Fields: Drug Test Rick Scott, Legislators

BY SAM FIELDS                                                                                             Guest Columnist

Governor Tricky Ricky Scott and the Republican troglodytes in the legislature have decided that anyone getting welfare should submit to random drug testing.

On his own, Tricky Ricky added all employees working for the Executive branch.

Both plans are on hold until the courts determine whether these searches are a violation of the U. S. and Florida Constitution’s protection against unreasonable searches and our privacy.

This is only more grandstanding drivel from Tallahassee. No one produced any credible evidence that there is a meaningful drug problem with welfare recipients or state employees. Their misfortune – like teachers – is that they are part of a group that Republicans don’t like.

I’m willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of drug use found will be prescription drugs.  The big time pushers are pharmaceutical houses and not marijuana grow houses.

We should ask Republicans:  If drug testing is good for a select group, why not expand it to anyone who does business with the State?  Or anyone who received a tax cut from the 2012 Legislature?

After all, drug abuse is drug abuse and Florida Legislature is apparently desperate to root it out.

Consider all the car accidents from drugs and alcohol.  Why not require anyone getting a driver’s license is submitting to random drug testing?

After the start giving urine tests, we can change the name of the D.M.V. (Department of Motor Vehicles) to D.M.Pee.

Let’s go one step further.

Shouldn’t legislators and Tricky Ricky be required to take drug tests? Because being stoned is the only excuse for all the wacky stuff that they passed this year. Wacky stuff like the time and money-wasting drug tests.

40 Responses to “Fields: Drug Test Rick Scott, Legislators”

  1. Stan says:


  2. Drug Tester says:

    I think Buddy needs to be drug tested for keeping Sam on his web site.

  3. Death Frog 3 says:

    Once again Sam I find myself agreeing with you.

    Stop the drug testing (except for employees I had to submit to random testing as a county employee) or test everyone who receives state money.

    I would take it a step further. Those who receive state assistance should be required to perform community service, or job training when not actively looking for a job, sick, or caring for a dependent.

    So call me a socialist but if you are taking state money the state should get something in return.

  4. S only says:

    I thought the state Republicans were trying to LOWER state costs. All this drug testing would cost a fortune…but to whom? Does Guv Ricky have an interest in labs who do this testing? who’s cousin/brother is getting all this new and needless business? Are these the new JOBS the guv is creating?

  5. challenge for sam says:

    HOT AIR ALERT!! Sam is speaking. The man who talks about things he isn’t willing to back up. Go to Hip Hop weekend. NO Credibility ALERT!!!!

    blow hard!!

  6. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Actually DeathFrog

    I’d rather call you a blithering idiot.

  7. watcher says:

    The test violate the 4th amendment. In a lot of ways the 4th amendment is really the source of all freedoms. Weakening the 4th amendment because you hate giving to those you consider slouches and leachies is is is…wrong/unAmerican/not conservative…ugh

  8. Former BCSB Insider says:

    you are spot on. Which prominent Republicans have businesses that will profit immensely from this silly drug testing? When will everyone that gets money from the state be added to this push for mandatory drug testing? Finally, what cost savings in the amount of tax dollars will be realized after all expenses have been calculated?

  9. Its a Miracle says:

    Wouldn’t it be horrible if welfare recipients were required to be responsible for their actions? If someone is in such dire straits that they need public assistance, they have no business spending their money on illicit drugs. The reason is, that in reality, they are spending public money to buy illegal drugs.

    What is wrong with an employer testing his employees for drugs. Almost all major employers do this now, why shouldn’t State Government?

  10. Mister Courthouse says:

    Fields leaves out the relevant fact that welfare recipients are receiving government money. The government has a right to establish their eligibility.

    Private employers routinely require drug testing. Why not government?

    However, I am suspicious of Gov. Scott and wouldn’t be surprised if it is discovered that he has contributors or a friend in the drug testing business that will receive this contract.

