Fields: Deutsch’s Religion Biased Against Women


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Fields is a downtown Fort Lauderdale lawyer, political activist, outspoken atheist and sometimes contributor to   

Imagine if the Broward Democratic Executive Committee had someone running for Chairman who woke up every morning and religiously proclaimed that he was grateful to God that he was not born a Black man.

Confronted, he insists he is not a racist but merely following the word of the Lord.  And it is the word of God that requires him to believe that those of African descent should never hold the highest position.
What does he get?  One voteis own.
Yet if you substitute the word “women” for “Black” and make that candidate an Orthodox Jew, he gets a pass on gender bigotry. 
This is not a hypothetical.
If former U. S. Rep. Peter Deutsch is the Orthodox Jew he proclaims, he wakes up every morning reciting the standard Orthodox prayer that declares he is grateful to God that “he was not born a woman”  [“shelo asani isha]

In the 1980’s this heretofore secular Jew adopted a religious belief system that holds women are less than men and should be maids and breeders with shaved heads and wigs.

All other branches of Judaism now have female rabbis.  The Orthodox continue to proclaim women are less than children. Children can be at least seen if not heard. 

In the Orthodox temple women are not to be seen and must stay behind a curtain and not speak out loud. 
It is a theological belief system best described as “Taliban Lite”.
Why would we want someone like that in charge of the Democratic Party? 
Broward County is not Monsey, New York or Williamsburgh in Brooklyn.  These are two areas that are controlled by these fanatical Jews with the social outlook of a 17th century shtetl in Poland. 

Note to Peter:  There is a place for those who wish to subordinate women.  It’s called the Republican Party.


20 Responses to “Fields: Deutsch’s Religion Biased Against Women”

  1. Marty Rubinstein says:

    Wow, Sam. You’re at it again!

    Not that I need to defend either Peter or “the Lord of Hosts” as Moses so aptly put it. But Taliban lite? Please!

    Give us examples of when and where Orthodox Jews murdered sisters and daughters because they suffered the indignity of rape. Give us examples of Orthodox Jews holding public executions for women of questionable character. How about a single example of Orthodox Jews who shoot at American soldiers? Or where Orthodox Jews demolish temples dedicated to either gods other than their own or different interpretations of theirs?

    And while you’re at it, Peter Deustch has a long record as a Democratic elected official. Explain to us where Peter took any actions to denigrate or even subjugate women.

    Unquestionably, you have a right to your concerns. But we have a right to answers.

  2. Jewish maven says:

    Mr. Fields,

    You are an out and out anti-Semite. How you can work in Broward County courthouse with your hateful attitude towards Jews is beyond me. I would hope that everytime you write these diatribes, you lose more clients.

    A maven who knows how to get along

  3. robin rorapaugh says:


    As a woman who served as Congressman Deutsch’s Chief of Staff for many years, I am truly perplexed by your posting and somewhat offended. Peter Deutch’s record on women’s issues and civil rights is beyond reproach. His Congressional staff was always diverse and talented. Two African Americans also served in the position of Chief of Staff during his tenure as did another woman. His campaign manager for the U.S. Senate race was also African American.
    I believe Debbie Wasserman-Schultz served as his Senior Aide when he was in the State House. I am pretty sure that Debbie, I or other staff members never felt subjugated.
    Whatever your interpretation may be on the religious beliefs of those who practice Orthodox Judaism, may I remind you that religious litmus tests are unconstitutional in this country and particularly frowned upon by the Democratic Party.
    Peter Deutsch’s actions as a Member of Congress and a state representative speak for themselves. Fortunately I believe they will speak louder than your misguided posting.

