Fields: Catholic Church Cracks Down On Pre-Teen Moms

Guest Columnist

Thank God that the Roman Catholic Church has the gumption to stand up against the growing scourge of  nine-year-old sluts.

Alleging she was the victim of rape, a nine-year old Nicaraguan girl is asking the government to permit her to have an abortion.

Fortunately Cardinal Obando y Bravo has vigorously opposed any abortion for the little tramp. And it looks like the government will back his position which is now officially supported by Jesus Christ who filed a Notice of Appearance in the court case.

But all did not go well in the fight against preteen abortions. 

In Brazil a nine-year-old pregnant with twins obtained an abortion with a lie that she is the victim of incest.. 

The abortion crowd initially tried to claim she was impregnated by her father.

Effective sleuthing proved that it was only her stepfather. Arguably it was just intergenerational dating. 

Nevertheless, over the objections of the Archbishop (he responsibly suggested a Caesarian section), she was allowed to violate god’s law. 

Onward Christian soldiers!

3 Responses to “Fields: Catholic Church Cracks Down On Pre-Teen Moms”

  1. Mr. Courthouse says:

    Sam, Oh, Sam,

    Why can’t you see any goodness in believers who want to preserve the life of the unborn?

  2. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Mr. Outhouse
    Because “goodness” has nothing to do with it. The Roman Catholic Church is run by a bunch of self loathing, sexually repressed. misogynist, homosexuals who hate women and therefore have adopted a book –The Bible–that justifies keeping women in their place–breeders. They have brainwashed millions, like you, with their fairy tale stories.

    Please note, this analysis of the R.C. is no different than the analysis of all Fundamentalist religions. Run exclusively by men with the oppression women–the source of sin–job #1. Hassidics, the Taliban, Southern Baptists, the Vatican, its all the same. The only difference is the degree of access to control the government and society.

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