Fields and Nevins On Kaufman Controversy

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I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Allen West is a not-so secret communist.
His Right Wing rhetoric is nothing more than a cover for his true role as the New Manchurian Candidate.
For those not familiar with the Frank Sinatra movie, it was about a plot to get a communist elected president by posing as a Right Winger with the help of a solider brainwashed in the Korean War.   
Certainly no one can dispute that West’s generic message is Right Wing.  
The first crack in West’s conservative veneer came in healthcare.

While denouncing Obamacare, he supported Medicare.  More importantly, he opposed privatizing the Veterans Administration healthcare system. 

VA healthcare is government-owned and government-run healthcare, a Marxist dream.
Now West has been elected.  Fortunately his plan to impose a Stalinist-like media has been thwarted.

As was widely reported, West planned to hire WFTL talk show host Joyce Kaufman as the Chief-of-Staff of his Congressional office.

The Marxist-like hook was that Comrade Kaufman was going to retain a position as “The Washington Correspondent of WFTL, according to the station’s website.

This reminds me of the USSR, where the government and the media were the same.

West was following the communist playbook.  Merging the government and the media was always an important element for the Marxist to hold on to control.  

Because of public reports about Kaufman’s spiritual connection with a plot to shoot-up Broward public schools,Comrade Kaufman was forced to resign her new job before it began.

West’s Commie-like plot was thwarted.

Had it succeeded, Communists could have proudly proclaimed: “One small step by Commissar Westone giant step for Communism.


Kaufman Was A Liberal Just Five Years Ago



Glenn Beck was once a failed morning DJ.  Bill O’Reilly was the anchor on the “Inside Edition” entertainment show.  And Joyce Kaufman was a liberal.

Boy, has she changed.

I thank a reader to this website for reminding me that in just five years, WFTL radio talk host Kaufman has morphed into a twitchy, hyperventilating, gun-packing conservative. 

And liberals?  Democrats?  Republicans who disagree with her?  Anyone who disagrees with her?

“I am going to crush you. It is my intent to destroy the left wing radical socialist agenda that was trying to take my country over. Can I use any stronger words? I think you are pond scum, Kaufman was quoted in the Sun-Sentinel Friday.

This is the person our newly-elected U. S. Rep. Allen West wanted as his chief of staff.    

It says more about West than it does about Kaufman.

Kaufman is just an entertainer.  West is a congressman whose first decision has proven he has shockingly poor judgment.

Kaufman doesn’t bother me. She probably loves all the media attention.  She probably has more listeners than ever before.  Maybe all those listeners now can even fill a phone booth!*

I personally don’t like Kaufman’s act. Like many radio talk hosts, her act is to be angry.  I don’t find listening to an angry woman either entertaining or believable.

I can’t figure out where the shtick ends and the truth begins. Especially when you look at her past.

Check this out from the Sun-Sentinel, Wednesday, September 6, 1995:

“Joyce Kaufman , a talk show host on WFTL radio , will appear before the Kavanah Hadassah of West Broward at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 20.

Kaufman will discuss “Being Liberal in a Conservative World.”

The meeting will be at the Tamarac Jewish Center, 9101 NW 57th St.”

Or how about this excerpt from the Miami Herald 10 years later on September 4, 2005:

“Although she describes herself as a liberal and a “social libertarian and a fiscal conservative,” she is equally critical of both Democrats and Republicans. Her topics range from South Florida politics to parenting and any other hot-button issue.”

Can you say chameleon?

Hey, I don’t blame Kaufman. She needs listeners to make a living.  Especially on a station in a struggling format a.m. radio.

Kaufman needs to make that air time memorable.

But I wonder, is she a true conservative convert?  Or are her conservative riffs just designed to juice up her ratings? 

And if there was money in liberal talk radio — there isn’t — would she be leaning far to the left? 



*phone booth: A small enclosure with glass walls that contained a coin operated pay telephone, the only way to make a call away from home before the age of cell phones. 

This definition is for anyone under the age of 40, which excludes most of the a.m. radio listeners to Joyce Kaufman’s show.  