  11. @ mister courthouse says:

    Using that same reasoning, the fact that you receive the benefit of a public street, sidewalk, utility, and other improvements paid for by tax dollars and prior to receiving those improvements the government can establish eligibility, would that give government the right to say that if a public road is connected to your property then they have the right to enter upon that property and within the structure at any time to search for stolen property?

    No, because they can only set eligibility conditions that do not violate the constitution.

    To answer your second question, see above…

  12. Sam Fields says:

    I will try to dumb this down enough for those of you who insist on comparing privates enterprises random drug testing to government drug testing.

    The Fourth Amendment ban on “unreasonable search and seizures” –like the rest of the Bill of Rights–restricts only to the actions of government. If McDonalds wants its employees to piss test each and every hour that’s their business.

    Making an easy as pie “straw man purchase”, people on welfare can buy beer and cigarettes. Why don’t we spend a few more million to check that out?

    Go back to your Klan meeting

  13. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Mr. Challenge,
    99% of the activities whose rights I support and defend are things that I would not have any interest in. Urban Week is one of them.

    Apparently you believe that the only activities that should be permitted are the ones that you would participate in.

    Note to Mr. Challenge: Your village called; they want you back. They miss their idiot.

  14. Death Frog 3 says:

    Really Chaz,

    Name calling? You’re my hero.

    @ Sam

    I agree the drug testing is a bad idea unless you test everyone receiving state money.

    I disagree with your 4th ammendment interpretation though. Strictly philosophical but if you work in certain industries that require licensure the state can do regualtory inspections at any time (bars for instance).

    They can even use the results of a regulatory inspection in criminal cases (ask Joe Rodriguez). A condition of receiving the state issue license (substitute license and insert money) is that you consent to searches. Obviously you dont have to consent, just dont take the license (money).

    I think all state employees should be tested as a condition of employment. This is a normal condition of employment in every city/county I know of for law enfocrement. Its already being done.

    The people receiving assistance being tested just creates a bureaucracy that we dont need.

  15. Ed Foley says:

    This has long been a pet peeve of mine. Why should drugs (any drugs) be illegal. Why make people steal from me to finance an artificially expensive habit.
    There would be no drug cartels without the illegal aspects of drugs.
    Frankly I don’t give enough of a damn about weak people who spend their time in a drug haze. A few years of inexpensive drug suppliers (State stores, maybe like Pennsylvania) and society will rid itself of the feeble minded. Painful, certainly but at the other end all it will cost is a few pits to serve as mass graves and we can get on with our lives.
    Think of the spectacular reality TV shows that Hollywood can produce as druggies find new and spectacular ways to do away with themselves!
    Of course, we’ll save a ton on cops no longer needed to hassle people over drugs, and those unfogged by drug use will have a much easier time finding work.
    C’mon Sam, join me in celebrating freedom!

  16. Floridan says:

    If the GOP wanted to save money and prevent those who use illegal drugs from receiving state aid, they would require testing of college students who have been awarded state scholarships (such as Bright Futures).

    On the other hand, can you really imagine that happening? Like all bullies, the Republicans prefer to pick on the weak rather than those who might be able to fight back.

  17. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Death Frog.

    Considering the reason you were let go from BSO, this story is right up your alley.

  18. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    Death Frog,

    I don’t consider the sentiment you expressed in your 2:44 post socialist at all. FDR, following the Great Depression, created the Works Progress Administration more commonly known as the WPA. People on relief were expected to participate in public works projects and activities such as building parks, bridges, roads that helped revitalize the economy. All these many years later the WPA projects remain there as lasting contributions that generations will continue to enjoy. Compare that to the extict “welfare” mindset where you handed out a check, it got spend, and next month there was another check. Workfare, or welfare to work, was a long overdue and hallmark Clinton Administration accomplishment which followed the very blueprint that FDR issued when creating the WPA in 1932.

    That’s not socialism. Far from it that’s smart capitalism. It’s common sense. It’s good government.

