Fields: Florida Man Without Brain Runs for Senate

Guest Columnist

Is there a better example that Marco Rubio is a shallow “shoot from the lip politician than his idea that the 2010 Census should not count illegal aliens? 

Apparently this Republican expects this will get creds with the GOP xenophobic Right for his U. S. Senate race.

Annually, $400 billion in federal funds are divided on the basis of the Census population.  That includes education, health, transportation, etc.
Apparently “Lipshooter thinks that if we don’t count illegals they won’t drive on Florida roads, get arrested, send their kids to public schools or show up at Broward General’s emergency room with a ruptured appendix or a knife wound.

11 Responses to “Fields: Florida Man Without Brain Runs for Senate”

  1. Average Joe says:

    Sam since you seem to have all the brain and lip service why don’t you run for the seat. Right or wrong, at least Rubio is moving his “lips” unlike you Sam blowing hot air out of your arss.

  2. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Dems aren’t for counting illegals either. If they’re on the record it’ll be more difficult to have them vote more than once like they do in every election. Just ask Bob Dornon how he managed to lose his election.

  3. Marni Diamond says:

    I just wanted to take a moment to share a recent experience I had meeting County Court Judge John Hurley. He came to an event at my synagogue and I found him to be quite a genuine, good guy. A true mench. Judge Hurley is a gentleman and quite handsome. He talked to me and my girlfriends for a long time and he really listened to what we had to say. It was amazing to hear about the long hours he puts in at the Courthouse. Sadly, because he now has an opponent he has less time to stay at home with his new wife, as he has to work full time at the Court and full time campaigning. I would imagine that it is one of the most important jobs in the Court system to keep the jail population in compliance with a Federal Court Order.
    I was very upset to find out that this woman, who is jewish but married to a gentile, who is running against Judge Hurley advocates on behalf of murderers on facing death row. It is my understanding that this woman who because she has a Jewish maiden name was put up to run by Courthouse malcontents who are jealous of what a good job Judge Hurley is doing. Worse yet, these same malcontents spread false rumors about the Judge and get the media to buy into these rumors. For a change, I think the media should take the time to write positive articles about people who do good for our community like Judge Hurley.
    I know my friends and I at my synagogue nad condo are going to vote for Judge John Hurley instead of an advocate for death row murderers.

  4. Rubio Not Ready for Prime Time says:

    He is an angry guy feeding anger to an angry crowd. His politics are harsh and nearly absent of compassion for others. His is an ultra right viewpoint, extreme and unsatisfying, just as ultra left viewpoints leave us feeling sort of numb. Lacking is the moderation that comes with years of living.

    He has the intellectual ability to be a leader, he has the will to lead. But he lacks the life experience and compassion to know what is right for society. He has difficulty thinking outside of his own suit, as others do, he can’t relate to how others live that don’t share his personal situation. This makes him remote and distant from the reality of too many.

    And there is no better proof of it all than the situation Florida is in today. His 100 Ideas for Florida, the hallmark of his time as speaker, have resulted in this State being in much worse shape today than we have been in decades, possibly ever. Thank Goodness we didn’t listen to him when he advocated raising the sales tax. We’d be totally out of business. Marco Rubio is simply not ready for prime time.

    Charlie Crist has been layed bare for empty suit he truly is, a smile behind a tan, behind whatever he truly is, behind a suit. He is the elected puppet of rich guys like Rothstein, who promote him with their money and then yoke him to perform their bidding like their privately elected ox. He has no credibility.

  5. I love a mench says:

    Thank you Marni for that lovely story…(cough…cough…rolls eyes)….

  6. disenchanted says:

    who in the world is filling all the blogs with these idiotic puff pieces about hurley, enough already those who know him have made up their minds stop insulting our inteligence.

  7. Sam's Groupie says:

    Marni and her ilk have convinced me to vote for whomever runs against Hurley, in perpetuity. I had not yet even considered my vote in that election, but my mind is now firmly fixed on Anybody But Hurley.

  8. Dave R says:

    Was Rubio friends with Scott Rothstein too?

  9. GET REAL says:

    Sam, when some of the comments are longer than your story, kind of stretching your title as a “columnist”.

  10. Tommy the Fry Cook says:

    Wow…how does every thread become a campaign ad for Judge Hurley?!? It makes me LESS inclined to support him out of sheer annoyance.

    Sam is right: Marco Rubio is a loud-mouthed punk who is trying to appeal to the lunatic fringe. He’s about the only candidate that can make that empty suit Charlie Crist look favorable.

  11. Nona says:

    Rubio Sucks.
    This campaign is being run by monkeys or something.