  4. MOT says:

    “In the Orthodox temple women are not to be seen and must stay behind a curtain and not speak out loud.” and the reason for this is… so a man can have a few hours of peace and quiet and not listen to all the kvetching. they have been doing this for over 400 years, they must know something we don’t. AMEN

  5. Mister Courthouse says:

    Sam Field’s self-loathing has now sunk to Anti-Semitism. This self-hating Jew can’t stand anybody with beliefs so he forces his atheistic garbage on everybody he sees. Judges and lawyers turn their backs to him because of his constant attacks on religion. He does what he criticizes others — proselytizes his own twisted beliefs. Here comes Sam again. Hide. Hide. Hide

  6. sam fields says:

    Dear Mister Outhouse
    Did i say somethng that you found offensive?

  7. sam fields says:

    Hey Mister Bath House

  8. sam fields says:

    When you actually have courage to identify yourself and the rest of the people that supposedly can’t stand me I will take you serious. Until then you are a cowardly clown.

    But keep writing you amuse me.

  9. Broward Voter says:

    You can have your own opinion, you can not have your own facts. Your diatribe has zero facts included.

  10. Ben says:

    Sam, get your facts right, before you write. The reason why orthodox men recite the blessing to G-D is, that we are “happy” to have more commandments then woman have. Woman by Jewish law only have 365 & men have 613. It has nothing with slavery nor with equal rights.

  11. YMMV says:

    Jews would call this “talking schtuss”

  12. Sam Fields says:

    Ben,Ben, Ben
    What a pile of rationalization. You sound like a Muslim justifying burquas or female circumcision.

  13. Boots says:

    I think I’m in love with Sam. Is he available?

  14. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Ben the Magical Thinker:
    One need look no further than your missive to understand how the superstitious mind is willing to believe anything including the crap about the 613 versus 365 rules.

    You are presumably an educated adult who believes that if he puts the letter “O” between a “G” and a “D” that an all powerful invisible being will be displeased. And yet you don’t think of yourself as a fool.

    Of course it could be worse, you might be one of those idiots who believes there will be a Judgment Day and that two key issues will be “hats” and “sideburns”.

    Fundamentalist Jews, (Orthodox) like all fundamentalists (Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Mormons, etc) have at least one thing in common—the subordination of women which is rationalized as putting them on a pedestal.

    All of these rules for the so-called benefit of women are designed to keep them from developing their natural talents and rising up in the organization on the basis of meritocracy.

    You remind me of a discussion I had in the late 1950’s. The manager of a Miami car dealership was explaining to me how the “coloreds’ don’t want too much book learnin’ and did want separate water fountains. He grabbed the janitor who was a 70 something Black man and had him endorse the boss’s views. He assured me that being a janitor was as good as it gets. It was a cringe moment.

    Your Bible reveals a god who is a vicious, paranoid, arbitrary and caprious character who is obsessed with crap like shellfish (everyone at Red Lobster must die) and uppity women who want to bump uglies when they feel like it. Burn them alive.

    Of course the reality is that these rules were written by guys whose moile took too much off the top. Or perhaps they were confused about why they were getting a chubby every time they thought of Joseph in his Cloth of Many Colors. They needed to feel better about themselves. Thus, we have the oppressing women.

    A real man, who is secure in his masculinity, does not need to invent rules to subordinate women.

    I am afraid, my dear Ben, it is a little late for you and anyone else who would go out of his way to pick a religious belief system in which oppression of the opposite sex is the central social condition.

  15. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Boots,

  16. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Boots
    I’ll see if Mrs Fields will write be a permission letter.

  17. Boots says:

    Curses! Why are the good ones always taken?

  18. Mister Courthouse says:


    You only think Sam Fields is a “good one” because you haven’t spent time with him. Believe me, he is far from good.

  19. John Fox says:

    For what I’ve read, Mr. Deutch seems not to know what country he is a citizen of, or truly wants to serve.
    Until he makes up his mind, I say: hail Ceasar.

  20. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Fields’s comments are not just anti-Semitic tripe, but plan anti-religious period. He’s obviously a very troubled person who hates himself and the world to spend time attacking people’s religions.