    I would extend the theory to people in jails or prison. It’s ridiculous that society should pay for them to just sit in a jail cell. I’m a strong believer in making everyone productive to the maximum level thay can. It’s wasteful to think otherise. How can any inmate “pay off their debt to society” simply by serving time while doing nothing that pays someone back?

    Minimally, they should work off the cost of their stay? Doesn’t that make sense, otherwise it’s we who are punished by being taxed to pay for their stay in a prison. This never made any sense to me. People in jail whould be working. Not slaves. Not mistreated. But working.

    Take Rothstein or Madoff for example. How do those they stole from benefit from these guys sitting in a jail cell doing nothing?

    Punishment through incarceration does nothing to compensate their victims. I want them punished for what they did. But that’s not enough. While they are being punished, I want them DOING SOMETHING to repay their victims. They may never repay them in full. Even if they did they might still have to serve time. But this approach to criminal justice seems more logicial and meaningful than the one we have today.

    I would encourage you and others to continue thinking on that frequency. There’s progress that approach.

    However, I disagree with the sentiment in your 1:38 post. On the question of drug testing, while no government employee should ever be using illegal drugs, and those caught dealt with firmly, I think there are strong constitutional grounds for not allowing government to search any person without cause except for inmates. This legal principle must be respected. Without cause, government has no need and certainly no right to demand a test of anyone. Including a government employee. This observation is certianly not intended as a shot at you — but I do find it funny sometimes when I hear the very people pledging to defend the Constitution the most become so eager to violate it when it comes to hurting others in the way of their agenda. In this case government workers. The Governor was wise to back off this one.


  19. Death Frog 3 says:

    Hey buddy,

    When I mentioned very true things about your friend Chaz. You edited them out. He flat out lies about me and you leave them. What gives?

    The guy has no idea what he is talking about. I believe I have contributed thought out commentary to your blog.

    Chaz’s urine/feces throwing escapades are well documented. Dont allow him to sully your blog too.

    As an example Com Castillo and I had an intelligent exchange of ideas.

    Chaz adds to the discussion by saying “Your an idiot” and “you got fired” neither of which are true.

  20. challenge to same says:

    Being called an idiot by Sam, I take that as a compliment. You are the biggest moron on the site and the biggest bigot to boot.

    “99% of the activities whose rights I support and defend are things that I would not have any interest in. Urban Week is one of them.”

    It doesn’t shock me you don’t support what you say. That would mean you have to leave your house and actually see what is going on in the world! Heaven forbid the truth might get in the way of your opinion!


  21. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Actually DeathFrog.

    Let me recount the ways.

    With regards to what is “well documented” in a complaint. Ha! Douchebag. There were other complaints tossed out for the same thing – no freaking evidence, just someone trying to discredit my lawsuit.

    Now you on the other hand. It wasn’t that hard figuring you out.

    Let’s see, let go from BSO. Rank equal or above detective/sergeant, but not a major. Attended the police academy.

    Yeah, I know all about you. It’s no wonder you work now where you work — as you’d never be hired back with BSO.

    Not only is there a you in ‘loser’, there’s also on in ‘cunt’.

    Dude really. Consider AA.

  22. Death Frog 3 says:

    Have a good blog, Buddy.

    Chaz, you sir, have absolutely no idea what your talking about. Stay off the pipe.

  23. SAM FIELDS says:

    I still don’t understand what you are talking about.

    Here is a list of things I support that I would not be caught dead at: church, NASCAR, Justin Beiber concert, The Oprah Show, strip clubs, any fashion show,chili cookoffs, Urban Week, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Bike Week (anywhere) etc.

    I am well aware that a few hundred, of the 250,000 were arrested at Urban Week. I am aware that outsiders got it on with the cops and came in second.

    So what did you see that Urban Week kids were doing that was so much worse than Spring Break, Bike Week in Daytona, Zap S.D. Mardi Gras, etc.

    Let once again say: if you move to South Beach than you should expect over the top partying. If you want peace and quiet on the ocean move to Golden Beach a town without any hotels.

