Fields: Bush And His Gang Are War Criminals

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2009 Travel tip for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John Yoo, Douglas Feith, Thomas Hartmann and the whole Gitmo/Rendition crowd: Stay home.

 But, if you must take a holiday I’d avoid Belgium and Spain.
Say Wha?
It seems those two nations had the audacity to extend jurisdiction for war crimes to acts that didn’t occur in their country, were not perpetrated on their citizens, or done by their citizens.

All suspects have to do is step one toe in either country when a secret indictment mentions their name. Think it a bluff?

 Ask Henry Kissinger whose 1972 Chilean activities earned him a Spanish indictment.   Henry won’t be watching the bulls run in Pamplona anytime soon.   
Now where would those countries get such a crazy idea?
Come to Miami and watch the Federal Court trial of Charles “Chuckie” Taylor.

 No, not the sneaker guy. 

This “Chuckie” does have something in common with the horror movie series bearing his name: torture. Nothing particularly exotic; cattle prods, electrical shocking of genitals; mutilation, etc.

All done in Liberia to Liberians. 
But when he got caught in the U.S. with a fake passport we applied a 1994 statute on torture which gave worldwide jurisdiction to U.S. Courts. This is why he is looking a life sentence rather then a couple of years for a phony passport.

That’s why George Tenent, Paul Wolfowitz and any NeoCon who served in the War on Terror should strongly consider spending their vacation dollars at Epcot.
(Sam Fields is a local trial attorney and a long-time Democratic political activist.)

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6 Responses to “Fields: Bush And His Gang Are War Criminals”

  1. Good point Sam says:

    Very good points Sam. While I would love to see those clowns get brought up on war crimes charges at the Hague, I know it will never happen.

    Then again, international law, like extraditions and interstate compacts, are typically things that are over my head. For all I know, these guys could get picked up on their next trip anywhere overseas that has extradition treaties with Spain or Portugal too.

  2. elliot barnett says:

    You aren’t satisfied with freeing all the drunks and criminals so that they can be on our streets. Now you want terrorists, too.
    Didn’t we teach you better at Rudens?

  3. Mister Courthouse says:

    Would somebody tell Sam the 60s are over.

  4. mister courthouse says:

    Fields should worry about his clients and forget about his political bullshit.
    He is always in court with his political bullshit.

  5. sam fields says:

    Apparently you sit there and listen to my bullshit but lack the guts to speak up and call me out.

    At least you’re consistent in that your blogs are the anonymous pulings of a wimp.


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