Fields: An Example Of What’s Wrong With Republicans

Guest Columnist

Congressman Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) has hit the Trifecta.  He is a political hack, coward and an idiot.

He says putting Gitmo detainees in an Illinois maximum security prison is dangerous to his constituents.  

Kirk is an example of what’s wrong with today’s Republicans. His number one goal is not the good of the country, but tearing down the Obama Administration to score political points.

Kirk is loudly fighting the Justice Department plan to house the terrorist suspects in an Illinois lock-up that has turned into a white elephant.
For three years Thomson, Illinois has been sitting on a hoosegow with no customers.  Thompson, a 150 miles west of Chicago, is dying.  Its population is now about to drop below 600.



Kirk doesn’t worry about jobless Illinois residents.

Although he voted two months ago for a bill authorizing the transfer of prisoners out of Gitmo, he said this week on Fox News (Where else?) that he now favors keeping Gitmo open.  

I guess that is what happens when you are running for Barack Obama’s old seat in the U. S. Senate and need to cozy up to the Republican Reactionary Right.

Can you say flip-flop?
Kirk is quaking in his Gucci’s that bringing the Gitmo prisoners to Thompson will make the town ground zero for al Qaeda.

How absurd.

Why would revanchist al Qaeda types risk killing their own people in the prison?  Why would they pick a location with so few targets?
Why would they pick out a white bread town where, while trying to scope out the job, they would stick out like Wesley Snipes at a Klan meeting?



Kirk wants to bring down the Obama Administration.  That is the aim of the Republican Reactionary Right, regardless of what is good for the nation.  Or in Kirk’s case, what’s good for his own state.
The prison will mean jobs, jobs, jobs.  For decades locals had no problem living on top of the Savanna Arms Depot which made and transported bombs right through downtown.
The local folks appear to favor the project.  But, if they don’t, not to worry.  There are plenty of locations looking for an economic boost.maybe even in Florida.  And they are not led with cowards and political hacks.

28 Responses to “Fields: An Example Of What’s Wrong With Republicans”

  1. frank icanosty says:

    You don’t have to go all the way to illinois to find a political hack, coward, and idiot–you can stop off in Orlando and hang with Alan Grayson–an imbecile who makes Congressman Kirk look like Marcus Aurelius

  2. kwitcherbelyaken says:

    Perhaps we can introduce Alan “Die and Die quickly” Grayson to Robert “We’re gonna let you die” Reich.

  3. GOPapa says:

    Fields should be concerned with what’s wrong with Democrats and this big spending president we have. We don’t need these terrorists anyplace in the United States. They were doing fine in Cuba and should have stayed there. Once they are in the United States, ACLU lawyers will move to free them and soon they could be walking around among us. Thanks, Obama.

  4. Right Wing Reactionary says:

    You ask these questions:

    Why would revanchist al Qaeda types risk killing their own people in the prison? Why would they pick a location with so few targets?

    These are the same people who kill women and children indiscriminately for the sake of generating fear. They don’t follow the “rules” of conventional warfare and couldn’t care less about what you and I think. If such an act strikes fear into Americans, then they’ve made martyrs of their imprisoned cohorts and gained a political victory.

  5. Coolio says:

    I’m more worried about the Republicrats’ plan to flood our country with 80 million illegal aliens and their relatives than what they do with the hoodlums at Gitmo.

  6. Chaz Stevens says:

    The Federal ADMAX facility in Florence, Colorado houses the worst of the worst. Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber.

    And a bloke by the name of Ramzi Yousef.

    Now, I realize that those in the GOP are more apt to pick up a bible than a history book, but they should note:

    1. Yousef was responsible for the first attack on the World Trade Centers.

    2. He was tried in NYC.

    3. He is a terrorist living amongst us.

    4. His uncle is Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. Name sound familiar? it should. KSM masterminded the 2nd WTC attack, is housed in Gitmo, will be tried in NYC, and ultimately shipped off to the midwest. Where he will live amongst us to his dying days.

    To that part about the ACLU, you sir are a complete and utter moron. Name another organization devoted to protecting our most cherished off gifts are citizens of this nation. Don’t answer Fox News. Nor Rush Limbaugh.

    Funny thing about Rush and the ACLU. They filed suit, back in 2004, as a “friend of the court” regarding Tubby’s medical records.

    Enjoy the punch.

    Chaz Stevens
    Proud card carrying member since 1988

  7. Republicans are Hypocrites says:

    @ GOPapa &
    @ Right Wing Reactionary

    The GOP is EXACTLY what is wrong with this country.
    How soon we forget that this entire debacle was laid at our feet by the Bush Crime Family.

    Read a history book indeed: history shows that whenever Democratic presidents are replaced with Republican President, they always leave the GOP a surplus and inherit huge deficits from their GOP counterparts. It’s a vicious cycle.

