Fields: America’s Living Lies It Tells Itself

Guest Columnist

If you ever wondered whether our anti-terrorism policy was on the wrong track, two news stories make it clear that we are.

On Monday (October 18, 2009) the media featured a story that a suicide bomber killed fifteen commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. 
The IRG is like the Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany.  They are ideological crazies who bully and kill opponents of the regime.  As a reward they have their fingers in just about every financial pie.
So who killed them? Surely it was the CIA, Mossad, or members of the political parties defeated in the recent disputed election?
Wrong, wrong and wrong again.
It was a Sunni group called Jundallah, which is the Iranian branch of al-Qaeda. 
What, terrorists hate terrorists?  When did that happen?
How about thirty seconds from always.
Iranians are Shiites and the mutual loathing between Sunnis and Shiites goes back to a time when Charlemagne was still in diapers.  Martin Luther was not even a gleam in his Great, Great, Great, Great Great Grandfather’s eye.
These people know how to hate.  And we don’t know how to use this to our advantage.  
Are we the dumbest people in the world for not taking advantage?  

The second story is the banner headline this week: “Stage set for runoff in Afghan election.

I don’t dispute that this election has some serious short-term gravitas to us.
What enrages me is that, because of mission creep, we have allowed this to happen. 

We are the nation with the world’s largest economy and the most powerful military.  But we have allowed our foreign policy to teeter on the outcome of a crooked election in a Stone Age country.
I recently wrote that our fifty thousand casualties and trillion dollar military action was done in response to people who spent five hundred thousand dollars and sacrificed thirty soldiers.
Al-Qaeda is not a country. 

Al-Qaeda is an idiological confederation.  There is no capital or king to capture to end the war. 

This situation is more akin the War On Drugs where we continue to believe that if we arrest these guys or those guys we will have won the war. 
We are living on the lies we tell ourselves.

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  1. Dave R says:

    Identify the Enemy!

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    Glen Beck.