  24. dk says:

    you can be a man and still be pro-abortion. obviously you are not going to have one. supporting something just means that you believe others have a right to do something and you support their right, not necessarily that you are going to do it. duh!

  25. Death Frog 3 says:


    I completely agree with you. It is not very well known but there are several DOT work squads and numerous inmate work crews around the state.

    Most inmates have jobs within the prisons. In fact, all are required to do some work.

    The work programs are not run very efficiently. I think there should be more work release/halfway house type incarceration.

    Here’s a little criminal justice tip for you. When you see a grown man riding a bicycle and wearing a reflective vest and a helmet, most likely he is an inmate on work release.

  26. challenge to sam says:

    “99% of the activities whose rights I support and defend are things that I would not have any interest in. Urban Week is one of them.”

    Let’s say this again. Gain some experience on what you talk about. You are a BLOW HARD, who doesn’t know what he speaks!

    Climb out of your secure living room and live a little. Don’t hide at home! Then you might be able to speak about things with a little perspective.

    I don’t understand why it is so hard for you to hang out with these “young professionals”. If you truly think they are “young professionals” you should gain great insight.

    I don’t live on south beach. I have been there once during urban weekend. They are not the young professionals that you proclaim. You seriously need to go there and see what you support for a change.

  27. Mister Courthouse says:

    Challenge To Sam is right.
    I see Sam in the courthouse all the time. He is known as somebody who often resorts to bluster. He is a blowhard. Do you know that he uses it and his perverted humor and blasphemy to cover up a big public failure in his past? He was a failure when he ran for judge and Thank God. Afterward. this phony began to tell everybody who would listen that he was an atheist and an ultra liberal which of course is something he kept well hidden during his campaign. To compensate for his lack of his much coveted spot on the bench, he uses this blog to rail against everybody and everything. He is a blowhard.

  28. SAM FIELDS says:

    Challenge and Mr. Outhouse,
    Just keep sticking to the issues and facts. You should confine yourselves to JAABLOG where you can make yur cowardly attacks and maintain your anonymous status.

  29. challenge to sam says:


    No interest in JAABLOG here. That might be your cup of tea, but it isn’t mine. I am not making a cowardly attack at all. Just pointing out to your readers the misinformation you are giving them. I was only hoping to get you to open your eyes as to what is really going on! It is obvious that someone like yourself is just to set in his ways!

    Your response is to try and drive down readership on this site and name calling?!?!

    Buddy would love that!!

    Keep up the great disservice and i will keep posting!

  30. SAM FIELDS says:

    Dear Challenge,
    You are a coward because you are afraid to use your real name.

    You are foolish because you have still failed to tell me what is different about these party animals when compared to every other large group of drunken college kids. And don’t tell me about the shooting because it is a matter of public record that he was NOT part of Urban Week but merely an uninvited guest.

    Just remember that in “Where the Boy Are” Yvette Mimeaux gets raped! And they were all Waspy Midwesterners.

    All that I read from you are allegations and conclusions but no facts.

  31. watcher says:

    @challenge to SAM…what misinformation??? all you do is name call…gives us why the tests dont violate the 4th amendment

  32. challenge to sam says:

    Let’s try walking down the street and not getting groped by groups of men. I don’t seem to have that problem any other weekend. The trash in the street. The releasing of bodily fluids whenever and where ever. It just doesn’t seem to be like this with other events on south beach Sam. Why are you so blind to see these things. Oh wait i remember! YOU REFUSE TO GO THERE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!


    A simple challenge I made to Sam so he could see for himself. Go to Hip Hop weekend where ever it is held. Walk down the street and mingle (these are just young professionals after all). He is to scared to check it out. Don’t get mad at me Sam. Just leave the house and see for yourself. Get off the couch and speak from experience. Are you to afraid you will be wrong??

  33. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Challenge,
    That’s it???? Ass pinching and public urination!!

    That’s tame compared to the Fort Liquordale Spring Break of the 60’s and 70’s. Kids rioted on the streets and blocked off the roads.

    I wish I could find that famous photo of kids hanging from the lamposts.