    The GOP are thieves interested only in enriching themselves and their cronies at the expense of the American taxpayers, their families, their safety and well being.

    President Obama has accomplished more in his first year than the entire GOP has in this decade.

    The GOP is no longer the Grand Old party.

    You all would not make a pimple on Barak Obama’s ass on a good day.

  8. Republicans are Hypocrites says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot.

    Go Sam!

  9. anonymous says:

    “His number one goal is not the good of the country, but tearing down the Obama Administration to score political points.”
    Sam you are a Hack, and very naive…
    Are you to claim that the republicans are the only ones that act like this and Dems are innocent of this type of behavior… Your naive, ignorant take on politics, is little more then laughable..
    Both party’s only true goal, is to destroy the other party, America has never come first in years to the majortiy of Republicans and Democrats… it is all about getting money and support from your party and to tote the line of the party followed by Re-election, sucking off the public tit for as long as possible, then how to set up for a lucrative career after politics.. What is right for America rarely comes into play… See it is not so hard to be honest and objective and does wonders to establish ones credibility…
    Dont bash one party, just for your own personal agenda and expect, anyone but morons to buy it…
    Your article, is not meant to better america, just participate in the problem of blaim everything on the other party and act like your own party’s house dont stink…
    Please tell me what good Obama has done, cause I would love to hear it, rather then some spin from some wanna be to detract from the utter failure this administration truly has become… It is a joke and only stooges like you are still trying to defend “the joke” that is being played on the citizens of the United States

  10. anonymous says:

    ps- AN Example of Whats wrong with FIELDs and Democrats

  11. Blue Man Scoop says:

    “This entire debacle” (which I assume referring to the problem with Islamic fundamentalist terrorists) is because we don’t support their extreme views against women and jews. It has nothing to do with Bush or Republicans or Democrats or Obama.

    They hate us ALL because we are not like them.

    @ Republicans are Hypocrites: Replace the word “republican” with the word “black.” How does that sound now? It’s just as bigoted and small minded to pigeon hole an entire group of people by political affiliation as it is by race or religion.

  12. Chaz Stevens says:

    @ Blue Man…

    It is hard for us, shall I say, ultra progressive liberals, to not look down our college educated noses at a entire group of pigeons – birds of a feather completely focused on the issues of God, Gays, and Guns.

    I used to be Goldwater Republican. Then the Bushes came along and hijacked the GOP. The GOP has done some amazing things. The party of Lincoln. Civil Rights.

    Now, what’s offered? Palin, Beck, and Hannity. A far downgrade from Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Hoover.

    Don’t hate us liberals for hating you. It’s just hard to love you when you step back and consider the State of the GOP union for our perspective.

    Oh, and what has Obama done? I’ve been tickled fucking pink he’s not used the word “strategery”.

  13. anonymous says:

    This country was founded on the freedom of those 2 things you claim republicans foolishly focus on Guns, and God… Mind us for believing in the intelligence and foresight of our forefathers… Sorry you left to join the liberal crowd, but Obama is about the worse thing for this country in this economy.. He is willingly pushing for the destruction of the small business private sector in this country, while he pretends to be the defender of it.. How many business have you seen collapse in the last year and what have you seen his administration do to assist anyone but AIG, crooked bankers, and all the rest that bought and paid for his election… I know of no middle class person that is any better shape now then under the bush administration.. But I guess that is not important… Just “strategery”…really… I would be tickled fucking pink to actually be able to root for Obama for doing something positive for the United States… He is an empty suit caught up in and elected by the american culture of Paris hilton, reality Tv, and VIP velvet ropes.. Need I say more

  14. Chaz Stevens says:


    Yes please say more, ’cause you really haven’t said anything so far…

  15. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Geez, Sam. There weren’t any Dems during the Bush Admin tearing him down for political gain. That stuff never happened until Obama took office. Or maybe you complained about that and I just happened to miss it. Of course not. You have no relevancy. Your a partisan and therefore can’t be taken seriously.

  16. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Hey Chaz. Has Obama visited all fifty-eight States yet? His words, not mine. No, he’s not a moron. And by the way, how effective was that NYC trial of the first Trade Tower bombers? Not much of a deterrent, I’d say. I think there’s a giant hole there now as huge as the one in your logic but keep yapping. I know you love the sound of your voice. I’m sure the clock on your VCR is still blinking.

