    About 90% ofthe women of fundementalist churches. My view is that the only thing that straighten out these reactionary bums is an occasional Lorena Bobbit.

  8. Sam Fields says:


  9. Question for Sam says:


    Let’s talk about a subject you love — Sam Fields. You write a lot about religion. Why are you so fixated on this topic, particularly on criticizing religion? Specifically on trying to disprove the validity of religion. More specifically, on trying to humiliate those that have religious beliefs.

    Why is that so important to you and, as an atheist, why do you care?

    Is it your attempt to convert or “educate” us all into atheism so that we will finally see the light as you see it? Would your purpose be to free us all of religious proselytizing?

    And if so, would you agree that such an effort, in itself, qualifies as an attempt to proselytize?

    What exactly is your angle here Sam? Are your articles written with my best interest at heart, or is it your approach at trying to explore unresolved spiritual thoughts of your own?

  10. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Question,
    For thousands of years religious nuts like you have been proselytizing, evangelizing, witnessing, etc. You travel the world over to convert everyone to agree with you. You have countless radio and TV shows. When in control of the instrument of government you tortured and executed those who reject your beliefs.

    So one little old atheist challenges your cockamamie ideas and you freak out.

    That convinces me that I am on the right road and it’s not the road to Damascus.

    Happy Winter Solstice.

  11. Evasive Answer says:


    Your response is evasive. I have never controlled the instrument of any government and I have not traveled anywhere preaching anything to anyone. I have no TV shows, I do not torture, and am not freaking out at anything.

    I’m just asking questions hoping you will respond.

    It sounds to me like you are proselytizing atheism even as you argue against the proselytizing efforts of religions.

    That seems inconsistent. It seems to be hypocrisy. Atheist typically don’t care what others believe. Part of being an atheist is acknowledging that others believe but showing them the same respect atheists want; not interfering.

    Yours appears to be a different brand of atheism. You seem to be recruiting members by making them question their beliefs and this intrigues me.

    I’ve never met an atheist proselytizing atheism before. Please respond — What is your motivation for doing that?

  12. Mister Courthouse says:

    Evasive Answer will never get a straight answer out of Sam Fields. He is proselytizing atheism, which is exactly what he criticizes religions for doing. He is intellectually dishonest about it.

  13. Chaz Stevens says:

    My gawd carries a hammer. Your’s was nailed to a cross.

    Any questions?

  14. Sam Fields says:

    Apparently English is not your first language.

    When have I ever said that I am not proselytizing?

    Of course I am.

    Where has anyone ever written that atheists don’t proselytize?

    Best sellers by Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris are all proselytizing?

    When have I ever said you should not be allowed to talk up your supernatural bullshit?

    I have never attacked you right to promote your bullshit I have only attacked its lack of wisdom..

    I will say it again. You are a bunch of cowards who are only willing to hide behind anonymity.

    I would be glad to debate you anytime, anywhere including your deluded church.

  15. Easy Now says:

    Sam, there’s no need for insult or animus. You wrote a blog. By definition that invites responses and questions. I now have your response.

    Your wish to recruit new atheists while acknowledging the right of others to proselytize. I’ll accept that.

    Last question. Why?

    Did you write this article for my benefit or yours? In other words, do you seek to convert people to atheism because you think it’s good for them or because you want more people to agree with you?

    There’s a difference. I seek to better understand that difference so that I can better understand your ministry.


  16. Sam Fields says:

    Both. I am right and in general people would be better off not living a lie. Especially when that lie, which comes is many variations, has been another reason/excuse for war and oppression for thousands of years.

    Fighting over the last crumb of bread is unfortuate but understandable. Fighting over “my god is better than your god” is tragic as well as absurd.

    The truth will set you free and until you drop your superstitious belief system you can never be fully free. My way offers you to be a fully developed human being operating within the rules of society.

  17. Sam Fields says:

    PS to easy now, Anytime you would like to meet me face to face for an honest discussion I am ready, willing and able.

    If you are like the rest of the bible thumpers you lack the courage of your convicitons to meet me, the antiChrist, face to face.

  18. Chaz Stevens says:

    @ Easy Now…

    Allow me to school you up.

    This is a blog.
    A blogger writes articles known as posts. Sam is a blogger.
    Folks such as yourself make themselves known. These are called comments.

    By the way, God is dead. Didn’t you get the news? We sent that electronically to you. That is known as e-mail.

  19. Chaz Stevens says:

    PS. As an atheist myself, let me wish you a Merry Nothing.

  20. No Interest says:

    I have no interest in meeting you. The caliber of your responses tells me everything I need to know. You’re just another self-absorbed fool making noise.

  21. Chaz Is Right says:

    God may be dead in you, which some might say makes you dead, but God is very much alive in me. And frankly, that’s all that matters.

    Irrespective of what you wish me, my wish for you is a merry everything. Without God, you should have every consolation possible. It is an empty life.

    By the way (and remember this) the moment before your death, you’ll find out what you really believe.

  22. Sam Fields says:

    Dear No interest,

    I think you are afraid to meet me. this tells me how weak your beliefs are.

  23. Don't Know Who No Interest Is says:

    I am not “no interest” Sam. People on blogs sometimes get confused with one another. But I appreciate your answer regarding the motivation of your ministry.

    It is a reasonable response. I don’t have to agree with your viewpoint to accept that you answered the questions honestly and that your stated intentions are not harmful.

    “My God is better than your God” is a very tragic and repeating problem. Especially when the “Gods” at issue happen to be the very same one, as in the case of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, where it is precisely the same God that we all worship. Not that I would justify God-wars under any circumstance.

    Our Gods want us at peace and living in harmony. They do not want us at war, and God-war, killing others in the name of God, or to please God, is the ultimate blasphemy.

    I will contact you one day when I am in town.

  24. Sam Fields says:

    Reading the Old Testament, New Testamentand the Koran makes it very difficultto conclude the believers are talking about the same god

  25. And Yet They Are says:

    The God of the Christians, Jews and Muslims is the God of Abraham. Three different religions but same God.