17 Responses to “Fields and Nevins On Kaufman Controversy”

  1. S only says:

    Nevins, you’ve still got it….this is funny!

  2. The Long Black Robe (Ret) says:

    Allen West and his ilk are a threat to our democracy. You get the feeling that they would shoot every person that disagrees with them if they could get away with it.
    The Kaufman woman is just a jerk.

  3. Chaz Stevens, Author says:


    You have your facts incorrect.

    Regardless of your position, Lt. Col (ret) Allen West would never shoot anyone.

    No Sir.

    Congressman elect West would attempt to convince you out of your position through an overwhelming display of logic, conviction, and persuasion.

    And by persuasion, I mean hold you on the ground and fire a .45 round 6 inches from your right ear.


  4. Johnny Willson says:

    Stevens is correct in that West wouldn’t kill anybody. He would just torture them, like he will torture us fo rthe next two years

  5. Chuck Schaller says:

    Hey, Buddy… you forgot Joyce claimed on air to be a Ph.D.(!) she was and is just a dumb lady trying to generate enough controversy to stay on the radio. Allen West is the disappointment.

  6. Plato says:

    Lt. Col. West thoughts are not based in reality if he believes that Kaufman had something to do with his election. There is one person who elected him and his name is Barack Obama. That’s the same person who will unelect West in two years.

  7. ontheequator says:

    The only thing worse than West would be keeping Klein.

  8. Facts please says:

    This is truly a WTF article! Give me a freaking break … a communist… didn’t know you were in the humor business.

    Talk about a stupid , outrageous label.

    And Buddy, as for liberals who change their minds… how about Arianna Huffington… who was a conservative married to a GOP Millionare Congressman… then he filed for divorce, outed himself as Gay, she got a boatload of $$$$, and Viola… the new, loaded, liberal Arianna!!!!!

    I appreciate your comments.

    You are right about Huffington. I am right about Kaufman.

    Fields was trying to write satire. I guess you didn’t think it was funny.

  9. Charlotte Brownfart says:

    Memo to Fields : Don’t give up your day job !

  10. Tommy says:

    I tried to listen to Joyce Kaufman today and turned it off. What a bore.

  11. Mister Courthouse says:

    You call it Satire? Doesn’t satire have to be funny?

  12. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Thanks, Buddy, for pointing out the indictment of politicians who associate themselves with radical civilians who spew hate. Too bad you’re two years too late or do you think Reverand Wright and Bill Ayers are mainstream? After all, Kaufman only said something stupid involving violence. Ayers actually made something go “boom”.

  13. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    It’s sad that “Spaz” Stevens thinks a mass murderer’s temporary loss of hearing is more sacred than the lives of our service men and women but not surprising. I’d invite Spaz to visit Iraq. He’d be safe from a beheading. That place can get well into the 120’s on the thermometer. Even an insurgent wouldn’t risk bumping up the temperature another 50 degrees by lopping Spaz’s head off and releasing all that hot air.

  14. beth m. says:

    happy to see I helped “refresh” your fond “CHAMELEON” memories in my comment of your 11-11-10 blog. You should have referred to (below) in your intro.

    To again “refresh” your memory, Mike Barnicle was dropped into the sewer of MSNBC after being fired for Plagiarism at the Boston Globe, his reputation forever tainted.

    Your guest columnist, Sam, is deluded and ready to be BAKER-ACTED. Keith Olbermann could use a KINDRED SPIRIT, friend right now; he has none.

    Now, do a column on Debbie Wasserman’s pattern of vengeance against Allen West, and perhaps you will expose to the FBI her relationship to MSNBC and the mysterious videotape which caused the school lockdown.


    12.beth m. says:

    November 13th, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    You have become an ARCHIE BUNKER clone! Maybe you should grab a job with the next Klein campaign as their POLITICAL STRATEGIST? OOPS! FORGOT..You have NO EXPERIENCE IN THAT are a mere blogger now. NO WAY COULD A MERE COMMENTATOR BE QUALIFIED FOR ANOTHER PR POSITION!!