  17. get real says:

    hopefully fields, one day i will agree with you but you make NO SENSE…other than calling a US Congressman a Putz (they usually are, i.e. they forget the public servant part before they board the plane to DC). why are we even closing gitmo ? what does this accomplish. the white elephant correctional facility you speak of, should never have been built in the first place. Just building our prison industry (now invaded by special interest and publicly traded corporations) where non-violent offenders return from incarceration as violent offenders. Incarceration doesnt work in this country but special interest does. Look at MADD helping drunk drivers getting longer sentences than murderers. What a joke. Lastly if you think Al Quaeda has a problem BLENDING IN, you are looking silly…remember the flight schools in small FL towns…Hello ? Lastly (i mean it this time) there are some high level AQ in there but mostly they are peasants. Lets stop incarcerating Americans and help them build or maintain productive lives….

  18. Floridan says:

    A+ for Mr. Fields

  19. Blue Man Scoop says:

    I have a college degree. We don’t have much on anybody without one and it surely doesn’t make us smarter. We went to better parties, learned how to pound down a suitcase, and fucked like Tiger Woods. Nothing you said in your post to back up said bigotry, justifies it.

    PS: I got a free ride (full academic scholarship)

  20. Coolio says:

    learned how to pound down a suitcase


  21. Blue Man Scoop says:

    suitcase = 24 beers

  22. Republicans are Hypocrites says: says:

    @Blue Man Scoop
    “Replace the word “republican” with the word “black.” How does that sound now?”

    Can’t bring myself to do that. African-Americans at least keep their word and do not rape and plunder the economy of this country to take care of their rich friends.

    African-Americans are FAR more honorable than the un-indicted conspirators of the Bush Crime Family.

    And as for you:
    @Anonymous Dec.17th at 6:04 pm
    “How many business have you seen collapse in the last year ”

    You sir, are a friggin’ idiot. Do you REALLY think these business failures were Obama’s fault? How long does it take for a business to fail? Here’s a friggin tip for you: These failures were caused by the Bush Crime Family’s policies, Not Mr. Obamas. They are simply being realized now and it will probably get worse before it gets better.

    Honestly, is that the best you’ve got? You righties totally fuck up this country and lay the blame at the libs feet with a straight face?

    You’re all just cry babies who lost and are sore losers, so you would rather do additional damage to the country to get back at the libs at any expense. No wonder your party is dying.

    Guess what folks, the party is over.

  23. Dave R says:

    The new prison enviroment will be much more cruel than Gitmo is at least.

  24. Sinep Slatineg says:


  25. Chaz Stevens says:

    @ What Would Reagan Do? says:

    By your comments about a VCR clock blinking and your nickname, it seems that you are still stuck back in 1986.

    Dude. Come on. We’ve already partied like it’s 1999.

    VCR? I’ve got TiVO.

    PS. I do love the sound of my voice and I’ll let you in on a secret. Very soon you’ll be able to enjoy it also… Keep this a secret, but if the cards play out right, I’ll be on the radio in 2010.

  26. Too Divisive says:

    It’s gotten too divisive in America. We need a good dose of moderation to chill the harshness of the right and the lack of accountability on the left. The rhetoric has gotten too heated and the nation can’t get the things done that ordinary Americans need.

    I aim this equally at Republicans and Democrats. We need to cool it because all this bickering is hurting the nation.

    Moderates like me don’t care whether gays marry or not. Moderates like me don’t like abortion but we’re not going to make it illegal. Moderates want to win the war already, we want it to end, and we think it’s taking way too long to catch Bin Ladin.

    Moderates don’t want to waste money on things we don’t need. But we also don’t want Americans living in misery where we can avoid it. Healthcare for all is a good thing that each side has tried to achieve. Get it done already. Moderates don’t want our seniors cutting pills in half and living on Alpo. Moderates don’t want religions telling us in Florida we shouldn’t have gambling and create thousands of jobs.

    Moderates also don’t like the idea of corporate welfare on Wall Street to offset the greed of those criminals that put us in this recession. We also demand accountability from those that our tax dollars seek to help.

    Nothing but extremism is gained from conservatives or liberals. We need moderation. We need Moderates because they are the only level headed ones there are.

  27. What Would Reagan Do? says:


    Help me out on this. TiVO is the system people say is so easy even an idiot can use it. Thanks for making my point. Good luck with the radio gig. I’ll try not to sneeze. If I do, I may miss it. You lefties last on the radio about as long as a verbal proclamation of Obama’a fulfilled promises. Where can I find Air America again?

  28. DemTalkingPointsRepeated says:

    Sam Fields obviously is not paying attention to what the majority in Illinois, or even the Country, want–which is keeping Guantanamo Bay open.

    Real reason for trying to close it: Obama made a campaign promise without realizing what the legal and financial complexities were and he’s now trying to make good on it. That’s why he’s trying to cut a deal with his “home state” after all others have rejected him. Quinn’s a smart man; just watch him backpeddle on this one next year.

    And as for Kirk being a “coward”, when was the last time you deployed to a zone where real bullets were flying?