    I suggest you watch a long running reality TV show called “Campus Cops” .

    It’s all the same…except the skin color.

    Let me also remind you that Urban Week is not sanctioned or supported by government.

    This is a free country and if you want to see this thing spin out of control have the streets lined with over zealous cops.

    Weren’t you ever a kid or were you born a forty year old Mormon?


    I must finally comment.

    Sam, I was in one of what you call a “riot” in the 1960s on Fort Lauderdale beach. I can clearly be seen in a picture in the Fort Lauderdale News, wearing a God-awful paisley shirt.

    I can tell you first hand it was far from a “riot.” Most of the excesses were edgy cops eager to knock some skulls. Yes, the cops cleared us out of the street. Yes, the cops arrested some kids. Yes, kids climbed the light pole.

    There were no shootings. I remember no reports of rape. Kids in cars were not trying to run over police officers.

    Times have changed. No doubt, Spring Breakers would be rougher today. The “Where The Boys Are” crowd is nothing like the “Where The Ho’s At” group.

    In short, there is no comparison.

  34. challenge to sam says:

    Thank you buddy the voice of reason.

    I think that is why Sam is scared to go down there. He will see how wrong he is. Sam, Until is it your wife’s butt or boob being fondled by strange men you will never know. When it is her being surrounded by strange men, we can talk. There is a reason people don’t want that event any more. That is why i challenge you to go there with your family and loved ones. I just wish you had the sack to do it.

  35. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Challenge and Buddy,
    You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts.

    The 400 arrests out of 250,000 amounts to an arrest rate of .0016%.

    The one shooting was from a local who was connected to Urban Week only because of skin color.

    I read no reports of rapes and shootings. I suspect the vast number of the 400 arrests were DUI, fighting, pot, etc.

    Where are your facts!!!!!!

    Show me evidence of widespread rapes and shootings and I will admit I was wrong.

    I might also ass that back in the Spring Break days girls did not report what we now call “Date Rape”.

  36. Challenge to sam says:


    I am trying to get you to see it first hand! Then you don’t have to worry about hiding at home and reading numbers. Go see for yourself and you will get the answers you seek. You obviously don’t want to listen to someone who has seen it first hand! The best fact or number you can ever get is going there!

    Think of it as research to write an intelligent article!

  37. Jerome says:

    I want you to know that most of the time I thoroughly enjoy the articles on broward beat, even though I disagree with a lot of them. I enjoy the different perspective and I really like the comment sections as I often find the debates on there interesting (and sometimes comical). However, due to the insulting, childish comments by Sam Fields in this comments section I will no longer be visiting broward beat. Getting involved in the comments sections of your articles is a great idea, and I like when you jump into comments to clarify and add your take, but Mr Fields comments show a complete lack of respect for your readers and a surprising lack of maturity. While some of the commenters acted the same way, I expect a lot more from the people you approve to write articles for the site. Please let me know if this is ever remedy so I can once again enjoy broward beat. Thanks.


    You should see what I remove from his comments.

    You can always skip over him and read other posts.

  38. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Challenge,
    I have already accepted as true your description of Urban Week behavior. Drunks pinching asses. I just don’t find it particularly onerous.

    That’s what college kids do. I was tear gassed more than once during the Vietnam War protests.

    Apparently you and Buddy (rhymes with Fuddy Duddy) want to turn Urban Week into some kind of nuns convention.

    We agree to the facts. We disagree as to the significance.

    There is nothing more to say….but I am sure you will.

  39. dk says:

    for your next birthday i’m going to buy you a present you will love, a dead horse and the michael jackson song “beat it”

    FROM BUDDY: Amen!!!!

  40. Challenge to Sam says:

    Only one thing left to say, I have been there and you haven’t. You don’t know what you are talking about and i do.

    Go there or or keeping writing about things you don’t know anything about.

    As for your Vietnam days, you don’t see me writing articles about those protests. Why, I can’t speak about them intelligently. I wasn’t there.

    I am sure you still gas yourself regularly!