    Why the ad hominem homily? What happened to your investigative talent? Where is the backstory here?

    Let me assist. As you know but failed to disclose:

    1. Joyce Kaufman IS a chameleon. She is THEATRE: She was a FLAMING LIBERAL until she moved to 850. Local Conservative talk was just about absent here, except for Kane. She began with WFTL 1400 as opposition to the theatric conservatives, Steve Kane and Rick Seiderman, her oxymoron, deceased mentor. Joyce pushed her way into Kane’s lair, working for free in the overnight spot around 1992.
    Joyce was working as a restaurant MANAGER at the time.

    2. Joyce Kaufman is a survivor. The daughter of a Puerto Rican mom and a Jewish p.o. work dad from Queens, she was caregiver to her Alzheimer’s mom until her death in May and her dad passed on July 4th., 2 months apart. Her 2 kids, products of Broward Public School District, went on to Columbia (daugher is a shrink now) and Harvard and Yale Law (son is an LA big whig lawyer)

    3. Joyce would have changed the perceptions on Capitol Hill. She would have been a GREAT asset to Klein and to Boehner and Bachmann. Just like Scott Brown – Ma. THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN’ & you appear to want no part of that.

    4. Now, how did the self-aggrandizing demeaning, sarcastic, insipid, obnoxious Rachel Maddow acquire those 7-3-10 independence rally snippets that PRECIPITATED AND SET OFF THE BROWARD SCHOOL LOCKDOWN?
    Could it be a regular MSNBC guest provided it, a person who holds a vendetta against WEST… a friend of Klein’s who has a propensity for creating political divisive chaos? It was the tape Klein used in all of his attack ad. The tape backfired then and IT WILL BACKFIRE AGAIN…BE PATIENT!

    5. This tape CONTINUES TO BE intended to bring West down, THE new national figure, not Joyce Kaufman. Could it be a conspiracy involving Debbie Wasserman, which backfired on her own district?

    Buddy, time to SIT BACK, be introspective and use those investigative talents of yours to seek the TRUTH…
    or have you lost your motivation…or is it all simply too banal for you?

    This blog was a face-value surface story not the meat of the story behind the story.



    You refreshed my memory. Thanks for doing it. I will add thanks to you in the post.

    Mike Barnicle went from being fired at the Boston Globe to write a column for the New York Daily News and continues to write for the Boston Herald. In addition to frequently appearing on MSNBC, he appears reguarly on the Fox Business Show Imus In The Morning.

  15. major penalty says:

    sam fields needs to live in iran or venezuela. he does not deserve to land of the free, and the home of the brave.desperate liberals everywhere are gnashing their teeth. deal with it. your days of fun and games are dwindling.

  16. James says:

    Why was Ms. Kaufman allowed to monopolize WFTL airwaves for months and months promoting Mr. West while denying Klein equal time?


    Joyce Kaufman and her show benefits from the repeal of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.”

    At one time, broadcast stations were governed by the doctrine, which required presentation of opposing points of view. The idea was that “the people” owned the airwaves so that all views should be presented.

    All views were really never presented. For instance, no mainstream media ever regularly broadcast the views of American communists, although there was a CPUSA in this country.

    In 1987, Ronald Reagan by executive order abolished the fairness doctrine. Reagan and his appointees on the FCC believed that the doctrine was a violation of free speech.

    The end of the fairness doctrine ushered in the era of one-side broadcasting. It allowed folks like Michael Savage (Michael Weiner), Rush Limbaugh and the entire Fox News empire to broadcast what is essentially propaganda for the right wing of the Republican Party. It also allows shows like Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow on the left.

  17. Michael says:

    Lmao most of you people responding have got to be morons.

    Allen West is a communist hahahahhaha.

    Not even close, he put his life on the line to preserve our republic.

    Anybody who is for Obama care and more government control does not believe in
    freedom. You liberal pigs have bankrupted our country. When we take it back you will be put back in your dark little corner.